South Africa is the unhealthiest country in the world

Bloomsbury Economics recently released their 2019 Indigo Wellness Index which ranks 191 countries according to various measures to find out which are the healthiest and unhealthiest. The results are disappointing for South Africa to say the least; we were ranked the unhealthiest country in the world.

The 8 most dangerous roads in the world

Looking for the drive of your life? How about the most spectacular view you could ever behold? If you're in the mood to test your driving ability and like to live life on the edge, there are roads in this world that will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Lending Money in South Africa

There are many reasons why someone may need a loan – to start a small business, to make improvements to their home, to pay for education, or even just to cover water and electricity for the month.

VIDEO: Future VR Travel Booking Experience

Virtual reality (VR) has been around for some time now and is yet to make the massive impact on business and procedures many expected it to do. However, one company is looking to fully make use of this amazing technology and give customers a real-world experience like no other

Motor Plan, Service Plan, and Warranty: What's the Difference?

According to NAAMSA, South Africans have been buying an average of 40,252 new cars each month since 1994! Of course, some months were better than others; the highest total vehicle sales figure for a month was 65,689 in August 2006, and the lowest was 18,482 in April 1994, according to Naamsa Sales Reports.

Easy Car Checks Anyone Can and Should Do

Unroadworthy cars and vehicles running below expected performance standard on may be a big problem. Regular roadworthy tests are not a legal requirement, so it is possible that many cars do not fully comply with South African roadworthy regulations or may possibly run lower in terms of capability.

Top Car Tech Trends for 2019

From the time the first automobiles were mass-produced, manufacturers have raced to improve on their vehicles and trump their rival automakers. The first petrol-powered combustion engine car, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, was produced in 1885 and pioneered the automotive world with its three wheels and open top.

Busting 5 common misconceptions about South Africa’s road rules

Even though many of us spend a great deal of time in our cars, there are a lot of misconceptions about the rules of our roads. takes a look at five of these to help clear up some of the confusion.

10 Futuristic things you can do with your phone

Apps have turned our cellphones into pocket PCs, able to perform just about any task, some you might never have even thought of before. Here are’s 10 favourite things you didn’t know you could do with your smartphone.

South Africa’s National Health Insurance Simplified

You’ve probably heard many National Health Insurance (NHI) debates recently and seen headlines about the Bill; relevant to all South Africans. However, confusion remains concerning its role out, economic effects and its consequences and benefits for all South Africans as well as the role private medical aids will play in this scenario.

The AARTO Demerit System: how it works

South Africa has seen a rise in road accidents resulting in injury or death over the past decade as showcased by the vehicle accident reports of South Africa presented by StatsSA and Automobile Association. According to research presented by the Automobile Association (AA), South Africa is facing a major crisis with road safety, as the national road death toll has been hovering well over 11,000 deaths per year since 2007.

The History of Japanese Funeral Traditions

Funeral practices can reveal a lot about a culture. Japanese funerals, in particular, are interesting due to their varied and fascinating history. From the humble unmarked graves of everyday people to massive stone tombs that even the most comprehensive funeral insurance wouldn’t cover.

Renting versus owning in the current market

Renting versus owning a home is a debate with no single, right answer. If you’re wondering which is best for you, read on to find out how current and future market conditions, your job location, your individual preferences, and even modern technology all affect which option you should choose.

The Growth of Formal Houses in Rural Areas

Stats SA’s latest report shows that, in 2017, 53.5% of our population fully owned their own homes. If you’re reading that and wondering how so many people have managed to pay off their bonds, you’re thinking along the wrong lines.

Preview: ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

Come 30 May 2019, cricket fans around the world will be glued to their televisions as the highly anticipated 12th ICC Cricket World Cup starts. The first match is between South Africa and host country England, setting the scene for an exciting competition.

A Guide to Travelling with Your Pets over Holidays

Their playful faces, adorable kisses, and joyful personalities make us treat our pets as family members. For many pet owners, going on holiday without their furry friends is unthinkable. If you plan to travel with pets, here’s a basic guide to making it as safe and enjoyable as possible for them and yourself.

South Africa’s Dependency on Social Grants – 3 Years Later

A few years ago, wrote an article about South Africans’ growing dependence on social grants. At the time, the stats provided clues about South Africa’s economic state and the effects of unemployment on our society. Now, nearly three years later, takes another look at how much has changed with the country’s social grants.

Everything You Need to Know About Drones

Modern drones have been widely available for just over a decade, and in that short time, humans have found countless uses for them, some that already seem as if they’re straight out of a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster. looks back on the history of drones and forward to their potential for great (and not-so-great) applications.

Are You Over-indebted? This Is What to Do About It

The South African Reserve Bank says our country’s consumer debt amounts to nearly R1.73 trillion, and the National Credit Regulator says that 40% of indebted people are behind on repayments of some kind. While some debt is perhaps a normal part of life, being over-indebted is something that should be avoided.

A Critical Look at Tax-Free Savings Accounts

As with all financial services, there are laws around TFSAs that strictly govern how and where you can save your money. takes a look at the ins and outs of these kinds of savings accounts to see if they really are as great as they seem.

Most Expensive Car: Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Bugatti, the French manufacturer of some of the world’s fastest cars, has just unveiled a one-off masterpiece at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. La Voiture Noire was built to be the most exclusive car in the world and the price is estimated to be over R250 million!

The Future of Self-driving Cars

Autonomous technology is changing the way we engage with our surroundings in every aspect, such as how we drive, work, make coffee, and even how we receive news. Advanced technology is changing the foundation of these industries daily, and the widespread automation of the car industry is looming.

South Africa’s Best Blue Flag Beaches

It’s pretty impressive that South Africa has 46 Blue Flag beaches, right? Here are three we think you should definitely check out, but you won’t go wrong if you visit any of the other 43 world-class beaches these holidays.

Nissan Invests R3 Billion in Pretoria Plant

Nissan Motor Company announced their intention to increase production at their Rosslyn plant in Pretoria, South Africa on Wednesday 10 April. The plan follows their recent halt on producing new models at their Sunderland production plant in United Kingdom due to ongoing negotiations and uncertainties surrounding Brexit.

Upington: Fernando Alonso Tests for Toyota Dakar

Two-time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso spent two days in Upington South Africa recently, testing the high-demands of the Toyota Hilux Dakar.

Celebrating Our Upcoming Religious Holidays

Did you know that South Africa is eighth on the list of most public holidays worldwide? Along with Kenya, Russia, and Finland, we have 12. Many of these occur between March and April, making it an excellent time to take a break from work, relax and perhaps travel.

The Sharing Economy in Your Home

A relatively new and popular way to save or make extra money is through the sharing economy. This usually involves consumer-to-consumer businesses, like renting a room in your home to travellers, or exchanging your property with a stranger’s for a holiday.

Budget Speech 2019: the Highlights

South Africa’s Finance Minister, Tito Mboweni, gave his first budget speech on 20 February 2019 and has received praise and criticism in equal parts for it.

The Trick to Reducing Your Car and Home Expenses

If you’re like many South Africans, between your car and your bond, you probably spend a large portion of your salary on what you drive and where you live. Unless you keep a close eye on your budget, you may not realise just how much that portion is.

5 Times in Your Life When You Need Life Insurance

No South African is immune to all of the above, which is why having life insurance is so important, particularly if you have people who depend on you.

Time to Celebrate Hippo Day doesn’t think it’s coincidental that Hippo Day occurs on 15 February, the day after Valentine’s Day. Powerful and delightfully ungainly, hippos are one of Africa’s most beloved and majestic creatures.

Five Cars to Watch out for in 2019

There are several new cars coming to South African shores in 2019. Some are upgraded versions of old models and some are entirely new. If you’ve been thinking of getting some new wheels, one of these models may be just what you’re looking for.

Ancient Remedies for Modern Illnesses

Some believe herbal remedies are a safe and natural cure-all; others say there’s no point to them because modern science has given people medicine that is far more advanced. Sorting the facts from the fiction may help you make up your own mind about alternative medicines and how you choose to use it or not.

Ready to Quit Your Job? Consider These Factors

Have you ever pictured yourself marching over to your boss’s office and quitting in a dramatic flourish to focus full-time on your side hustle? As tempting as that may be, it’s important to plan for the day you hand in your last-ever resignation letter. Here are four things you need to consider before quitting your job and starting your own business.

Taking the Tax out of Medical Expenses

Tax is confusing. Medical aids are confusing. Put them together and it can feel impossible to figure out. Is claiming medical expenses back from tax really worth it? We explain how it works to help you make up your mind about whether or not you want to.

What You Need to Know About Stokvels

Taking out a personal loan was not always a readily available option for many South Africans. Instead, people used the benefits of combining their resources; when they needed money for a rainy day, they turned to stokvels.

A Look at South Africa’s Average Life Expectancy

Your own elders may even have some unusual advice about living a long and healthy life. While there might be some substance to those old traditions, calculating the life expectancy of a population is a little more complicated.

Government Approves New Road Regulations Ahead of the Festive Season

It’s the festive season and scores of South Africans are getting ready to travel across the country. Government has acted, making road safety a priority. According to The South African Government News Agency, ‘The National Assembly and National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on Tuesday 27 November 2018 passed several Bills at their plenary sittings as Parliament begins to wind down for 2018.

Cheat Codes for Getting the Best Car Insurance

Despite high accident rates on South African roads, relatively few drivers have car insurance. According to the Automobile Association (AA), there are currently around 11.4 million registered vehicles on South African roads with only 30% to 35% covered by insurance. The report also states that roughly 800 000 vehicles are either unregistered or aren’t roadworthy.

New Code of Conduct to Affect Car Insurance

In an attempt to widen the automotive playing field in South Africa, a Code of Conduct has been created by the Competition Commission. At the start of August, the Commission asked for final comments on the proposed Code of Conduct in the Automotive Industry. How will this change impact motorists and Car Insurance providers, and what exactly will be changing?

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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