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always comes in handy. When you need them the most. I get the most affordable premium.

website was easy to follow being of the older generation cannot always understand what to do next, but your information was quick and easy, thank you.

It was very good got a good deal on insurance for a car. I am very happy

Saves times by giving options available in the market

Fast and easy procedures

nothing much


That was painless. My only problem was the fact that I can not input my overseas cellular phone details, I am currently working in Oman and my contact number is +96893599171, if you want to call me.

Excellent, Effective,best app online.keep up the good work team.Perfect

simple and wonderful


It was very easy and clear also quick help I got.

Excellent service

Well done great work. I am impressed by the quick and efficient service.

User friendly application. Great experience
Got what I expected.

Got all the information i wanted very helpful

Fast and not complicated choice is wider

Fast and hassel free. Not a lot of detail to complete.

It was awesome except for fact that I could not choose more than one quote.

Excellent service. Quote was received in record time

I've tried it and it fast and very easy to use, got 4 quotes with less effort



Fast and the prices quoted are relevant.


The online service is very fast and accurate. I was also called back within a minute of selecting an insurance broker. Well done!

Convenient and hassle free

Good experience.

The response was quick and efficient. I'm happy with the service I got

No one actually called me. I'm still waiting

Quick and very user friendly, whilst giving competitive qoutes

Fast service.

Quick n easy excellent time vs service

Option to click more quotes that you are interested on, if not you must fill in all the details again.

easy to use


It was quick

Quick and painless

Excellent service,very informative

Quick and very helpful

I am still waiting for budget to get back to me, 3 hours


Good service; agent called me soon after

Efficient service

Excellent, did exactly what I asked it to do, and gave me the best option for me. Thank u Hippo u beauty??

Fast and very easy. The responce from the insurance was fast and i was covered in a matter of minutes.


this was very helpful. thanks so much

It was quick and hippo gave me five legal provider's to choose from

great , speedy service- the companies I was interested in called me within an hour after going into the hippo website

great stuf!!

your service is more than excellent, thank you.

Easy fast and simple to use. Comparison with multiple companies was a great help

service was excellent thanks to Hippo for making people lives easier.

Confused by why I was contacted by insurance companies I didn't indicate I was interested in. My phone now has been ringing off the hook and I cannot get through my work. Not impressed

Excellent Service - no waiting for days.

excellent service

Very good and fast service. Got all I needed. Thank you.




Quick and easy to use.


It's easy to use and instructions are simple to follow

i was very impressed with the website and how it works

Thank you

Excellent, great help, was stuck and they helped me greatly.

very quite response

The service was exceptional, I love using Hippo??

Verry impressed! Thanks you for the fast and efficient service.


woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,i don't know what to say. I didn't think that this things work. I save R1500.00. I am still not believing,

Your agent was most helpful


I wanted more than 1 option as a quote but the system only allows for one. I also wanted to get a quote for household insurance however, they system would not move past the car section

The system should save the information as any need to go back means that one has to capture the information all over again. If logging in will enable one to access the info, it or any other solution would make the system user friendly



Hippo is good but it too forever to send my details to the company.

It was fast to get a list of insurance companies with their price indications. Thank you Hippo for your help. I am now awaiting a call and an offer.

Easy to use,quick results and reliable

Fast and reliable,accurte,wide range of info to choose from.


The website is user friendly, I now await the company to contact me.

Very quick and efficient!!

Fast response. Excellent feedback information provided.

Fast and effective help

Prompt service. Received documents almost before I put the phone down. However I do not like the fact that there is no place to sign stating that I accept the policy. I do not accept the policy as legally binding without my signature. Therefore I am not taking out the cover. Thank you.

Very effective and quick response from you guys. I'm very impressed??

Very user friendly and efficient.



It was quick and easy, but the quotes were not exactly what i had in mind, i am sure if i shop around i will find quotes that suits my needs better with better rates.


Speedy response.

very quick and easy

I loved the speed at which the response came, and that it came with definite propositions.

Quick, convenient and user friendly

I would prefer to be emailed with information, not called.

excellent service cause i dont have to scout around for prices

the service was quick and simple to use.

excelent response, getting the information I want without delay . comparisons certainly make choices easier. Thank you. Great service 5 star all the way.

Great way of saving time. The only drawback is that the quoted premiums are a lot higher than the actual probably because the insurance companies require more info which affects the premium.

The service was very fast and short

Excellent fast service

very good service thank you so much for all the hard work

Quick response time, but would have liked to choose more than one option.

Great, fast and accurate. Makes life sooo much easier!!

My consultant Valentia was very professional, patient and informative. She more or less answered all my question

Very convenient way of comparing quotes. Great site


easy to use no fuss easy to uderstand

I thought it will take time to get a respong, but The result was instand. It a great idea to compare different servise providers before choosing the one that suits me.


good number of quotes with prices just what I wanted.Thanks

Quick service

The minute I send the request I got a call and the consultant was very professiona, patient & helpful.

I thought it was quite an experience. But when the insurance company contacted me for a quote it was much higher that what was on Hippo.


Good, will see when the agent calls me back, and how things go from there.
The form is not very friendly, e.g. it wants to know what kind of insurance is required, but doesn't allow me to compare the options. E.g., I would like to know how much comprehensive insurance will cost, but also want to check on balance of 3rd party only. For that I have to launch a new request?

user friendly and quick response

am happy, thanks for the quick response, keep it up

I got quotes from five different companies at once without have to call each and everyone of them; and received a quick and swift reply.

it was great and easy thank you

It was ausome,to talk to you

It should be more detailed. Giving me the access amount and premium its not enough. I don't have time to be on the phone talking to consultants. The quotes should say what makes up the premium.

Excellent service and it doesn't take time for the consultants to call you back.

The services quick and easy to use. Thank you.

Good service, highly appreciated.

Your service is beyond 100%. your response time is efficient. I also received an email within minutes and now I hope the people at Matix will call me and be as efficient as you guys.

I had response for selected insurers within minutes.

They website is easy to navigate and to use.

Quick excellent service!

Quick immediate response. One of the insurance co called me back, 30 min later I was sorted and insured.

Fast, hassle free and efficient!

You get immediate response and low prices for what you want in insurance. You also get quotes from well known companies which makes it easier to choose.

swift response.

I got my call back in under a minute

Very Simple, but I had to restate some of the information I submitted on the webpage to the agent

Response was very quick and the quotes were accurate

was easy, fast, however it didn't have quotes from more companies I was interested in.

It's because I've found the cheapest tracking insurance and I am looking forward to you hippo to give me the car insurance qoutation

The quote was more than my current premium. Insurance co did not negotiate at all.

Asked for the quote and received a call back within 10 minutes.

the service was effortless I will recommend this to anyone, especially for the 8-5pm employee who has deadlines to meet

was good enough for what I need to know

it was quick to respond to what i needed.

Great service

Very convenient. Saves time and costs.

This is to show my gratitude and must keep up the good work it is doing

Quick and effortless


The service was quick and was accurate I'm more than happy to recommend hipo to friends and family. Thank you do much

Quick service but would have liked to have two or three options to choose from in the "I am interested" indicator.

Extremely efficient service and the required service provider called within 2 minutes of me being notified that they would do so.

Quick and easy. Very user friendly.

It was very quick and the price was perfect for me,only waiting for company to respond back.hippo are the way to the free quotes.

Very effective, reliable and I am satisfied with all the information they have sent to me. It is fast and hustle free. I am very happy.

There is no Help option when one gets stuck. For example i wanted a car qoute, stuck no option for passport and address un accepted

quick professional response

Quick service

Can just add more

I wasn't too sure if the insurance companies they listed was the only ones or the top four, they were not clear about that.

Perfecrly simple to use with immediate result options

easy and quick to access, no funny advertisement

Very quick service.

Fast and efficient

Quick and Easy

easy access and informative,best way to compare insurances

Very efficient and quick

Not enough quotes received

website easy to navigate, Quick responses, clear and concise information,

Its easy to use and quick

Efficient and fast. I did not appreciate other providers calling me when I did not tick for them to do so

Quick and easy.

Approximate quotes received fairly quick.
Insurers called as quickly as possible.

quick response

As it was the first time using Hippo, i thought a 4 was safe. depending on further correspondence i may change my mind.
Up to now i can confirm that your personal is helpful and professional.

Thank you, have a lovely day

I was not covered. can I try Budget?

Easiest and fastest way to get insurance quotes from all companies in one shot....brilliant

Had a call within 5 min of looking at quotes

I contacted them at 7:00am this morning and within 30minutes I was contacted by Virseker and covered by them before 9am!!

Quick and effective

It was quick n easy

The site was very easy to use. Quick and efficient. No toggles that don't work and as I said easy

Lot knows his story an his products I was impressed

Consultant was very informative and friendly. I felt like he explained everything well and I am very happy to be insured with you :-)

Good service for free. Quick website response.


Fast, effective very efficient service with a lot of quotes to choose from

Very easy to use.And very quick

It was super fast

I got more than what i was searching for and which i needed to see.

It is quick and accurate.

Good service, very efficient - love Hippo

It's so easy to use and very relevant, it took me minutes to get quotes. Saved me lots of time.

Feed back was instant and I managed to compare and choose right company

Its extremely easy and simple to use instead of having to go through an entire list of insurers

Quick and very helpful.

The online questionnaire is not prompting enough

good system

I liked the sevice

Quick and effective assistance !!!!

excellent service in few minutes

prompt response

Fast Easy and No Hassile

Their system was very user friendly. It was very helpful as well.

Fast and excellent service

Quick response and very informative information i have received

the service was prompt, smooth, efficient and effective.

You make life easy to shop for an insurance.

Valuable information, prompt service, easy understandable website

Cause it's easy and fast way to compare quotes wit Hippo. So I always use it to compare quotes.

good overview

Fast, efficient

it so easy and accessible.

Good, provided me with the basics of what i was looking for.

Hippo was fast in identifying what I need.

No nonsense,All the relevant information you require. So easy to use and understand.

Easy to use

Speed and Easy

Great service!

Excellent service, speedy response and gave many options.

Duran was very professional and assisted on the policy entailed.

Quick and easy

Simple. Easy. Fast

quick response

Quick and simple

Good consultant, even quick to respond, helpful, you are great all the. I've got what i needed, keep on doing the great job to others


Response was very quick and simple.

Quick and easy safe me time and a lot of money

Great Service

Extremely easy to get information. Friendly sales lady contacted me within 2 hours of leaving my details on line. would recommend Hippo to everybody I know

Seconds later I'v got an answer. Thanx

good service, my first time using it, so efficient, im impressed


Professional and practical assistance with instant satisfaction.

Excellent work

Easy to use and response from insurance company was very swift and efficient


i need consultant to understand english properly and not repeat myself.

It took seconds to get reply on my request....the site is perfect

Quick and easy to use and understand...

It is user friendly, very easy and quick.

Hippo gave me only 2 choices of which only 1 contacted me.
But furthermore I am happy but would appreciate the other one also to contacted me.
Only Dot Insurance did.

Please add dental covers as well

I was absolutely astounded at how easy the whole process was.

Good thanks

Very efficient

Very easy and simple to use, got quotes in a couple of seconds... for someone that doesn't like spending much time on the net, perfect site.

very efficient

Feedback was in seconds. That was quick sevice and everything on my finger tips.

Great service

Very efficient.

Outstanding service

Good service

the response was extremely quick

Good sevice


Very fast and effortless

very good experience with hippo

The comparison were listed from Low to High in terms of cost.


Very fast responce

Excellent response time, quick and efficient.

Excellent and fast and efficient service.

Great response time. Brilliant service provider (DOTSURE). Thank you for putting me in touch with them

fast no delays

quick and reliable and safe to use hippo ill recommend it to friends to compare quotes on insurance and what ever they need a quote for.

Quick efficient feedback

A wide range of service providers.

the service was fast and exellent

The website gave me a lot of options in terms of names of vehicle tracking companies software, what each offers as well as the cost.

Fast response.

Quick n easy

I was contacted within 5min of submitting my request.


It's the best app thanks it's very helpful stress less

easy to access and user friendly.

I was called back almost immediately, but my phone is giving problems so I will have to phone them back tomorrow.

Response was quick


Quick,easy and efficient

great gave good options to choose from

I thought i would have had a call from u guys as u said i qualify for 1000 but still havent heard anything so im a bit dissapointed

just await my call from 1st for women , i have received a feedback from dial direct was exellent but will be more interested in 1st for women


Very prompt and friendly service.

very convenient

so easy and quick

Quick, efficient and easy to use. Concluded my transaction within 20 minutes with my selected Service Provider.

quick and easy, very helpful online service.

Received a call within 5 minutes from my mail

Fast, convenient, great service.

well done

It was easy to use and also it was quick and efficient.

quick and easy, fast response

I found you on the internet and thats why i am intrested and the payback money per month looks very good.

Easy to use

I couldnt get a better offer

Choices of various quotes and timeously

Surprised that Hollard wasn't included in the option results?

Easy to use and accurate infomation

safe me alot of time and is very efficient and fast...

Quick and easy as well as very helpful and accurate.. thank you so much its nice to know that there are still speady response as well and a user friendly site...

Easy to use application.

Excellent results. You guys actually helped me save R300 frm my current insuarence policy.

Perfect service

good consultant

Took less than a minute then they phoned me!

Quick to get responce from Hippo

When I requested a call back received a call back while I was still on the site!

Awesome service, well done.

It`s fast and efficient

Happy with service

efficient and quick turn around time

respond very quick

Never let's me down always shows me the best offers there is and if I don't find one hippo phones and ask if thy can help great work

Is quick and excellent

The consultant called back in less than 10minutes. That's service!

Very quick in responding to my inquiry. I would certainly recommend them to friends and family.

Fast, easy, clear, cheap.

excellent service and user friendly

Easy application form
Quick response from you and insurer I choose

Excellent, done and dusted , saving me so much time on calling around for quotes

fast and easy

Fast and effective service

Very efficient

It was fast easy and professional

They're response very quick

Comparison of benefits would have been better

Very good service

It was very fast for me to choose my suitable life police and l was very happy coz the life insurance company caled within a minute

Saves time,quick n respond is immediate on qoutes,then u wait fr consultant to fone u some of my quotes do dem even@nite n keep d Ref just incase they need it cos qoutes change time to time

Efficiency Convenience reliability effective awesome simplicity

Deliver service

Quick and effective. Thumbs up.

quick and on point

Feedback fantastic

The agent was being persuasive that I take insurance with them though I was not entirely happy with the offer. I did not like that.

So easy!! Thanks

I never strugle u gave ne what I need,so I m happy for ur help

They were so efficient. They called me within less than 5 minutes of submitting the query. They were friendly and helpful and were willing to take the time to explain the product to me.

good service

fast and easy

Your web site's prompt speed and feedback

multiple quotes

I got a very quick response and also very competitive quotes

Hippo is the best website to use to get quotes. The companies who quote get back to me very quickly.

Geen probleem binne sec terugvoering

Couldn't access all the quotes?

quick response and great way to get want you want without going through 100 different companies. nice job

good service

Quick and easy!

Fast and helpful

Quick and direct

Quick and easy to follow up with .. hoping to get a good respond from the Call Center to follow !

Very efficient. Immediate response.

They have time to explain their qoutes in details which makes it easier for me to choose from the various insurance companies

Hippo recommended me with a list of life covers I was looking for, the first recommendation was what I wanted they responded quickly and offered me exactly what I wanted different life thank you!!

Quote was accurate and response time was quick.

quick response.


Budget called immediately and the quote given on Hippo was close enough to the quote received and agreed upon.


The website functionality is very easy to use.

Quick and effiscient

Hassle free

They where very quick in the response to getting me kwotes and all in my price class

Quick response from Regent.

Easy to get the comparisons, hassle free

Very impressive Lots of multiple choices Prompt response

quick simple and easy to find read and decide

Accurate. Consistently useful.

Quick easy efficient

It is realiable and easier to use.

Fast and excellent services. I am very pleased

It's very quick

fast service i love it


Quick and Efficient service. Just what I needed!!

got what I required with excellent response


Easy to use and good selection

The response was prompt and the consultant was patient and explained everything to me and on that experience I have opted to go with them even though the excess was higher than other quotes.

Very quick and easy overview. Agent called me literally within 30 seconds. Not a big fan of submitting my contacts loosely, but remembered to uncheck the 'advertisement' box and have not had any undesired calls.

prompt response. user-friendly process

Fast service!

There should be clarity that companies you represent are related. I got a call from Budget who works with Auto n General which is a conflict of interest.

You promise to call but, I never receive the call from you guys.

Very quick and helpful.

Best Service, fast reliable information.

everything was just quick and I'm satisfied with the service

speedy feedback from the various organizations, happy with your service

It was hassle free and my quote was over in 5 minutes.

Easy to complete enquiry and reply within 1 minute of making the enquiry.

well I faced a challenge of choosing my address coz the one I have selected is not the correct and also I did not understand correctly what the premium will cover in regards to accidents and the rest.

Quick and easy to navigate.

very fast service

Good offers presented

good service

Quick service

convenient and save time

Received 12 quotes within seconds of request and after choosing Dialdirect received a call from them within minutes.

It was easy to fill in form. I liked quick response to what other insurance companies were offering.

Quick efficient and precise thus far the best service on line ever.
You have asked all the right and simple questions. Pray we receive the same perfect assistance form insurance that i chose. Many Thanks

received call back immediately after submitting my request. Gerald from Out surance was also polite

The service was fast and the consultant its knowledgable and friendly

Very efficient service

They time saving and the best

Very quick way of validating insurance quotes. Literally took 2 minutes. Gave me a number of options with well-known insurers.

Hippo helped me find an affordable property insurance. Thank you hippo

Quick and easy, thanks

Simply and to use. It gave me fast quotes (results)

Some of the quotations are not accurate. Just estimates however it does assist in making a decision. Please include optional benefits as well.


The prompts were easy to follow and the research that went into the pricing looks great!

Thought it would take days before I get a result of what I was looking for

fast and efficient

Kicked me out a couple of times. Not sure if the problem was my internet connection or the sitez

Good service

Easy and quick. User friendly, not complicated!

quick service that works

Was satisfied with the service,will use it again or even refer my friends to hippi .com.

Good experience - will use the service again

Comparison is fast and on point

The section on address takes time.

Quick and effiecent. Easy to use

my house amount doesn't want to accept as well as I have more than 1 house.
why cars can add but houses not?

Nice and fast no hassle in getting a qoutation

The speed of your reply, the number of alternatives. Unfortunately, not knowing who the suppliers are makes it more difficult make a decision.

I wish I could have been given more option other then the same companies when I increased the life cover quotation.

Thank you for the quick response

Quick and efficient

easy to use, fast, I'm happy.

Was hopping that I will receive enough quotations to compare

after giving quotes. site froze when is selected one. than did not allow me to contact other insurers.

Saves time and costs.

Service is excellent

Easy use and quick to respond

Fast service

Quick and efficient

The service was efficient. I got an agent calling me back within 5minutes

I was called back in less than 2 minutes of posting the enquiry. The application process with budget was informative, thorough although lengthy.

Well its a good service and easy to use

They where quick

Quick why to see what is rigth for your pocket and the companies phone you

Fast and effective

Great stuff, your assistance much appreciated.

So easy to compare quotes and pick a policy I can afford and that suites my budget.

good experience, fast and easy

Excellent service thank you! The quotes were competitive

If Outsurance, Miway and Discovery had been included I would have voted higher. I want premiums back if I don't claim.

The service was excellent. It took less than five minutes to get a quote and to be contacted by a provider.

Very user friendly, easy to read and understand. Never used it before, after first use today I was very impressed with information I was given. No need to wait for comparisons, its there straight away. Will definitely use again. Keep up the good service.


good and speedy service

I was very impressed with the layout it was easy to read and understand. I was able to say which one I was interested in and the very next morning I got a call from the company. This service is fantastic and I will definitely use it again.

Because I managed to get a better insurance deal using their quoting system which was very quick and easy to use.

Excellent service

Once product was found, feed back from insurer was virtually immediate

Customer friendly

i always struggle with the hippo website when wanting to return to a previous page

Hippo is the best way to go when looking for the most affordable insurance and it's easy to use and less 5ime consuming.

Easy and fast.

they are quick to respond and respond with valid information.

its quick service

They were quick to reply


best comparison site


Excellent Service!!! I'm happy with my quote.

Its simple and faster

Your presentation of the different medical gap covers were easy to understand and a good variety and you followed up within minutes. Good service overall

Havent chosen a provider yet, but the initial experience of using Hippo to find a few options in a hurry, has been great. Will definitely continue to us Hippo.

Quick feedback recieved

Received prompt feedback

The website is very user-friendly and the feedback is helpfull.

Best advice in a very fast time period. Thank you, will you use again.

Your service was good - that of Budget not (although the questionnaire mentioned/asked 'Arms & Ammunition'. I now received good service from Outsurance!

Quick,simple and easy

Not sure if the companies who quote are repurable

Brilliant service, got a call back within 5 mins of query.

Quick and easy, feedback is accurate with the response. Never had an issue

Quick and easy to use.

because it only took me a couple of minutes to get the quote for the vehicle i was looking for. It was fairly easy to get through the menus and the results were easy to read.

I was pleasently surprised of the variety of exact information that I was looking for and the search engine of the website did a wonderfull job.

Would have liked to complete all personal info from the star

Superb service, user friendly online system, quick and efficient response from recommended car insurance company

It was quick and hassle free. The insurance I choose called me immediately after my enquiry



Great to have different options to choose from. The affordability of the quotes was good

You gave me what I needed.

Good fast service

Easy site to use

the response was very quick

So fast and easy. Really convenient. Thank you

a friendly consultant quickly called me to do a further and more detailed quote,

Quick process, immediate quote.

good service


Pleased with the service

Your website is very quick ans super easy to use! Loved working on the site.

Great service

slick website, hopefully will save me money. more options would be beneficial as well as an option for someone from hippo to call you for more personal information and better feedback

Totally convenient, i did not have to phone around to find out where to find the best quote. I did was surprised by the pool of available companies out there. thank you for making it super easy.

Prompt response

Quick & accurate feedback. Saved me a lot of time & effort. User friendly web page & overall painless experience.

its easy to get all the info I wanted without having to go to different sites

easy questionnaire quick results balanced comparisons

Fast efficient delivery

Easy to use, detailed and lots of options.

brilliant service,thnaks

They called within 10 minutes


good service for sure

Quick response

They are quick to respond, reliable.

Quick and easy

I just love how the site gives you detailed options

The feedback is always on point, exactly what I'm looking for, offers obligation free quotes.


Help fully

Fast efficient and showed what i needed to see at first glance

Accurate quote

It was simple and quick

The way you explain it to me about car maintenance and warranty. I'm happy and I like that you gave me options to choose what I like.

The caller said he needed 13 minutes of my time but it took over 30 minutes.
Otherwise it was good.

The BEST decision I have ever made...thanks Hippo for saving us time and money

I sent the request yesterday and got a call this morning, very efficient.

It was quick and efficient but I only got one option. If I had more to compare I would have given 5 stars

Hippo is nice to use and is very helpful

Prompt service

easy experience

Great Service

Impressive with the response received from Hippo, considering the time I waited. Again I expected less quotation but was also impressed with the information received

Using the site was as and quick. Still await for a call from the agent.

Because you were good and quick


i was paying a premium of R 1 986.00 for my VW polo (yeah shocking hey??) and this was with one of the "prestige" insurance service provider. what hippo did for me was help me get life cover AND comprehensive car insurance for R 1 533,76 ... unbelievable? BELIEVE IT. if i could compare boyfriends via Hippo, i would probably get married next weekend, that is how good it is!

Called in few seconds after the request

Quick and easy

The service was very good.

Quick. Easy

My experience with Hippo has been a pleasure they are very quick

very good

hi the service was good


Very usefull

Wow. The moment I closed the hippo website my phone rang from 1st for women. I was covered within 48 min there after! Done deal.


The system is fast and easy to understand. Anyone can easy follow the information asked..

Excellent service and easy to use

Very efficient

Service is very fast.

good service

Accurate quote

excellent call back time, consultant was quite slow in getting my information - not time effiecient at all

After entering your details on the browser, please use a different color to indicate fields that have already been filled. The entered fields and placeholders look the same, causing a lot of confusion.


It was fast and effective - gives you a quick overview

lovely timely service

So quick and easy

Very professional. Direct and too the point. Pleasant telephone manner

Excellent service indeed!

The service from Hippo was very prompt and gave me a list of company's and prices, I have selected three company's to give me an in depth quote , as the quote supplied by them give no real information

There is a disconnect between price provided from the website and actual price given when you engage with the service provider. there should not be a nearly 200% increase to the quoted price on the website that was sad

Had a quick response from Versker Insurance.

Excellent service. The consultant who assisted me was very professional and answered all my questions promptly.

Excellent.....up to date info....easy to waiting at hand

Quick and efficient

i found the best deal ,,,thank you

Everything well tabulated for comparison.


the service was excellent and quick


Very professional.


immediate and efficient response

Excellent service

The lady spoke way way too fast.

I could not hear very much, but that will have been, in part, my environment since it was very loud.

very good

The service of hippo was excellent. I was struggling to find a cellphone cover, and hippo made it simple for me to choose the best that cost less. Thank you hippo

Excellent and so quick, had a call within an hour.

Very good with accuracy

very good


Good service

Within a few minutes of having chosen an insurance company on your website I received a phone call from the exact company and was soon on my way to becoming insured. Very slick.

I wish the site would let me request a call from more than 1 provider as it only let me ask for 1 call back

awesome little hassle

The site enabled me to get a quick estimate for insurance for a prospective additional vehicle I planned to acquire


Good quick service

The service was spot on its excellent jeep it up hippo, thanks for your help.

helpful and determined...

Very fast, easy to use!



very helpful

Prompt efficient service

Very quick in response times

will recommend hippo


The experience with Hippo was a good, I however experienced some glitches when I attempted to get a quote for motor insurance. Somehow the my address could not be recognised by their system. Perhaps that needs to be attended to. I am from Sebokeng Zone 14 and there are no street names where I am from, though the town would pick up my house address couldn't be recognised.

They provided me with several quotes in a matter of a few minutes
Most impressive

Very helpful, I'll spread the word

Excellent. Fast. Convenient

1st time using it it work like a charm

Like lightning....your service Rocks !!!!!!


Yes recommend them

Excellent service. Its a one-stop shop for everyone. My premium really dropped.

it was on point, excellent, got what I needed

Please I need good service and how is going to be at the starting must be the same always

I got all potential service providers in at one go and compared them head to head there and then. Though I did not get what I wanted but the call I received was very professional and honest.
My problem is Medical savings that are depleting middle of the year but Gap cover was not for depleting MSA.

easy to use

Excellent service with a speedy response


I asked for quotes on various Tracking devices available and Hippo was able to generate a list of eleven in an instant. Very impressive.
I would recommend Hippo anytime. Very user friendly and saved me a lot of time.

I would like where possible to have an opportunity to interact with the the providers listed so as to get more clarity. Then I can clickon "Interested" knowing that I am making a fully infirmed choice. As things stand. I am making my choice based only on information that is provided and are not able to interogate it any further.

it quickly

Quick and reliable

Good and fast reply

Fast and reliable feedback

Quick and excellent

It's easy to use hippo, it's helping a lot

The agent was very friendly and she knew everything she was talking about, gave excellent advise.

It's efficient and very helpfull


It is excellent

Clean, quick, easy to use. The website is very well presented, it was quick to get a huge number of quotes and they were reasonably accurate. I liked the key policy summaries on the right.


The comparative quotes were returned very fast...but after that I did not receive a call from my selected insurer? How do I follow up on this??

Thank you so much for your help guys.

It's aggressive. I must leave my details and get called immediately by hippo and other service providers. The follow up is also aggressive. I am not ready to buy but am treated as such.



was good clear information

Excellent Service

Ease of request and speed of efficient service

Easy Peasy

Unbelievable fast, quick and easy!

Quick and efficient. Very easy to use website


Dadelike diens ontvang.

the consultant's conciseness in explaining the core features of the policy is much appreciated.

quick and easy

I am just waiting for the company to call me now... :)

I am very happy with the prompt service.

Thank you Hippo for car tracker options you provides

Takes few minutes to give a quote and made it very easy for me to chose an insurance.
No response yet to the insurance company I have chosen I have been waiting or I will choose another one.

Love it cause you know immediately full details about the cover you choose.....

hippo has really simplified making big decisions, they are efficient and reliable.

Quick, efficient but still lacking some information.

I found out all the information I needed


The part where clients enter their details should also allow for passport holders, currently it only takes SA IDs & it's not only SA citizens that require insurance.

Only a few insurances were listed and what about the others

Your response was fast and effective. The 2 tracking companies I contacted through you this morning (Friday) did not respond after 1 day. On Monday I will have to contact them directly by phone. The names: Beam-e and Altech Netstar.

Too inward looking in terms of potential clients. online form for requesting quote does not anticipate foreigners and people staying outside south africa i.e. phone number field doesn't allow inclusion of country quotes and marks foreign phone numbers as wrong.

The service was quick and excellent

The service I received was excellent!

Hi can you get dial Direct to call me back as I am waiting on my policy numbers


very convenient.

Overall a very easy to use site. It would just have been nice to be able to choose from more than one insurance company - I had to fill in all my details again every time I wanted to see a different quote. But overall I am very satisfied.

Excellent and fast response

easy to use


I got the product I wanted and this was done in a very friendly manner, I can do it over and over.

My request was actioned in no time and I managed to get a very good insurance premium with auto and general.

I still haven't been called yet, but I like that I don't have to be busy gating quotes over the phone with many insurers. Would've liked to see Sanlam and Liberty there though but j didn't. Unless they aren't on the panel. Efficient service!

Very quick and efficient!

So quick and easy wow

I am still waiting on a response

Very pushy salesperson, speaks too quickly, didn't listen to my needs

Great we have something like this in India too....


Easy and quick and the service was great. Thanks

Very good

works well and is quik

The comparison what quick.



immediate respond from service provider

Excellent service from Hippo, keep up the good work.

I find it user friendly,compare to a phone call.



I was happy with the sevice

quick and easy

very short clear and easy to fill in. response came in very quick.

Well done. I am very pleased with the service.

Brilliant & fast

highly recommend their service.

The service was excellent

easy to use

Very efficient and excdllent!

the service was excellent

Fast and accurate turnaround

It's good for now

Quick results

No purchase made - unable to transact online at time of enquiry. Purchased from another organisation online


I still haven't finalised my motor insurance or medical aid because of your STUPID telephone ploicy, did you know that SA does not have the telephone infrastructure to support this policy!!!

The lady who phoned me on Saturday asking me if the tracker has been installed,I told her the car is at home with me thinking that she will figure out that I cannot take the car out of the dealership without a device.She kept on insisting until I adviced her to call the dealership,her reply was YOU CALL THE DEALERSHIP!My husband had to intervene

Very good

Quick and effortless. you get the quotes within seconds. Love it

Very usefull


Never thought getting help would be so easy

I was able to reduce my car insurance from R800 to R500. Thanks Hippo

The best

I got better deal on the insurance thanks to hippo

Extremely quick follow up. The consultant was well informed, friendly and very helpful.

can't thin of anything that would improve the service...

Quick and efficient. I got a call within a minute of clicking the "I'm interested" button.

Very helpful!!! Your service was easy to use and very convenient.

The website and comparisons is good but not enough detail about the different insurers to make an informed enough decision without actually having to phone the insurers to explain the unprinted details.

No complaints

very good, thank you

So far so good.

It was my first I was on hippo site but I was so interested to read more about this company cause now I'm thinking of taking Car and home insurance

Quick, fast and sufficient info

within minutes information was available. whic is excellent and quotations offered was better than the companies I phonef on my own.

Website was easy to navigate

hippo is ease to use and every convinient

User friendly website & fast quotes from trusted popular insurance companies!


Professional and helpful service. Staff is well trained.

Thank you

Hippo was very fast and efficient. i received a list of quotes and they contacted me within 5 minutes. They escalated my details to the relevant company.

I found it very irritating that in order to request feedback from more than one insurer I had to restart and type in all of the information each time.

Also not reasonable reflection. Because once they call you the insurers are always higher than those reflected in the initial summary.


Excellent service!!

Quick efficient comparisons

took less than 5 minutes to get what I required

It's cool


the service is exceptionally good

Service was quick, and efficient!


system is slow sometimes time out

Very reasonable prices returned for both my car insurance and tracking device. I definitely recommend Hippo.

Very happy

I found the service very prompt and useful. I have already had agents calling me. It is easy and quick to fill in and submit. Response was within seconds. However, I wanted to go back to the list to send "Interested" messages to other companies but found I could do only one.

The service was excellent as I got feedback in a minute from insurance provider.

nice site

Very quick

Hippo's service was very quick and saves time within a short period of time I get to see and compared the service I required. I am very much satisfied.

Excellent service

The response/service was quick. Thank you

Prompt and efficient

Just frustrated that I couldn't ask for more than one company to contact me.

Quick and easy

prompt efficient service

I would have loved to get information on what the companies are offering with the premium displayed instead of company history.

I managed to get a reasonable car insurance quote through hippo.

It was so helpful, thank you

Simple and easy to use web site AND cost saving of over 20%.

Easy to use thanks

I am still waiting for their respond


This is the first time I have had to use Hippo and I am very impressed. Clear and easy to follow instructions. Gave me a lot of options to choose from but was missing two well advertised brands in Outsurance and Miway. Besides that, I am very happy.

I ma impressed its quick and easy , makes life soo easy

Fast and easy

SYSTEM--easy to use-fast and sufficient

Very pleased...instant information in no time

Awesome service. I found the site very efficient. Thank you for saving me time and energy.

Good service

Hippo does an excellent service, they gave me a comparative feed back from 6 different insurances within minutes!

Your website was very user friendly and I got a call back almost instantly

fast, friendly and efficient service

Quick, Easy and user friendly.

Easy to use and happy with feedback

I havent recieced feedback from the two insurance companies I got quites from!?

Fast and to the point

Fast and efficient service when quoting.

i was looking for a tracker for m vehicle, and hippo gave me a wide range that i could choose from..and in no time i have my tracker sorted.many many many thanks Hippo

What took me 5min on hippo took me 25min on the phone with outsurance to find out what I wud b charged as a starting point. Thank u hippo!


Offered comparison within one company's policy range. The company did not contact me.

Quick - However I still need details of the device i.e. Installation cost and monthly fees - this would make the quoting process more effective.


Incredibly prompt, phoned back exactly when agreed, great follow up. I was dealt with very efficiently.

Great concept


Excellent service

Excellent service, I got feedback immediately.

Quick response from the insurance company. However, people without SA ID numbers do not seem to be served by the insurers. Time could be save by specifying this up front.

Its ok, dissappointed the price was mich higher than the hippo site

Excellent service

Thank you for your assistance.

I have only enquired about quotes and have not made a purchase yet. They do provide easy access to information and is thus very handy.

Thanks for the promo service much appreciated

Response upon filling the form was prompt - Absa called, thanks.

This is a wonderul service to have several quotes at once than to call individual compnanies or brokers. Keep up the good work Hippo.

Excellent fast service. However the amount Hippo quoted was not the same as 1st for Women

very fast

nothing to add, I think online services are the best and can be accessed and be compared with detailed info on them

no competitive quotes from the big names in the market place

The website is user friendly and information calculated was quick.

very fast and easy

It was excellent

thank you

effective and efficient.


excellent service.
Got feedback almost instantly



Excellent service thanks

The service is more quick and fast. I just ask for a quotation and within minutes Hippo responded



Responded in excellent time

It was helpful thank you


I always use the hippo service to compare car insurance quotes, sometimes they give me better rates even on my current insurance which makes it easier because then I just adjust to the new premium and get to keep my current policy number

I love the service !!


Excellent service

Quick and convenient

service was good and fast.

Their response was quick and allowed me to make a decision between the various quotes

Easy to use and simple!

Response was great

Very happy with the quick response, professionalism and manner of handling our needs from start to finish. Wil, definitely use Hippo again and refer to friends.

Excellent service


Hippo was Quick and efficient and save me a lot of time


Easy reacable and convenient.

I'm impressed with the response time


Great Service!
Very efficient.

Great and speedy !!



Excellent service

The search didnt work sometimes but othwrwise good

very quick service

the best

Not a bad service... just need a more in detail cover as one veh needs passenger liability but was not an option to add...

Superb and quick service

I understood what the consultant was explaining. He was patient, and answered questions that may have come across as irritating to some other people.

Quick service that suits me.

Wish I could have selected to have a few companies to contact me and not just one



Good service

Excellent service. Fast and efficient. I confirmed an offer within minutes! Thank you Hippo!

I was amazed by how quick and interactive their service was. I thought they will come back to me after a couple of hours or days.



It was fast and very friendly indeed.

Very happy, saved 35% for my insurance

Even though the service plan are expensive, however I still value hippo as no 1 in the country.

outstanding service.sorted out insurance within 10 minutes of quote request

it is fast and convient.

Excellent and fast

Not call becuase I am deaf but it is good servce

Great people great service just great dealing with intelligent people

Hi I am very happy with the service I got immediate response from Hippo and I would gladly recommend to anyone. Thank you

Awesome as always

It's easy to follow the steps

I was with ABSA policy

Very good and fast service

Very nice

Easy, helpful

Very good

Wow it took less than 5 min


Good service

A consultant from Netstar did approach me! I however indicated that I call was not the appropriate time and that he need to call me back on Thursday afternoon between 2-5pm.

I am still waiting for his call,.


lovely service

Extremely fast, helpful and easy to use

Quick efficient service

Excellent and convenient interactive service . I wouldn't have have asked for a better response .
Thank you very much

its easy and effective to use

Vir seker gave me an awesome quote. They called me the same day. I would recommend them to anyone else.

Insurance - Satisfaction


Comparison of insurance done well and explained but there is just information lacking about the insurance companies.

I find the system very helpful and excellent


I got a call as soon as I submitted my information online, great service!

I am using hippo for the second time. I was able to get good car insurance rates and Tracking service through Hippo! Just a few seconds .... and I had insurance. I love it!

The service is excellent, quicker & very helpful. Thanx

Hippo service excellent and a call from Budget was received and their policy explained, however, a request was made for the quote to be sent via email, this has not happened, we wonder how we should get back to Budget ?

Thank you. The service was super fast and I saved over R1200.00 on 2 vehicles.

The service was quick and easy to use

First for women called the deal is closed. ??????

Outstanding. First time I have used it and worked really well.


Thank you for excellent service, and bigs up to informative consultants

Easy to use... To get estimates