Hippo Partners - Dignity Burial Assist

Dignity Burial Assist

This insurance policy will ensure that you and/or your family have the financial ability to manage untimely expenses at a an unexpected death. This financial payout could provide for a proper burial in the event of your death, or for your spouse or children. No hassle or forms for you, select your insurer and they will call you back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does "age at entry level", mean?
    It is the maximum or minimum age of a member, who wants to join the scheme:
    • Family Plan and Single cover: Main Member up to and including age 65.
    • Children up to and including age 21
    • Full Time Students up to and including age 25.
    • Extended Family: 01 and up to and including age 85

  2. What happens if a person turns older than the maximum entry age while they are on the scheme?
    The cover is for life – that means a person can stay on the scheme until his death as long as the premiums are paid up to date. There will be no premium increase or decrease in cover due to the member's age.

  3. What happens when my unmarried child turns 22?
    If a child is not a full time student at a recognised Tertiary Institution (up to and including age twenty - five), the child will then be covered under the "Extended Family'' section of the policy, at an additional premium. It is the responsibility of the Main Member to inform Dignity of such cases – in not doing so; a claim can be repudiated due to non-payment of the additional premium.

  4. What happens if the Main Member dies and the family wants to carry on with the funeral scheme?
    After the death of the main member, the spouse can carry on with the policy and becomes the new Main Member. No new waiting periods are applicable. New banking details and method of payment have to be confirmed in writing to the Underwriter.

  5. Is it possible to cover my Parents or Extended Family Members under this scheme?
      • Yes – Up to and including sixty-five (65) years of age.
        • As an Extended Family Member on my policy.
        • As a Main Member on their own policy.
    • Older than sixty-five (65) years of age.
      • Only as an Extended Family Member on my policy.

  6. Is it possible to increase any of the cover amounts by paying double the applicable premium?
    No- the cover amounts are fixed.

  7. Are there any "paid up" values or "waiver of premium" benefits?
    No- these benefits are costly and we strive to keep the plan affordable to all members

  8. When I received my certificate – does it mean that I am immediately covered?
    No- the certificate is only an acknowledgement of participation. Members enjoy cover once the first premium has been successfully deducted and received by the Underwriter.

    Please read through your certificate to ensure that names and dates of birth are correct – if not, call the assist line 086 111 26 54

  9. Who is responsible for the payment of the premium to the Underwriter?
    Burial Assist has systems in place to deduct the premium, on your behalf, from your Banking account or Salary and is doing anything possible to ensure the successful deduction of the premium. The primary responsibility, however, vests in the Member who has to ensure that the premium deduction took place. Look at your banking account or payslip every month and make sure the premium deduction was successful – call the Assist Line if you are not sure!

  10. What happens if a premium deduction was not successful?
    Premiums are due and payable monthly in advanced on the (1) FIRST working day of each following month. A grace period of (7) seven days is allowed. In the event of default of payment of a monthly premium, no claims will be considered after the grace period.

    During the period after the grace period and the end of that month, no claims will be paid unless the arrear premium has been paid before a claim arose. If the policy premium remains in arrear for more than (1) one month, the Underwriter will lapse the policy.

    If the Main Member wishes to revive the policy, a new commencement date, premium (where applicable) and contractual waiting periods would then apply to those persons previously nominated if they are still eligible for membership, as if it is a new policy.

  11. Can I stop paying premiums and only pay in the arrears when I want to reinstate the policy or if there is a claim?
    No – once the policy has lapse you have to apply for a NEW POLICY. The normal waiting periods and conditions will be applicable as for any new policy.

  12. What happens if there is a claim within the waiting period?
    Cover for death due to natural causes, is excluded during the waiting period. If there is a death due to unnatural causes, the normal cover amount is payable after one month waiting period.

  13. What happens if there is a claim outside the waiting period due to an accident – is the benefit going to be double the normal cover amount?
    No - there is no double accidental cover benefit in all events, after the waiting period, the normal cover amount is applicable.

  14. Waiting Periods – Please Note
    Waiting periods are based on completed months and not on how many premiums have been paid. Premiums are paid in advance.

  15. Upgrading from existing Burial Assist Gold funeral scheme to Burial Assist Platinum funeral scheme

    Existing Gold funeral scheme members are allowed to convert to the Platinum funeral scheme subjected to the following term
    1. The increased amounts of the benefits are subjected to a (9) nine months waiting period. The additional (9) nine months waiting period commences after the first successful deduction of the new higher monthly premium.
    2. The benefits and terms and conditions of the Gold funeral scheme will stay in force until the additional waiting period of the new Platinum funeral scheme has been completed.
    3. Death due to unnatural cause will be subjected to the new Platinum funeral scheme benefits after (1) one month waiting period and the first successful deduction of the new monthly premium.

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