Special Home Insurance

Generally, Buildings Insurance covers basic damage to your household structure from leaking or bursting geysers and pipes to theft or fire. There are, however, things that Buildings Insurance may not cover. These include Flood Insurance, Thatched Home Insurance and Unoccupied Home Insurance.

Flood Insurance

Flooding can happen quite unexpectedly, especially if you live in an area prone to flash floods. If your current policy doesn’t extend cover to damage from flooding you should consider discussing this with your insurance provider. Flooding is considered a natural disaster and so any item damaged by flooding can be claimed for.

Thatched Home Insurance

Not all companies provide cover for thatched homes, but some providers do offer this type of cover at an extra charge, as having a thatch roof is considered a higher risk. Although a thatch roof is an eco-friendly form of roofing due to it being a natural product, it can catch fire very easily and the fire can spread very quickly. It can also be expensive to repair as the tools and expertise needed to do the job are few and far between.

Unoccupied Home Insurance

If you find yourself in a situation where your home will be unoccupied for a certain amount of time, you should make your current insurance provider aware of this, as well as check how many days you will be covered for while not occupying your home. If your policy, for example, only allows 60 days of cover while you are not occupying your home, you might have to cover the costs of any damage that occurs after this time yourself.

If you know that you might need cover for some or all of these situations, ensure that you do your research into these possibilities when looking for Buildings Insurance quotes on Hippo.co.za. Do your research upfront, so that you don’t run into any hassles after you sign a policy. It is also advisable to talk to your current insurance provider about what additional options are available on your existing Buildings Insurance policy, or seek advice from a qualified financial advisor.