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Running your own business can be quite a risky affair. There are many risks that could determine your success, like damages, loss and theft to your stock and offices, as well as the constant threat of litigation. Your bottom line doesn’t have to be vulnerable to these threats - that’s why you need business insurance! Take the first step and fill in your details to instantly compare multiple competitive quotes that are right for you, whether you’re a florist, dentist, or accountant!

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  • Excellent

  • One problem that I had was, after I had looked further at just two of the quotes and then clicked on First, it appeared as if the page was locked and I couldn't check on any other companies. Is that usual?<br/>

  • Thanx they phoned me in 10min!! Super!

  • Impressive

  • Thank you for a speedy response

  • I am very please with the efficiency and user friendly service

  • Excellent service, quite and easy. I appreciate not having to sift through many unhelpful agents just looking for commission.

  • Fast, efficient and reliable. The way to go if you looking for the best deal in insurance.

  • Watched the Hippo advert - 1000 times - when I was looking for Outsurance was Hippo and thought let me try it - piece of cake

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Business Insurance FAQ

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Business Insurance Glossary

Being the CEO is tough but understanding business insurance terms and acronyms, well that’s a Hippo-math task! Have a look at our glossary to ease the stress and make sense of it all.

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