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Compare these life insurance brands side by side

  • Auto & General Insurance
  • 1Life Insurance
  • Budget Insurance
  • 1st For Women Insurance
  • Simply Life
  • dail-direct insurance
  • Instant life
  • Alexander Forbes
  • Stangen Life Insurance
  • Different Life
  • Iwyze Insurance
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More About Life Insurance

Statistics show that more than 30% of South Africans do not have a life insurance policy. Have you considered how your loved ones would maintain or indeed improve their lifestyle should the worst happen and you are not there to help pay for their education, living expenses and much more? 

Hippo will help you find the right life insurance to suit your needs. See a range of life insurance companies in South Africa on our online results page. 

Did you know? Hippo also compares other related products such as Funeral Insurance, Medical Aid and a whole lot more.

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Life Insurance FAQ

Find out more about Life insurance by reading some frequently asked questions and our experts answers to them.

+ life insurance FAQ

Life Insurance Glossary

What does Life Insurance mean and other common term used within the Life insurance Industry explained. Read more.

+ life insurance glossary
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