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Being underinsured or having no insurance cover is a risky business. Let Hippo connect you with business car and commercial property insurance providers for your needs and budget. We only work with the best in the business, and so should you.

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Whether you’re a florist, dentist, or an accountant, there are certain risks that most businesses face like fire, theft, natural disaster or employee injury. Business Insurance provides cover against these unforeseen events that could lead to substantial financial loss.

You can’t predict what might happen to your business in the future. There are many factors that could threaten its productivity, such as unexpected fire damage to your property, theft, a natural disaster, or the injury of a key employee.

Without cover you might be exposing your company to risk; a single blunder could drain your hard-earned resources and force you to cease operation.

Check Get covered for natural disasters, theft or employee injury.
Check Protect your business against unforeseen events.
Check Have a financial safety net against lawsuits.
Business Insurance Quotes
Small Businesses Insurance Needs

Insurance for Small Businesses in South Africa

If you run a small business, like a construction company, funeral parlour, driving school, guest house or courier delivery service in South Africa, there’s business insurance cover you need to protect your business from financial damages.

Guide to Insurance for Small Businesses

What is business car and commercial property insurance?
This insurance cover protects your business assets from theft, fire damage or natural disaster. Depending on the policy you take out, it can also provide insurance cover in the form of financial compensation if your business activity is affected by the event in question.

Does my business need it?
Like all insurance policies, you don’t need it until you need it. What makes business car insurance and commercial property insurance especially important for small or medium-sized businesses is that it can cover both the property (as in, the brick-and-mortar building) as well as the machinery and equipment your business needs to keep running, and which would be very expensive to replace or repair.

Company car insurance and commercial property insurance are vital for both large and small businesses – and anything in between. For example, if you’re running a small business and your laptop crashes, you could be out of action for a few crucial days. Similarly, if just one of your delivery vehicles breaks down, it could seriously harm your budding SME.

The benefits of comparing options for the best business car and commercial property insurance on Hippo
Business insurance shouldn’t be a grudge purchase. Many businesses need to keep running to survive. By taking out an insurance policy, you’ll ensure your business doesn’t face disruptions due to property, vehicle or equipment damage. And by comparing quotes on Hippo, you’ll ensure you get the best cover at the best premiums.

Business car insurance versus commercial property insurance
Whether you’re running a big business or a small-scale start-up, your vehicle, machinery or structure could be very expensive to repair or replace – and that’s before you count the cost of lost revenue due to the disruptions. This insurance gives you peace of mind that you’re covered.

What does business property insurance cover?
Commercial property insurance can have a much broader definition than the name suggests. Depending on the policy, it could cover anything that belongs to your business – including its machinery, computer equipment, and even the office furniture.

What does business car insurance cover?
Car insurance for business vehicles specifically covers your business’s vehicles or fleet, and is available as a stand-alone policy should you choose this option.

Which policy should I choose?
There are hundreds of policies available, catering to any kind of business. Tailored offerings include motor-only policies; tradesman cover; courier services (covering motor, tools and all risks); and many more. Other policy sections might include cover for fire damage, business interruption, office contents, theft, money stored on the business premises, electronic equipment, and more.

Do I need extra cover if I’m subletting my property?
Yes. If you have tenants in your building, be sure to include them in your business insurance, as they might well have a claim against you if their property is damaged due to a fire, for example.

What else do I need to know?
A key thing to consider when you’re choosing your business property insurance is the extent of the cover. Many South African businesses are underinsured – and that’s not a situation you want to find yourself in. Remember to insure your business property for its true replacement value, which might be quite different to what it originally cost. Some policies include an escalation clause, which will allow for inflation and for the continuously changing value of your business’s property.

Remember, also, to include any additional fixtures and fittings in your building. Insuring the brick-and-mortar structure is one thing, but what about elevators and air-cons?

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