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Read About Household - Avoid Landing In Hot Water

What could be worse than returning home from a relaxing holiday only to find that your home has been flooded because of a burst geyser?


A defective geyser is a serious concern besides destroying fixtures and fittings it can also cause fatalities. In order to prevent devastating consequences it is crucial that one employs an accredited and reputable plumber to repair a faulty geyser.


So what should you do if you suddenly see a gush of water streaming from the ceiling? 


  • Firstly, locate the water supply stop valve and turn it off
  • Turn off the geyser isolator which should be situated on the electricity main board because
    • if the geyser element continues to heat up with no water in the geyser, you could burn down the house
    • water leaking from the geyser could cause a short circuit and possibly a fire
  • Call a reputable plumber immediately
  • Turn on a hot water tap in the bath or basin, which will take the pressure off the geyser
  • Bear in mind that no heroics should be attempted. Rather concentrate on mopping up your wet floors and drying your furniture until the plumber arrives.


It is also advisable to consider the following preventative measures:

  • Insulating the pipes in your roof, which can stop the geyser from bursting
  • Knowing where the water supply stop valve and geyser control valve are so that you can switch it off in a crisis
  • Turning off your geyser at the mains when you go on holiday to avoid hot water building up pressure due to lack of use. Get a friend or neighbour to pop into your home the day before you return to switch it back on. That way, you can have a hot shower when you get home.


Remember to ask your plumber for a compliance certificate for any work done on your geyser. The compliance certificate confirms that the plumbing installation was installed by a qualified plumber, gives an accurate technical report on the status of the geyser installation, and will assist you during the insurance claim process, should it be necessary.

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