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Being underinsured or having no insurance cover is a risky business. Let Hippo connect you with the best business legal insurance in a few easy steps. We only work with the best in the business, and so should you.

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Whether you’re a florist, dentist, or an accountant, there are certain risks that most businesses face like fire, theft, natural disaster or employee injury. Business Insurance provides cover against these unforeseen events that could lead to substantial financial loss.

You can’t predict what might happen to your business in the future. There are many factors that could threaten its productivity, such as unexpected fire damage to your property, theft, a natural disaster, or the injury of a key employee.

Without cover you might be exposing your company to risk; a single blunder could drain your hard-earned resources and force you to cease operation.

Check Get covered for natural disasters, theft or employee injury.
Check Protect your business against unforeseen events.
Check Have a financial safety net against lawsuits.
Business Insurance Quotes
Small Businesses Insurance Needs

Insurance for Small Businesses in South Africa

If you run a small business, like a construction company, funeral parlour, driving school, guest house or courier delivery service in South Africa, there’s business insurance cover you need to protect your business from financial damages.

Guide to Insurance for Small Businesses

Do you need business legal insurance?
As with any insurance, you don’t need it until you do… and then you need it badly. Business legal cover protects your business against potential legal costs and expenses for a wide range of legal disputes. It’s there to make sure you have access to the best legal advice or counsel when you need it.

What kind of business would need it?
Business legal cover in South Africa is especially important, because any business – small, medium or large – is at risk of sudden, unexpected legal action. Some small-business legal services are relatively affordable (say, for a quick consultation on the phone), but other legal fees can quickly add up (especially if the matter goes to court).

The benefits of comparing business legal insurance on Hippo
Insurance companies need to be clear about their costs upfront, so when you compare policies side-by-side you know you’re getting the full picture – and the best deal. Just fill in the amount you need your business to be covered for, and we’ll start the quote process for you.

A quick guide to business legal insurance
Business budgets are tight (especially for small businesses), and no one can afford the nasty surprise of a heavy legal bill. But as a business owner, you need to make sure you can pay for legal advice and representation if you need it – any day and any time.

What does business legal insurance cover?
That depends on the type of commercial legal insurance cover you take out. This insurance will cover your legal fees regarding contractual disputes with customers or suppliers, defence of criminal prosecutions and appeals, third-party claims relating to physical damage to property and/or goods, disputes around lease agreements, proceedings ordered by a regulatory authority, and so on.

What kind of lawyer will I get?
Legal protection policies usually give you access to a lawyer, based on a tariff schedule. When you compare quotes, remember to check that your preferred policy doesn’t limit you to any specific subset of lawyers.

Will I get labour cover?
That’s one option, which covers your legal expenses when your business is defending labour-related proceedings arising from a dispute with an employee.

Could I get cover for civil matters?
Yes, and here your insurance cover will typically include two important areas. The first is when your business institutes legal proceedings in civil matters based on a written and signed contract, entered into between yourself and a third party, where the amount claimed by you is more than R15 000. The second is when your business needs to defend itself against civil proceedings in contractual as well as non-contractual (in other words, delictual or wrongful conduct) disputes, where the cause for the dispute originated after the waiting period expired.

Are there any additional policy benefits?
Depending on the policy you choose, you could also be entitled to legal advice, legal negotiation, and contract access.

Do I really need business legal cover?
Some business owners might mistakenly believe that they can wing it themselves when it comes to matters of law. Don’t make that mistake. Legal proceedings are very technical. That’s why lawyers exist, and that’s why it pays to have the insurance cover to pay for them.

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