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Comparing insurance quotes with is faster than going through a fast-food drive-thru. It takes just 2 minutes to get up to 11 insurance quotes, and you get to compare a range of monthly premiums side by side to see which one looks best to you.

We're the best, fastest way to find affordable insurance quotes. So, if you're looking to lower the insurance costs on your monthly budget, we're it. No, we don’t sell you insurance. We just pop up to 11 quotes onto one page for you, conveniently.

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  • We have a range of insurance products to compare.
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  • We don't sell your details to third parties, ever.
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • You get unbiased results.
  • You can save your salary!
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We are always trying to add more brands for our customers. If you don’t see a brand, that’s their decision.

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Interested in finding lower insurance premiums? You can compare a range of insurance types with Hippo. Let's check them out.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

When life starts throwing everything it has to throw at you, that's when you need comprehensive insurance. It's the kind of cover you want when you're down and out, because it will cover you for almost anything that happens to your car. Theft? Check! Accidental damage to your or another vehicle? Check! A hurricane (random, but) check! Then there's third-party, fire, and theft. It's not the most comprehensive but it'll still give you a lot. Then you get your third-party only insurance. This one's for those times when you cause an accident and you've got to cover the cost of repairing someone else's property. It's basic and usually the most affordable car insurance.

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Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance

Building insurance covers the structure of your home itself—the house and out-houses, essentially. If your house is damaged structurally, building insurance will pay out to repair or replace the damaged parts for insured events. That means if your insurance includes cover for a burst geyser, they’ll pay out. But if it excludes flood damage, that time the river flooded your living room isn’t going to count. It also won’t pay out for the couches that got damaged – that's what home contents cover is for.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance

In South Africa, there are many different types of life cover you can take out. So why not compare them against each other with Hippo? See which ones are the best. And did you know that you can take out life insurance on your loved ones? If your parents are financially unable to take out life cover for themselves, you can do it on their behalf. The same goes for your children, if they're minors. You can even take out a joint life insurance policy with your partner, with the same amount of cover and the same Ts and Cs. When one of you passes away, the other will be paid out the amount specified in the policy. 

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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

So let's break it down for you. Home insurance is also known as household insurance, AKA home contents insurance. It covers the hard-earned stuff you keep in your house—the stuff that makes it a home. It's your TV, your Alexa, your internet router, your computer or Mac. It's also your clothes and the ugly but expensive wedding present someone gave you that you have to display every time they come around. Imagine if that got stolen—all the explaining you'd have to do. No, it's better to get cover. That's why we give you a range of quotes from different insurance providers.

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Is That All the Insurance We Compare?

Of course not. We compare way more insurance products than just car, home, business, lifestyle, and life insurance.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Owning a business is a risky business, no matter how successful you are. You could be driving along to a client meeting and suddenly a tyre on your car bursts, causing you to crash. But isn't that for your car insurance company to sort out, you ask? Nope, not if it happens in the vehicle your business owns. This type of insurance covers a whole range of assets, like your business car, and scenarios, like business interruption. In between that there's cover for your equipment, stock, third-party liability, and more. Plus, you can get public liability for professionals who make a mistake in the course of doing their business (think of an accountant who gives bad tax advice and gets sued for it). Let connect you with top insurance providers. We only work with the best in the business, and so should you.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance

With great fun comes great responsibility. It takes just 2 minutes to get a motorcycle insurance quote. We want you to be safe out there on the open road and in traffic, so we've made it as easy as possible to compare different motorcycle insurance options.

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Combo Insurance

Combo Insurance for Car, Home, and Building Insurance

Save the most time by getting quotes to compare car, home, and building cover all in one go. With Hippo, you can compare in 2 minutes, and you pay no more than you would if you went direct. That's what we call a good deal. And when you combine these three cover types, you’re getting epic savings, since a combined policy is cheaper than getting three separate policies.

Get Combo Insurance—Car, Home, and Building Insurance
Business Legal Cover

Business Legal Cover

Think of all the time you'd spend worrying if someone sued you compared to the few minutes it takes to get business legal insurance quotes. If a person or business takes legal action against you, you’ll be able to afford the attorney fees much more easily if you have business legal cover.

Get Business Legal Cover
Health Insurance

Health Insurance

South Africans can take out health insurance plans or medical aid (you’ve got options). But they aren’t the same thing—health insurance pays out the insured amount if an insured event occurs, usually for day-to-day medical needs. You can use the payout for the medical bills or something else. It's like a little extra financial help when something goes wrong medically with you. Medical aid covers in-hospital costs, PMBs, and sometimes day-to-day cover too.

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Summing It Up 

Here's a helpful table to see exactly what insurance you can compare on 

Read more on how insurers calculate premiums


It's as easy as 1 and 2, because it just takes 2 minutes to get a quote. We'll ask you a few questions about yourself and the thing(s) you want to insure. Our comparison algorithm will then work hard behind the scenes to get you as many quotes as possible and, hey, presto! You're presented with multiple quotes to compare side by side.

Although it’s tempting to save more on your car insurance so that you have more to spend on things you love, remember that you’ll get what you pay for. The cheapest car insurance might leave you wanting more if you happen to get into an accident. If you want complete peace of mind, comprehensive car insurance cover will do it for you.

Compare Car Insurance

There'll be a button on every quote you're presented with that you can tap or click. Pick the one you like best and hit that button. Your contact details will be sent to the insurer and they'll call you. You don't need to phone them or do anything else. Just sit back and wait for that call. 

That depends on the insurer. Some might take up to 48 hours, while others might call you within two minutes. It's up to our partners to decide how to do it.

This depends on how the insurance company works and the number of questions they ask, but as an average, you can expect to spend about 15 minutes on the phone with them. They'll go into more detail than we did about your past driving behaviour, your car (like the VIN number), your lifestyle, and more.

The only thing it will cost you is a few bytes of internet data to compare with There are no hidden fees or loaded insurance premiums . That means it won't cost you any less to go directly to the insurer, because we add no amount from our side.

Not in any way. The insurance quotes you see are just that—an estimate of what you might pay, but not an obligation to get cover. Even if you request that an insurance company get in touch with you and you have a lekker 15-minute convo, you still don't have to say 'yes'. You're shopping around, and we get that. So do our partners.

Because we make sure not to waste your time and rather complete your quote comparison in 2 minutes, we don't have the opportunity to ask your entire history, like your childhood dog's name (that's not really a thing). That means there might be a difference between the quick quote we give you compared to the comprehensive quote you get from one of our insurance partners. But that's not to say we aren't accurate—the quotes from us and the insurer should be similar if not 100% the same.

No. We would never do such a thing. It's not only against the law to do that without your permission, but it's unfair to you. No one wants dozens of cold calls from companies they've never even heard of. We only share your details with an insurance company if you choose one, so they can get in touch with you and offer you a comprehensive quote.

Look, in the past, we may have been a little eager to get you a good deal, but we don't work that way anymore. You won't get spammed by us dozens of times a day, if you're worried about it.

That's a resounding YES! It would probably be quicker to list what we don't offer comparisons for, but here's a quick overview of what we do:

Insurance: Car insurance, car, home & buildings insurance, motorcycle insurance, home insurance, building insurance, travel insurance, legal assist, pet insurance, life insurance, funeral insurance.

Medical: Medical aid, medical gap, medical insurance.

Money: Personal loans, home loans, and debt counselling.

Cars: Motor warranty, service plans, scratch & dent, tyre & rim, vehicle tracking, and car rental.

Home: Internet and solar.

Business: Business insurance, business services, point of sale, business loans, business fibre, and medical aid.

Because there are so many factors that affect the services we compare for you, there isn't an average cost for any of them. For example, car insurance takes into account your age, gender, where you live and work, the car you drive, how long you've had a licence for, how long you've been insured for, the last time you made a claim, and more. These are all details unique to you. And that's for just one product!

Yip! (Get the pun?) Whether you've got a dog, cat, hamster, goldfish, tortoise, or guinea fowl, you can compare pet insurance quotes for them with us. Typically, our partners won't cover any exotic pets (sorry, we've dashed your dreams of having a pet tiger).

Yes, most of them do, particularly with comprehensive car insurance. If you're going for third-party, fire, and theft, or third-party only, there's a chance that you won't get roadside assist, but most of our partners do offer it across all car insurance tiers.

No, we are a comparison site designed to help you save your salary every month. We, ourselves, don't offer any type of insurance or any other product we compare for you. We’re just here to get you free quotes fast from a range of companies for the service you’re checking out. No strings attached.