5 Lifestyle Choices of Healthy and Unhealthy People

Whether you're living a healthy existence or not, life insurance is a wise choice for your family's sake - but what other considerations are there? There are a wellspring of factors which determine whether or not a person is going to live a healthy lifestyle. In the end it invariably comes down to conscious choice, even if you have a disability which impairs the degree to which you can engage in healthy activities.  The majority of the motivation to lean towards one side or the other stems from physiological factors which you may not even have been aware of.


The decision to smoke is always initially based on social dynamics. No one has their first cigarette because they enjoyed the smell, or completed it because they loved the taste. It's only once we're addicted and the body develops its craving that these things become factors. We start smoking at an early age because our peers are doing it, and subconsciously we yearn to cement our social position by not running contrary to the majority. Healthy people will stop smoking, breaking, preventing or entirely skipping the habit whereas unhealthy people may continue with it for years. Although feeding a chemical habit always feels very rewarding, the long term negative impact is astounding.


Competitive people tend to be happier spending longer amounts of time working out each day but there are also other social aspects to it such as seeing and being seen in a gym. Looking good and feeling good are the results of a good workout and produce a natural, healthy high which is far more rewarding than that produced by smoking. Unhealthy people are often happy as they are, a mindset which produces little motivation to jog around the block. Due the health benefits of regular exercise, however, healthy people may enjoy reduced life insurance premiums - motivation enough for some.


It's an unfortunate fact of life for most, healthy food has less flavour than unhealthy food. We may all crave for melted cheese or hot butter spread over a garlic loaf but to indulge regularly can have a negative impact on your health. Our bodies are biological machines which require the correct balance of energy and nutrition to function better for longer. Healthy people will chose to sacrifice the immediate pleasure garnered from a tasty dish in favour of a more well-balanced meal whereas unhealthy people are typically more concerned with the pleasure of the moment.

Losing Weight

A product of both exerciseand diet, weight loss becomes more important as we age and our metabolisms slow down. Many people make the switch from an unhealthy to a healthy lifestyle once they begin to note this change. Weight gain can have a terrible impact on self image and confidence, threatening our identities and galvanising us to action. Alternatively, it can have the opposite effect and unhealthy people can sink into depression and begin eating more for comfort.


Studies have shown that reasonable amounts of the correct alcohol can actually have a positive effect on our immune systems. A drink at a party can even serve to improve our social standing as we loosen up a bit and communicate more openly and energetically. In both examples, however, crossing the intake line can have drastically opposing effects. Healthy people tend to drink lightly and socially whereas unhealthy people will drink more alcohol on a regular basis.

Leading a balanced, informed life is a personal and ongoing choice. Compare life insurance quotes today to discover how your healthy lifestyle can save you more on premiums.

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