What is Business Fibre or FTTB?

It would be hard to find a home fibre package that could meet all the needs of a business, whether it’s a growing small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME) or an established company. This is where business fibre steps in to give you improved internet connection and speed as well as a variety of other perks and features.

Why You Should Have Business Fibre to the Premises

One of the biggest benefits of business fibre is that a certain calibre of service is guaranteed in the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also recognise that each business is unique and, as a result, the variety of business fibre packages in South Africa will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right fit.

Other perks to business fibre include: increased number of users, consistent service for 12–24 hours a day without downtime, matching upload and download speeds, and static IP addresses.

Fibre for your Business
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Benefits Of Comparing Business Fibre On Hippo

Compare fibre packages side by side.

Complete your order online. No paperwork needed.

Book an installation with your chosen fibre provider.

The Benefits of Hippo’s Business Fibre Checker

Looking for comprehensive but cheap fibre packages for your business? Hippo it! There are many factors to consider when buying business fibre. Firstly, you have to find out who has laid fibre in your area, then determine which ISPs are offering business fibre packages on that fibre network, then decide which package suits your company’s connectivity needs. Luckily, Hippo’s innovative comparison platform does all this for you in a few easy steps.

Business Fibre Comparison Tool

Compare Business Fibre

Hippo has taken the coverage maps of all the major Business Fibre Network Operators in South Africa and combined them into one convenient map.

This shows you if there is business fibre currently available in your area, as well as if your area has fibre planned for roll-out in the near future.

Business Fibre Comparison Tool

What do I do if there is no business fibre coverage and no planned fibre in my area?

Although fibre is rolling out really quickly, there are some areas which may not have business fibre coverage yet.

In this instance, there are other high-speed internet options which cater to businesses and can be an effective solution while you wait. These alternatives can include Business Internet LTE as well as other business-centred internet wireless services.

What business fibre packages can I compare on Hippo?

Hippo’s comparison tool lists the best packages in South Africa from the biggest ISPs like Telkom Business Fibre, Vodacom Business Fibre, Vox Business Fibre as well as RSAWEB, Supersonic, and Real Broadband Solutions, to name a few.