Cellphone Insurance

Why do I need Cellphone Insurance?

Considering how much money you have spent on it, losing your cellphone can be costly. Cellphone Insurance can give you peace of mind because your cellphone can be replaced with a new one.

Cellphone Insurance covers your mobile phone for loss, damage, or theft. Because of the cost and inconvenience of replacing your lost or damaged cellphone, it is worthwhile insuring this valuable posession.

What is Cellphone Insurance?

Cellphone Insurance covers the policyholder in the event of theft, loss or damage of their cellphone. In any of these events, the cellphone will be replaced with a similar model, if not the same one. Depending on the insurance company, different policies offer different benefits and exclusions. It’s therefore important to ask all the relevant questions before taking out Cellphone Insurance.

Questions to ask prospective Cellphone Insurance providers: 

  • Do you only insure new phones or are older cellphone models also accepted?
  • Do certain conditions have to be met to warrant a claim? For example, will I be covered if my cellphone was stolen from the front seat of my car or must it have been locked away in the boot?
  • Are there any waiting periods that apply before my cellphone is fully covered?
  • How long do I have to make a claim?


If your cellphone has been stolen or lost and you no longer have possession of it, the claim normally has to be preceded by blacklisting the phone with the relevant service provider. An ITC number will be issued to you to prove that it has been blacklisted, which you then need to provide to your insurance company as part of the claim. You may also need to report this to the police and they will then issue you with a case number. Service providers and insurance providers may differ in their requirements for blacklisting a lost or stolen cellphone, and it is therefore important that you contact them before starting the process.

Cellphones have become an integral part of our lives, from business to personal use, and if stolen, it would need to be replaced relatively soon. As the upfront cost of replacing a cellphone such as a Samsung or iPhone can be incredibly high, putting Smartphone Insurance in place can be a smart investment.

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