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We’ll give you a wide range of options to compare and choose from, all from South Africa’s leading insurance companies. Whether you’re looking for new insurance cover, or just want to see if you’re still getting the best cover for your unique requirements…
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Compare with hippo and get cheap funeral cover

Funeral Cover

Among other benefits, Funeral Cover ensures that a lump sum is paid out upon the death of an insured person.

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Motor Warranty

Motor Warranty

A Motor Warranty provides cover for the mechanical and electrical components of your car in the event of a failure.

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Cellphone Insurance Quotes

Cellphone Insurance

Find the right Cellphone Cover to suit your needs.

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Car Rental

Car Rental

Find the right Car Rental quotes to suit your needs.

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Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Find the right Car Tracking quotes to suit your needs.

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We work with leading companies globally and in South Africa.

Hippo saves you time and could save you money too. We provide you with a range of quotes to compare from a range of companies.

Compare quotes and save money

Money Saving

Compare quotes side-by-side and see where you can save.

Compare quotes, it’s quick and easy

Quick & Easy

A hassle-free view of prices and benefits in just a few steps.

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There are no hidden fees and we look after your personal information.

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Quotes are ranked by price alone and the choice is yours.

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