Hippo - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a quote?
Getting a quote is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. It will only take you a few minutes. Simply visit the product category you want to get a quote for, e.g. Life Insurance, located in the Personal category. Complete the form details and click "Get Quotes". Then proceed to complete the next step if required. Your search results will be shown according to the best price. Simply review the price, product features and brand you would like to contact you, then click "I'm interested". A consultant from your chosen brand will be in contact soon to confirm your details and to arrange your cover if you are happy to do so.
Is there a fee to use Hippo.co.za?
No, not at all. Hippo.co.za is free to use. There are no hidden charges and we do not add any fee to the price you see.
How much can I save on insurance by buying through Hippo.co.za?
89% of customers who have used Hippo.co.za to compare insurance quotes have saved. In fact, according to independent research you can save up to R329 a month! The saving depends on the product you are looking to buy and your own personal circumstances.
How does Hippo.co.za make money?
Hippo.co.za makes money by simply charging our partner brands on our panel an advertising fee to be on our Hippo.co.za website. The amount we charge and how much we get paid in no way impacts the order of the results you will see. The results are ordered based on best price first, second best price second, and so forth.
Who owns Hippo.co.za?
Hippo.co.za is owned by a group called Telesure Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd that owns various insurance and other businesses in South Africa, the UK and Australia. For an insurance group to own a comparison website is common in many other countries worldwide. Hippo.co.za is a separate registered entity, registered with the registrar of companies as Hippo Comparative Services (Pty) Ltd and also an authorised financial services provider with FSP license number: 16357. The hippo.co.za website compares some of South Africa's leading insurance brands but also providers from many other categories such as travel and home security. You will see that there are many insurance brands quoting on our panel including, in no particular order, Oakhurst, Regent, Standard Bank and others that are not owned by the Telesure group. Hippo.co.za will be adding more insurance brands to the website as and when these companies choose to use Hippo.co.za to advertise their business. We are actively attracting insurance and other companies across South Africa to join our panel. hippo.co.za is an entirely free service to consumers, the results you see are in no way influenced by factors other than by the order of the best price. You will note at the bottom of our website, a conflict management policy, where we fully disclose the shareholding in our business.
What brands can I compare on Hippo.co.za?
Our partners include a wide range of South Africa's leading insurance, finance and other categories of business. You can see our partners here.
Interested in becoming a partner, please contact us here .
What products can I compare on Hippo.co.za?
Hippo.co.za allows you to easily compare a whole range of personal finance and other products. From car insurance, home contents insurance, cheap flights to life insurance and more, the Hippo has most areas covered.
If I select a brand am I committing to anything?
No, not at all. You are under no obligation whatsoever. After selecting a brand you will simply get an obligation free call from a consultant from that company you wish to find out more about, and who will help to arrange for your requirements over the phone if you would like to do so.
Do you give or sell my details to any 3rd parties?
No, not at all. Your details are held securely and we do not share or sell your details to any 3rd parties. We pride ourselves in treating customers fairly (TCF) and protecting your data and the way we deal with you...

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