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Finding different quotes for your Car, Home and Buildings Insurance can be quite time consuming. At we remove the hassle by providing multiple quotes for your Car, Home and Buildings all-in-one from a range of SA’s leading providers. Simply complete the form below and start comparing.

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First select the YEAR of manufacture, then the MAKE; select your make e.g. Toyota. then select your specific car eg Tazz 1.3.

Can't find your Vehicle's year model, maybe it's too new to the South African market to be on our list yet. Don't worry, a consultant can assist you telephonically, phone 08600 HIPPO.

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This means the number of years you had uninterrupted comprehensive insurance cover for and not claimed.

Uninterrupted, meaning that you have not had a break in your insurance cover for more than 39 days.

Please ensure that this info is accurate as it will effect your premium.

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Comprehensive - Cover for accident damage and theft of your Vehicle. Also includes damage caused to other parties and their property.


Third party, fire and theft - Cover only for certain specified damage and theft of your Vehicle. Also includes damage caused to other parties and their property.


Third party only - Cover only for damage caused to other parties and their property.

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