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Debt Check

Debt Counselling is a formal debt management program that helps over-indebted consumers find an affordable way to manage overwhelming debt obligations. Our qualified Debt Advisors assesses the outstanding debt obligations, and negotiates an affordable monthly repayment plan with the consumers’ credit providers. Upon completion of the Debt Review process, the client receives a clearance certificate and a clear credit record against their name.

Debt Check is an NCR registered Debt Counselling facility that has assisted over 20 000 South Africans over the past 9 years. It is a member of the Debt Financial Management Group (DFM) and specialises in helping individuals realise financial freedom. We make use of the largest payment distribution agency, the National Payment Distributing Agency (NPDA) to handle all of our clients’ payment distributions. Take your first step to financial freedom “where managing your finances couldn’t be easier…”

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