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Understanding Data Costs
The rise of the Smartphone has completely revolutionised the way we use our cellphones. While there’s no denying that the added features are very conven ...
The Road to Independence
Buying your first car is a major milestone on the road to becoming fully independent. But with independence comes responsibility and one of your first r ...
What the new national budget means for you and your finances
On 22 February, the South African Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, delivered his annual budget address in Parliament. While the budget, which sees g ...
11 home maintenance must-do’s</br></br>
You’ve taken the leap and become a homeowner and now there other things you need to think about in order to keep your property in tip top shape. <p ...
Cat Behaviors by Age
Cat behaviors usually develop and are practiced by kittens by the time they are six month old. Understanding normal behavior will help owners decide if ...
Dogs Grooming Tips for Beginners
Dogs grooming is important both for the health and for the looks of your pet. A good hygiene is of great importance, and the dog cannot ...
Common Older Dog Ailments
Most canines that live long enough will experience some of the common older dog ailments associated with the aging process. Proper veterinary care and d ...
Cat Obedience Tips
Cat obedience training should be started from the first weeks your pet starts living with you. Even though cats are considered very independent animals, ...
A Guide to Weaning Puppies
Weaning puppies refers to the process of puppies learning to depend on solid food rather than mother's milk for primary nourishment. Th ...
Managing debt for dummies
Every family in South Africa deal with a bad debt situation and some families are torn apart, as there are no help paying the monthly b ...
Home Loans Basics
If you are new to the world of bonds and home loans, it can be a bit daunting if you have never been through the process of applying fo ...
Why Home Loans Are a Good Debt
When it comes to debt there are really only two types - 'good debt' and 'bad debt'. What is meant by bad debt is debts that are considered relatively sh ...
Defining a Mortgage Bond
'What is a mortgage bond' is a commonly asked question amongst many prospective home buyers and even existing home owners and one which ...
10 Home Selling Flaws to Avoid
Gone are the 'property boom' days in South Africa when property buyers would clamber over themselves to snap up a home without taking ample time and eff ...
How to plan for your child's future
As human beings, I guess there are hardly any stronger aspirations than providing the best of everything for your child/children. <p ...
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