South Africans Should Prepare for Significant Tax Increases in 2017

South Africans may have to prepare themselves for significant tax increases later this year. The country’s sluggish economic growth, lower revenue collection and student demands for free education have put the Treasury in a challenging position.

Good Debt Making Dreams Come True

Sometimes we face obstacles on the road to achieving our dreams – little setbacks that either delay us or may even permanently halt our dreams. Most of the time these challenges are things that can be fixed with a little help – whether by physical, emotional or financial means.

Government Switches Gears on Traffic Laws

Government last year unveiled plans for new road and traffic regulations in an attempt to improve road safety. The potential amendments, first outlined in the 2015 Government Gazette, proposed lower speed limits, that bakkies be forbidden from carrying children in the load bay, and that trucks be banned from sharing roads with peak-hour traffic.

Claim of R40m in Damages for Medical Student

A mother recently made a claim of R40m in damages after her daughter was allegedly left physically and mentally disabled due to ill treatment at a Durban hospital.

Gauteng Water Restrictions and Water Levels

Although the water level of the Vaal Dam has improved due to recent rainfall in Gauteng, the Department of Water and Sanitation said this does not mean the drought is over.

Mining Companies Cease Doing Business With Gupta Firms

Platinum producers in South Africa have dissociated themselves from JIC Mining Services (Pty) Ltd, the biggest mining segment within the Gupta-owned Oakbay Investments

Ramaphosa Calls For More to be Done About Nurses' Working Conditions

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa announced during an event to mark the 20th anniversary of the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) that more needs to be done to improve the current working hours and conditions of South Africa’s nurses.

Brain Fuel Foods

We’ve all heard those statements about brain foods over the years, one being “eat fish before an exam”, but how much do we really know about the value of these foods for our brains?

Children Die Due to Malnourishment

South Africa’s richest province, Gauteng, lost 113 children to malnutrition in the space of one year. Health Minister Qedani Mahlangu revealed this when she presented the 2015/2016 annual report to the health portfolio committee in Orange Farm.

Motorists Urged to Adhere to Current Towing Regulations

South African motorists who are not up to speed with the country's current towing guidelines and who tow their load unlawfully, may not only be fined but also have their Car Insurance claim denied if they're involved in an accident.

Man Involved in Accident Stabs Paramedic

A paramedic was recently stabbed and assaulted after stopping at a motor vehicle collision to provide aid.

Is Private Health Care Becoming Unaffordable in South Africa?

In the wake of Medical Aid premium increases announced by some of the biggest medical schemes in South Africa last month, the issue of expensive health care comes to the fore once again.

Zimbabwe Accepts Rand for Tourism

Visitors to Zimbabwe can now make payments for tourism-related activities with the South African Rand.

Data Pricing in South Africa is too High

The recent #DataMustFall campaign has been sparked by a public outcry over the high costs of data in South Africa.

How will Car Insurance Be Impacted by Driverless Cars?

Manufacturers of self-driving cars may need to take out their own Car Insurance to cover any financial liability to victims of auto accidents. This is one of the proposals made in a new piece of legislation by the British government, which will come into effect in 2017. The regulation aims to address the issue of how self-driving cars should be insured when they are introduced to the mainstream in the future.

Armbands to Mark Fatigued Doctors

The latest in a campaign to end a crisis over fatigued doctors and understaffed hospitals outlines that doctors are to be given coloured armbands to make the public aware of the dangerously long hours they have been working at these hospitals.

24-Hour Home Maintenance Service Expands

Whether you want a leaky faucet fixed or install new wiring around your home, finding a reliable tradesperson for the job can be difficult, even more so when your maintenance and repair needs are an emergency.

DA Councillor Dies in Home Fire

George Democratic Alliance (DA) councillor, Lulamile Xesi died on 24 September 2016 after he was trapped inside his burning house in Thembalethu. The cause of the house fire is not yet known but an inquest docket has been opened. His friend, who was in the house with him, managed to escape unharmed.

Body of Missing Swiss Man Found in Crocodile River

The body of a Swiss-born Cape Town resident was found close to the Crocodile River within the Lowveld National Botanical Gardens in Mbombela on 24 September 2016.

Policy Change Coming for RAF

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) is tightening its compensation procedures in a bid to curb fraudulent requests and reduce the organisation's mounting debt. The proposal of a new scheme called the Road Accident Benefit Scheme comes amid fake claims worth R126 million submitted to the entity between April and June 2016.

SA’s Debt Status Spirals

Alarming research findings presented at the 2016 Institute of Retirement Funds Africa (IRFA) conference revealed that very few South African professionals are saving for their retirement and are increasingly turning to relatives and friends for financial assistance.

Presidency Reveals State Funeral Procedures

If you ever wondered what goes into orchestrating a state funeral for government dignitaries, you can now put your curiosity to rest. The presidency has made public its State, Official and Provincial Official Funeral Policy Manual, which describes the categories and procedures of state funerals.

Sworn-In ANC Councillor Dies at Inaugural Council Meeting

Recently sworn-in African National Congress (ANC) councillor, Nonhlanhla Mthembu, collapsed during the first Johannesburg council meeting on Monday, 22 August 2016. Emergency services were called to her aid and the council subsequently took a break and were informed of her passing soon afterwards. The cause of her death is still unknown.

South Africa’s Top 10 Estates Revealed

New World Wealth recently released its annual review of South Africa’s top 10 residential estates, and a few new entrants such as Whale Rock Ridge in Plettenberg Bay and Steyn City in Johannesburg made the cut.

Son Saved by Mother’s Kidney

A Cape Town family is celebrating a mother and son’s triumph over kidney failure and breast cancer. Lenora Hammond and her son Christopher have not only fought their illnesses, but they have gone on to excel.

Asset Manager Futuregrowth Halts Lending to State-Owned Enterprises

South African fixed-income asset manager, Futuregrowth has stopped lending to six state-owned enterprises as it is concerned by political uncertainty, government infighting and possible mismanagement of state funds.

The Incredible Things You can now do With Your Remains

The last thing you might want to think about is how you want to be laid to rest. But what you decide to do with your remains can be a great way to honour your legacy and celebrate your life, particularly for those who are left behind.

South African Mine Deaths Rise

According to the Chamber of Mines, the death toll of mineworkers has increased this year, despite additional efforts to ensure the safety of workers.

BevSA Criticises Sugar Tax

The Beverage Association of South Africa (BevSA) advises that if sugar tax becomes a reality in South Africa, our economy will suffer financial losses close to R14 billion. This comes after the proposal of a 20% levy on sugar-sweetened drinks made by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan during his budget speech earlier this year.

New Car Sales Continue To Drop

The sale of new cars declined further in September 2016 after showing waning figures throughout the year, according to the latest figures released by the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (Naamsa).

South Africa's Best Moments at the Rio Olympics

With the Summer Olympics in Rio all done and dusted, what were South Africa’s highlights and achievements? Now that TeamSA are back on home soil, looks back at the top 10 highlights from Rio 2016.

South Africa Safer Than 20 Years Ago

Despite the negative outlook for crime reported by the South African Police Service in 2015, a new book titled A Citizen’s Guide to Crime Trends in South Africa by University of Cape Town scholars Anine Kriegler and Mark Shaw, claim that the physical safety of the majority of South Africans has, in fact, significantly improved over the last twenty years.

No More Renewable Energy, Says Eskom

Households looking to power up the green way will have to install their own solar panels since Eskom won't add more renewable energy to the national electricity grid soon. According to Eskom's CEO, Brian Molefe, the country's energy provider decided to pull the plug on new contracts with independent power producers as they found that the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) of 2011 is economically impractical.

Ombud Tackles Reckless Credit Providers

The Credit Ombud – an organisation started by the National Credit Regulator to solve disputes between consumers and credit providers – has tightened the reins on credit providers for apparent irresponsible lending practices in 2015. Their mediation has led to the cancellation of many consumers' principal debts or interest charges, the Ombud's latest report [PDF] shows.

South Africa’s Proposed Driver Demerit System

South Africa’s long talked about driver demerit system was supposed to be given the go ahead in April 2016. As of September, the point system has yet to be put in place, even though it was originally proposed roughly 18 years ago.

The Great Vaccination Debate

The vaccination debate has been around for decades, but recently the anti-vaccination movement has gained momentum in South Africa. With celebrities adding their voices to the debate, it’s drawing arguments from all sides, even though there is currently no scientific evidence proving the harmful effects of vaccines. Although the Health Department strongly recommends vaccination, it is not compulsory, and an increasing number of people are choosing not to vaccinate their children.

SA Hit by Student Housing Crisis

South African universities may soon be faced with another hold-up as bed shortages at student residences are estimated to amount to 216 000. The Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande, has called for more solutions to tackle the backlog.

Metered Taxi Drivers and Police Clash Over Uber

Just days after a brutal attack against an Uber driver in Manenberg, Thursday, 14 July saw a violent clash between metered taxi drivers and the police in Cape Town’s city centre, in a protest that ended in at least 15 arrests and numerous threats against Uber drivers. It seems Western Cape metered taxi drivers are still largely unhappy about the advantages they feel Uber has over the industry, and are making their thoughts known.

SABC Offers Free Funeral Cover to Loyal TV Licence Payers

The South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) now offers citizens who pay their TV licences, free Funeral Cover. The offer is a reward for all loyal payers, as currently only a third of all TV licence holders pay their fee every year.

When Should You Start Thinking About Funeral Cover?

Many people wonder when/if Funeral Cover would be the right choice for them, so we decided to break it down. Here’s why your family needs you to get Funeral Cover ASAP.

New Number Plates on the Cards for South Africans

The Department of Transport has proposed new number plates for all South African vehicle owners in 2017. looks into what the plan is and how it might affect drivers.

Man Earns Master’s Degree at Age 71

A grandfather from Cape Town, who has completed his master’s degree at the age of 71, has demonstrated the truth of the words from Robert E. Lee, a wise man who once said: “The education of a man is never completed until he dies”.

South Africa's National Health Insurance Plan

Talk of Government’s National Health Insurance Plan (NHI) has been ongoing since the policy document was released for public comment on August 12, 2011.

Eskom Sees a Surge in Profits

State-owned company Eskom Holdings has reported a profit surge of R4.6 billion and a revenue increase of 11% amounting to R163.4 billion for the financial year, which ended in March 2016.

Senzo Meyiwa’s Insurance Payout Explained

The late Orlando Pirates football star, Senzo Meyiwa’s Life Insurance payout which is said to be a total sum of R4 million, took about 18 months to be paid out

In Which SA City Are You Likely to Live Longer?

Want to live a few years beyond retirement age? Then you may want to settle in Cape Town.

Recap of SA Firefighters’ Trip to Canada

What started as an inspiring gesture rapidly escalated to controversy when the singing-and-dancing South African firefighters, involved in a firefighting operation in Canada, were sent home after a pay dispute last month.

The Rise of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular in the last few years, how does it work and how will it benefit South African entrepreneurs? investigates the growing trend of crowdfunding.

Where are South Africa's Skilled Workers Going?

South Africa’s brain drain shows no sign of slowing down. Where are all of our skilled workers going, why are they leaving and how can we win them back?

The Return of the Dräger Breathalyser

The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has given the Western Cape Department of Transport the green light to reintroduce the Dräger breathalyser on the province's roads.

City of Cape Town Geared up for Winter Floods

Every winter hundreds of people are displaced from their homes due to flooding caused by Cape Town’s heavy seasonal rains. But, that should not be the case this winter as the City of Cape Town is ready to tackle the torrential downpours.

What Has the Overall Effect of the Drought Been on South Africa’s Economy?

The current drought is recorded as one of the worst to ever hit South Africa, and its effects on the country’s economy have been severe, pushing food prices up due to crippled key crops, like maize– the country’s staple food.

SA's Most Expensive Streets and Suburbs

The wealth intelligence company traced 2 300 South African homes that are worth more than R20 million as of December 2015.

Growing Dependence of South African's on Social Grants

Recent reports show an increase in the number of South Africans who rely on state funds in order to make ends meet.

Mechanical Heart Saves 10 Year Old's Life

recently underwent a lifesaving operation to repair his damaged heart.

Applications for Online Smart IDs Now Open to 25 – 40-Year-Old South Africans

The Department of Home Affairs has widened the age limit for citizens who are eligible to apply for Smart IDs at four of the country's banks.

What Are the Proposed Long Term Effects of Uber on the Taxi Industry?

The entry and rapid growth of Uber in South Africa has come with a wave of praise as well as its fair share of criticism. As the new competitor on the market, one that offers a new and improved transport service, there are numerous arguments from a number of parties.

Is Buy-To-Let Still the Best Investment?

Unfortunately the buy-to-let (BTL) market is not as simple as it once was, and there are numerous details you should be aware of before diving into this side of the property market.

The Most Stolen Cars in South Africa

Will you pay a higher Car Insurance premium if your vehicle is most at risk of being stolen?

The Outcome of Soaring Food Prices

Soaring food prices - especially the price of bread in the Western Cape – continue to empty consumers' pockets.

The Evolution of Exercise and Wearable Technology

How have exercise trends evolved, and how are they helping us get fit and healthy?

‘E-tolls Must Go’ - Saga Continues

The saga over the electronic tolling (e-toll) system on Gauteng’s highways continues. Political parties have reinforced their plea that e-tolls should be dropped because motorists cannot afford them.

Is Public Transport the Way to Go?

Is public transport in South Africa the way to go if you want to get from point A to B in good time?

This Is How the Brexit Could Affect You

Breaking news this morning has the UK voting to implement a British exit (or Brexit) from the European Union (EU), causing shock across the world. The voting took place yesterday with the results published early this morning.

The State of South Africa’s Fibre Roll-Out

Many of us have heard about the rolling out of fibre optic cables in South Africa, but few of us understand the tech-centric process, and how it will affect us.

Keeping up With the Guptas: Accusations Explained

The history of the Guptas and their involvement in South African legal, economic and political affairs is an ongoing and rather complicated saga.

SA Hijacking Getting out of Hand? Learn From Others' Mistakes

Surveillance footage of hijacking incidents have been grabbing headlines over the last few months, with many of these videos going viral on social media.

Why Moody’s Decided to Give South Africa a Break

Moody’s, the independent investors service that was reviewing the creditworthiness of our country, finally released their report of findings on 8 May 2016. While they didn’t bump down our credit grade, which is only two notches above junk status, they did conclude their review with a ‘negative outlook’. This means that they consider our country a relatively safe place to invest in, but they predict that this might change for the worse. Rating outlooks aim to predict the direction the rating will take in future. Usually they are stable, but rating outlooks can also be positive or negative. While the outlook is not an inevitable conclusion, South Africa’s status will be downgraded if economic growth and the currently unhealthy government bank balances don’t improve soon.

Eskom Positive Winter Will Be Load Shedding Free

The fear of load shedding has been on every South African’s mind as winter fast approaches. With 2015’s major blackouts vividly remembered, South African’s have been unsure of whether this situation might repeat itself in 2016. Eskom has recently tried to put those fears to rest after announcing that if all current maintenance on the country’s power plants goes according to plan, the country will be free from load shedding throughout winter. After President Jacob Zuma’s visit to Eskom’s headquarters on Friday May 6, he reiterated that he is confident Eskom has done enough to prevent blackouts for the rest of the year. South Africans therefore, don’t have to worry about power outages, effects on productivity, power surges or damages to home contents just yet.

Public Continue to Defy E-Toll Payment

According to the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (OUTA), more than 2 million people are refusing to pay their e-toll bills. This means that only 9% of Gauteng motorists driving on the province's freeways are keeping up with their e-toll payments. OUTA says that e-toll revenue mainly comes from logistics companies, car rental firms and the government fleet.

Is South Africa still in line for ‘junk status’?

South Africans have been holding their breath recently awaiting the outcome of a review by Moody’s, an independent investors service that ranks the creditworthiness of businesses, and in this case, countries. This review was to determine whether South Africa was still considered investment-worthy or not. South Africans were relieved to find out this past weekend that Moody’s still considers our country to be two notches above the borderline for junk status. This means that, for the time being, inflation is stalled; the value of the Rand has stopped plummeting; and government, businesses, and even individuals don’t need to worry about rising interest rates on their loans just yet.

Oil prices reach their highest levels for 2016

The price of crude oil has risen to its highest level in 2016 when it reached $43.40 for the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and $44.07 for Brent North Sea today. The most recent reasons being the raging fire in Alberta, Canada, home to substantial oil reserves, and the ongoing tension in Libya, which holds Africa’s largest oil reserves.

SA Life Insurance Industry Paid Out Billions: Here's Why

South African Insurance Times and Investment News recently published statistics that point out the importance of Life Insurance in helping consumers overcome financial pressure.

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