Digital TV

The days of holding the “bunny ears” out the window to get TV signal are long over. With the advent of satellites and Internet, South Africans have access to an ever expanding range of choice when it comes to TV subscriptions and providers.


Satellite TV, Internet TV, live streaming, terrestrial TV, Video on Demand, are just some of the options available to South African consumers. Deciding on which entertainment option or options to choose can be a difficult task indeed. Researching different providers can take hours, and even then you may still not know which option suits you best.


Please note, that in order to stream programmes over the Internet, or to connect to Internet TV, you will most likely need a reliable Broadband connection. If you would like to learn more about what type of Broadband connection best suits your needs, have a look at our Broadband page. is excited to announce that we will soon be doing all the hard work for you, by comparing a range of different paid TV providers, using our real-time search results engine. This means that comparing the prices and benefits of different providers will be a whole lot more convenient. is in the process of partnering with South Africa’s leading TV providers, to ensure that we provide you with all the information you need to make a decision. As usual, this service will be absolutely free for you to use. Simply select the provider that best suits your needs and they will call you back to provide a quote, arrange subscriptions, installations or any devices, if necessary. To help afford your Digital TV costs why not spend a few minutes comparing quotes to see if you can save on monthly costs like Car Insurance or find a great deal on Personal Loans.

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