Hippo Found the Ultimate Bok Legend to Kick High Insurance Prices

In our constant quest to get every Bok-loving, braai-starting, loadshedding-defying South African to get the insurance they deserve, we got legendary Springbok Frans Steyn to team up with Hippo for our new campaign.

New Suggested Margins for the 2023/2024 Medical Aid Increases Just Announced!

The South African Council for Medical Schemes has just announced their suggested increase percentage margin (5% + utilisation) for the 2023/2024 medical aid scheme premium increases coming up. Let's find out what that means for you and if there's anything you can do to ease the impact of coming changes on your pocket.

MonthEnd Anthem: A Hippo.co.za Drop

Our brand-new track featuring Toss, Loufi, and Chad Jones, produced by Peach van Pletzen, sheds light on this relatable struggle and sets the stage for our MonthEnd Anthem. In this article, we'll dive into the details of our MonthEnd Anthem and how it can transform your month-end blues.

Look Beyond the Hype When Choosing Affordable Medical Aid

Hold on tight because we're about to spill an industry secret: you don't have to bankrupt yourself and join the best-selling Medical Aid provider to get great health cover – you don't want to miss out on finding the best benefits at the lowest price to perfectly suit your needs.

How do Medical Aid Co-payments Work?

Worried about how to cover the shortfall on Medical Aid co-payments? Use these helpful hacks and focus on healing your body rather than your bank balance.

How to Compare Medical Aid Plans in 2023

Choosing the right Medical Aid plan can be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself and your family. Here's how to do it wisely.

How Much Can a Car Warranty Save You?

Paying a monthly fee for an extended car warranty feels expensive until you have to pay out a lump sum for a major repair.

The Benefits of Having a Car Service Plan

Ah, the joys of car ownership: the wind in your hair, the open road, the gentle purr of the engine... until, of course, it all goes horribly wrong. A blinking light, a rattling sound that just won't go away and – bham! You're left with a hefty bill for repairs. And that, friends, is why you should always take out a Service Plan.

When to Get Life Insurance

Death, taxes and loadshedding are the three inevitabilities of (South African) life – and having life insurance can help your loved ones deal with all three, if you start early enough.

Smart Money-Saving Tips so You Can Pay Less on Medical Aid, Insurance and Loans

Are price hikes putting a dent in your bank balance? Here are some smart money-saving tips to fight the effects of inflation and keep your budget in the black.

The most fuel-efficient cars in South Africa in 2023

From budget-friendly city runabouts to family-focused, school-run and pavement-hopping SUVs, there are many car brands that offer buyers value for money and lower-than-average fuel consumption. Let's take a look at the most fuel-efficient cars South Africa has to offer.

Does Medical Aid in SA Cover Psychologists’ Services

Are visits to a psychologist covered if you're on a Medical Aid? And which mental health services are available if you're not? Here's everything you need to know.

Laser Eye Surgery: Will your Medical Aid Cover it?

Yes, some Medical Aids in South Africa will cover a portion of the costs of refractive-correcting laser eye surgery in certain cases. So, who covers what and how can you make that work for you?

Does Medical Aid Cover Braces?

Many parents of teens or tweens know the true price of crooked teeth. But before you 'brace' yourself to break the bank, let's take a look at which orthodontic treatments your Medical Aid plan covers.

How to save hundreds of rands in just one day

They say what goes up must come down, but interest rates and inflation seem to be headed in one direction – up. If you, like millions of other South Africans, are battling to breach the gap as your wallet comes under strain, then an annual review of your costs is the way to go.

The ruling that puts YOU back in the driver’s seat

At last, the Right2Repair guidelines put you in the driver's seat when it comes to choosing who services your car, and how much you're willing to pay for it – because why should car manufacturers be making decisions for you?

Is your side hustle insured?

You take your side hustle seriously — so make sure you're insurance-legit!

Which cars are hijacked or stolen the most in South Africa?

Is your car on the shopping list of South Africa's brazen car thieves? Compare the list of the most commonly stolen cars with the bestselling cars and you'll notice that this country's thieves seem to favour the same vehicles as most of the honest population. Let's look at the most frequently stolen or hijacked vehicles in SA and how these numbers might affect you as an owner.

What It Costs to Insure SA’s Bestselling Cars

When planning for your next vehicle purchase, it’s important to consider how much money you’ll need to set aside each month for insurance. Let’s take a closer look at how much it might cost to insure the current top 10 best-selling vehicles in South Africa.

How to choose the best fibre deal in SA

Get connected, stay connected and pay less with the best fibre internet deals in SA!

Does insurance cover power grid collapse?

Let's make sense of what a total electrical grid collapse means for your insurance cover...

Beat the internet buffering blues with a speed test

Testing the speed of your internet connection is the first step to beating the buffering blues.

Understanding Fibre Internet: Everything You Need to Know

Fibre internet is one of the latest and most advanced technologies in the field of telecommunications. It has revolutionised the way people access the internet, offering faster and more reliable connections. But what exactly is fibre internet, how does it work, and how is it different from other internet technologies? In this comprehensive article, we will answer all your questions related to fibre internet.

How does your Car Insurer calculate your risk profile?

How do insurers determine your risk? And how much are you being charged for it? Find out what you can do to improve your risk profile, or at least lower your premiums.

What are the advantages of solar energy?

As ailing Eskom continues to drive South Africans to despair, solar energy is quickly becoming the go-to sustainable solution for our ever-increasing power problems.

2023 Banking Fees Guide

If you could save a couple hundred bucks a month just by paying closer attention to your bank fees, would you? It's something you don't often think about, but banks are like any other business that charges for its services. In fact, it's one of the main ways banks make money!

Tick these boxes in your 20s, 30s and 40s to enjoy a richer retirement

You're not going to want to hear this this but being smart with your finances when you're young (even though you don't want to act responsibly), really will mean that you don't have to panic when you're older (and have to act responsibly)!

What’s SASRIA? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

SASRIA is insurance, but it's a little different to your personal, household and Business Insurance. It should definitely be part of your insurance cover, though. Here's why...

How are You Paying for Your Dream Car? What's the Plan?

Cash isn’t the only option when it comes to buying a car. But, as with any big purchase, it’s important to weigh up your options first.

9 Price Tags That Show the Importance of the Right Funeral Cover

South African funerals aren’t cheap, so having the right amount of Funeral Cover is a very big deal. Don’t believe us? Just look at the numbers...

What Covid Did to Your Credit Score

You may have avoided contracting Covid — but did your credit score? Let’s take a closer look at what’s happening and what you can do about it.

Financial Resolutions That Will Change Your Bank Account

Make smart financial resolutions to help make 2023 your best year yet!

Don’t Let Those (Loan) Sharks Get You

If you’re sinking in a sea of debt, it can be tough to keep the loan sharks at bay. Here’s how to avoid bad choices when it comes to Personal Loans.

The Key to Healthcare Access in South Africa

South Africa has, in effect, two healthcare systems: public and private. Here’s why access to private offerings is so important – and how Medical Aid helps you get there.

The Truth About Who Owns Hippo and How it Works

Ready to take a bite out of your monthly insurance premiums? Hippo will help you SAVE on everything from Car Insurance to Travel, Medical Aid and more.

Go for the Gap

What on earth is Medical Aid Gap Cover? Think of it as the bridge on an unfinished highway: it's how you complete your hospital journey without doubling down on the pain.

Why is Preventative Care So Important?

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. But very few Medical Aid members know what their free preventative care benefits are — and even fewer claim them. Here's why you should.

The Cost of Staying Loyal to Your Insurer

Loyalty is great... but if you're doggedly sticking to the same insurer without checking if there are better options out there, your loyalty could be coming at a very high cost.

Network Vs Free Choice – Which One’s for You?

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to choosing network cover or the free choice option for medical schemes.

Balloon Payment Hacks

Vehicle financing with a balloon payment is an attractive option, but remember that you'll still have to pay the piper at the end of your term!

Are You Covered for Flood and Water Damage?

The recent, devastating KwaZulu-Natal floods killed hundreds of people and caused damage estimated in the billions of rands. What are the insurance lessons from this disaster?

Are You Over- or Under-Insured?

Are you over-insured, under-insured, or not so sure? Discover the dangers of having too much or too little cover and find out how to get the balance just right.

The Truth Behind Cash-Back Bonuses

To paraphrase the old Dire Straits song, there's no such thing as money for nothin'... particularly when it comes to insurance and no-claim bonuses.

The Basics of Motorcycle Insurance

With motorbikes being more fuel-efficient than cars, and scooters being the vehicle of choice for food delivery, we're seeing more and more bikes on the road these days. If you're considering joining the two-wheel brigade, here's what you need to know from an insurance point of view.

You Can Find Better with Hippo

Hippo shakes up the insurance industry by telling consumers: YOU CAN FIND BETTER!

When Did You Last Check Your Tyres?

The state of your tyres plays a major role in your car's roadworthiness and safety. When was the last time you checked them?

Compare, Save and Beat the Interest Rate Hike

South Africa just saw its biggest interest rate hike in 20 years. Feeling the pinch? Here's how you can save money, quickly and easily.

Pet Insurance for Creatures, Great and Small

Pet Insurance is vital for protecting your pup or caring for your cat because expecting the unexpected is a given for any pet owner. But how does it work?

Streaming Entertainment: Compare Your Options

Connected South Africans have access to a wide range of streaming services. Find out which one's best for you (quiz included!).

The Worst Money Advice (And Why You Should Ignore It)

With a wealth of bad financial advice out there, it pays to know how to separate the rocks from the diamonds. Four independent financial advisors discuss the worst money advice they've heard and share what you should do instead.

Want to Go Electric? Read this first!

Over the 12 months of 2012, about 130 000 electric cars were sold worldwide. In 2022, that many are sold in a single week, with 16 million electric vehicles currently on global roads. How does South Africa shape up?

Insuring your Classic Car in South Africa

South Africa's classic car industry is booming. Should you hop onto the trend? And if you do, how do you insure a classic?

How to Save on Fuel

Walk to work? Buy a bike? You'll need better ideas than those if your budget is going to survive the sky-rocketing fuel price. Here are some suggestions.

New Car, Used Car, Cover Your Current Car

It's hard to find a car (new or used) at a good price right now. So why not stick with your current vehicle and buy an extended Motor Warranty to prolong its lifespan?

Driver’s Licence Delays: What They Mean For You

South Africa has a serious driver's licence backlog. What could an expired licence mean for you and your insurance cover?

Don’t Leave Home Without These Travel Apps

Heading out on a road trip? Taking a well-deserved local holiday? Then you'll need these five must-have mobile apps for travellers.

SA’s Most Skelm Insurance Fraudsters

Life insurance fraud is on the rise, and the fraudulent claims are getting more and more brazen. Here are some of the most shocking scams − all of which were foiled.

What Exactly Is ‘Reckless’ Driving?

You know that driving recklessly could derail your Car Insurance claim... but do you know how the law (and your insurer) determine what qualifies as reckless driving?

Is Your Insurance Cover Ready for Climate Change?

As climate change brings more cases of extreme weather, will your home insurance cover weather the storm?

The Best Cars Made in South Africa

Is your car proudly made in South Africa? There's a wealth of car-building expertise in our Republic, with plants manufacturing marques like Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Mahindra and more.

2021/22 Banking Fees Guide

Your bank may offer streamlined services, but nothing is for nothing. You're undoubtedly paying bank charges or service fees on each transaction, but these differ from bank to bank so it pays to compare your options.

The New Parents’ Guide to Insurance

There's nothing like having a baby to shift your priorities or catapult your sense of responsibility to another dimension. Among the many major life changes you'll have to make, don't forget your Medical Aid and Life Insurance.

South Africa’s Best (Secret) Beaches

When summer hits, there's only one place to be: the beach! Here are seven hidden gems, where you'll skip the crowds and discover sun, sea, sand... and solitude.

Car Write-Offs: What You Need to Know

How, when, and why would your car be declared a write-off? The answer is more complicated than you'd think.

Best Contract Phones for Under R150 a Month

A cellphone for under R150 per month? Yes please! Take a look at these mobile phones, each available at a pocket-friendly price.

How to (Really) Compare Cellphones

What makes one smartphone better than another? Here are the specs to check when you're comparing two phones side-by-side.

How To Secure Your Computer

Cybercrime is spiking, and your home and work devices, which are often one and the same, need extra protection, especially when it comes to computer safety.

What is Force Majeure?

No, it's not a French superhero. It's what happens when the world goes mad and a company is unable to fulfill its contractual obligations. Find out the meaning of force majeure and how it applies to both insurers and the insured.

Travel 101: Covid Restrictions

Covid-19 travel restrictions are constantly changing. Here's where to find the latest rules around vaccine certificates, vaccine passports, quarantines and Travel Insurance.

7 Switched-on Smartwatch Hacks

Wearable tech's popularity is growing by the day... But do you really know what your smartwatch can do? Here are some of the lesser-known smartwatch features that'll help you hit your goals for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Your Car Crash Checklist

Regardless of whether it's a fender-bender or a write-off, you must cover all your bases when you have a car accident. Keep on top of things with this handy checklist.

Insurance: Use It or Lose It?

Are you wasting precious rands on insurance for items you no longer use or services you don't need? You probably are. Here's how to spring clean your insurance – no matter the season.

Vaping vs Smoking: How It Affects Your Life Insurance

Is vaping bad for you? Or is it different to smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes? And how does it affect your Life Insurance premium?

Recycle My Phone: Give New Life to an Old Phone

There's no law that says you absolutely, positively, have to get an upgrade cellphone when you renew your mobile contract. Why not save money by sprucing up your old phone instead?

The Easy Way to save R5 000 a Year

Comparing insurance quotes will save you a ton of money. Don't believe us? Here are 5 964 reasons to compare Car Insurance quotes today...

Is it Time to Book an Eye Test?

Between screens, screens and more screens, your eye care is probably not at its best and are quietly taking a beating. Here's how to practise proper eye care for your baby blues, greens or browns.

The Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Grab your popcorn, dust off your business plan and get inspired to start your small business – Hollywood style.

Your Pet Vaccination Checklist

"Vaccination" is undeniably a 2021 buzzword. But for once, we're not talking Covid-19; rather, our focus is on pet vaccinations. Here's a handy checklist to keep up to date with your furbabies' vaccinations and booster shots.

Apps to Boost Your Mood and Mental Health

Between the uncertainties of living in a pandemic and the constant demands of modern life, it's a wonder any of us are coping at all. Use these mental health apps to get a much-needed dose of calm and mindfulness.

Best Car in SA based on the Car of the Year Award

Over the course of the past decade, Porsche has claimed the South African Car of the Year (Coty) title four times. 2020's winner was the Jaguar I-PACE, which costs about the same as a two-bedroom apartment in northern Joburg. Much like the glory days of Top Gear, you'd be forgiven for thinking that SA's Coty jurors had become... what's a nice way of saying this?... out of touch.

South Africa’s Best (Overlooked) Routes

Explore some lesser-known parts of this great land along these out-of-the-way local tourist routes.

What’s the deal with third-party insurance?

Third-party cover is an affordable and attractive car insurance option for many drivers. Here's a look at how it works.

The Sparkling Truth About Jewellery Insurance

Not sure how best to cover your beautiful bling? Here's what you need to know about how – and why – to insure your jewellery.

The Best Cars to Drive in SA's Major Cities

Some are easy going, others have bumps and potholes at every turn. Like South Africans themselves, the nation's roads all have their own unique personalities. So, which cars are best for handling the idiosyncrasies of each major city centre?

5 African Getaways to Add to Your Travel Bucket List

Plan a holiday around a novel African experience you'll never forget – from a gorilla adventure in Rwanda to a beach escape on the coast of Zanzibar.

Avoid These Insurance Horror Stories

Which is scarier: spooky movie monsters or insurance claims that go frighteningly wrong? We know which one sends chills down our spines...

Your Cure for Cabin Fever

Tired of being cooped up through lockdown? Try spending some getaway time in an eco cabin. They're good for the earth... and great for your soul.

How to Boost Your Home Wi-Fi

Are there parts of your home where the Wi-Fi doesn't reach? Consider a Wi-Fi booster or extender.

(App)reciate the great outdoors

Your tech doesn't have to turn you into a blue-screen hermit who never leaves the house. Use these mobile apps to maximise your outdoor fitness adventures.

Get Fast Internet (That Isn’t Fibre)

Can't convince a service provider to route a fibre cable your way? Here are some super-fast alternative ways to get your home online.

What Happens When Your Kid Starts Driving?

You're psyching yourself up for when your kids take the wheel. Should your insurer be doing the same?

What Car Can You Afford on South Africa’s Average Salary?

It's a simple question... but the answer's pretty complicated. Here's a look at your options.

Online Shopping Fails (And How To Avoid Them)

Online shopping is quick, convenient and fail-safe. Except for when it isn't. Here's a look at some of the worst online shopping mishaps, plus a handy guide on how to avoid becoming the butt of the joke yourself.

What Does It Mean to Be Under Debt Review?

More and more South Africans are using debt counselling to resolve their financial worries. Here's how it affects your day-to-day money matters.

Does Your Medical Aid Cover Homeopathic Medicine?

Homeopathy is a complementary approach to medicine built on the core belief that the body can heal itself using natural remedies prescribed in small doses. But how do medical aid plans feel about this 'like cures like' homeopathic treatment?

Netflix Hacks to Amp Up Your Fibre Streaming

From secret codes to hidden features, here's how to get the most out of your fibre-enabled streaming experience.

Dog Bites: The Insurance Risk

What happens if your dog bites someone and they take you to court for damages? Here's a look at an often-ignored aspect of liability insurance.

Drive Like a Tourist on These Epic Road Trips

Want to explore South Africa, but worried that you don't have the right set of wheels? No problem: simply rent a car and drive off into the sunset!

Strange Insurance Claims: The Friends & Family Edition

From flying livestock to indoor beaches, these strange-but-true insurance claims – all involving friends, lovers and family – prove the value of being covered for absolutely any eventuality.

The Science of Regrets

From facepalm mistakes to unfulfilled dreams, regrets are a part of life. But what makes some regrets more painful than others, and how can we turn our dreams into reality? Researchers and psychologists have a few ideas...

South Africa’s Strangest Road Signs

Your local road trip is about to take an unexpected turn, thanks to these road signs that lead to South Africa's hidden holiday treasures.

Pet Peeve? The Truth About Dog Registration

The Western Cape's mandatory dog and horse registration may soon extend to smaller animals. What does this really mean for pet owners in the Cape?

Can You Insure a Self-driving Car?

If a self-driving car has an accident, who's responsible: the manufacturer, owner or operator? Well, the answer is complicated.

Read the Small Print

Read the fine print, they say. Yeah, yeah, you think. But these strange tales prove the value of familiarising yourself with those good old T's and C's.

Hippo Regret Monsters Survey: What South Africans Say

Regrets? Maybe you've had a few. But – as the Hippo.co.za Regret Monsters Survey shows – you're not alone. Here's a look at the results, and what you can learn from them.

The Health Perks of Charity Work

Doing charity work as a volunteer, whether on Mandela Day or simply in your spare time, is known to have health benefits. Here are some of the reasons why it's so good to be – and do – good.

What Makes a Great Work-from-home City?

Cape Town is rated among the world's best work-from-home locations. But what exactly constitutes the ideal setting for remote work, and which other South African locations tick the boxes?

South Africa’s Deadliest Roads

Planning a road trip? These are the stretches of tar to avoid or, failing that, the roads where you'll need to be extra careful.

Used-car Warning Signs

Looking to buy a second-had car? Here's how to make sure the deal isn't too good to be true.

The Best Online Games You’re Not Playing

Who needs an expensive gaming console when you have a lightning-fast home internet connection? Power up your fibre and kill some time with these epic (and entirely free) online games.

7 Health Regrets and How to Avoid Them

Save your future self (and your future health) by taking care of these common medical warnings.

The Biggest Insurance Payouts Ever

Think your insurance company is going to stress about paying for your cracked cellphone screen? Trust us: they've seen worse.

10 Local Plekkies That Feel Like Exotic Destinations

The travel bug is biting, but you're not yet willing/able to travel internationally. Moenie worry nie, as the locals say: South Africa has loads of places that are just as amazing as anything the rest of the world has to offer.

Claiming from Insurance? Don’t Wait Too Long…

If you need to file an insurance claim, don't dawdle. If you fail to get your paperwork in on time, your claim could be rejected – and it only gets worse from there.

Free Tools to Boost Your Business

Use these digital platforms to save money and grow your SME or side hustle. Best of all? They're gratis – mahala!

Avoid these Data Wasters

We're all using more data – which ain't cheap – so be smart, get connected properly and make the most of your megs.

Are You Covered for Damage Caused by Riots and Looting?

Not sure if your home, car or business is covered for damages caused by riots and looting? SASRIA provides cover for exactly those kinds of events – and if you have existing short-term insurance cover, it's possible that you have it already.

Weird Body Stuff (That's Totally Normal)

Before you dash off to the doctor, read this and see if that strange ache, pain or rash is something you really need to worry about.

Pets: Is it better to adopt or shop?

Pets become an important part of the family, so how they're brought into your world matters when it comes to the care and support systems you put in place for them.

Fight the Power

What's worse than load shedding? Well, several things – and having your freezer fried by a post-load-shedding power surge is right up there. Does your insurance cover you for damage to your precious electronics in the event of a current calamity?

The Weirdest Insurance Policies You Can Actually Take Out

Your car is covered, your house is covered... Heck, there's even insurance for your health (and your pet's!). Here, though, are some of the oddball insurance policies you almost definitely don't have.

Hybrids & EVs, Compared and Insured

Plugging in and powering up is the future of mobility – but what does it cost to switch to electric vehicles?

The Insurance Problem with Working from Home

Working from home? Running a small business from your spare room? Then you'll need to read this – and you'll need to speak to your insurance company.

Amazing Holidays You Can Enjoy from Home

Stuck on a staycation? Need some travel inspiration? Here, thanks to some well-placed webcams, are 10 local getaways you can enjoy without leaving your couch.

South Africa’s Best/Weirdest #Selfie Spots

A huge pineapple? A brew with a view? A house shaped like a shoe? Your Insta feed is about to take a left turn.

Why Full Disclosure Is So Important

You've done stuff. Maybe it was heroic; maybe you're not too proud of it. Either way, you need to disclose your full insurance history when you take up a new insurance policy.

Weird Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim Will (And Won’t) Be Rejected

Insurers aren't looking to catch you out, but they do expect your car to be roadworthy and you to drive responsibly. We'll highlight the avoidable (but often overlooked) factors and decisions that could see your claim denied.

5 Bonkers Travel Insurance Claims

Planning a post-pandemic holiday trip? Good idea. Planning on going without travel insurance? Very, very bad idea. Strange things happen in foreign lands – as these (possibly) true stories show.

Who Gets Your Retirement Savings?

Your retirement fund savings are a huge portion of your wealth. But if you think you have the final say on who inherits the money when you die, you're sadly mistaken.

Yes, Celebs Really Had These Body Parts Insured

Hands, legs, smiles, boobs, bottoms... they're the tools of an entertainer's trade and – like any business asset – they need business insurance cover.

Short-term Insurance vs Long-term Insurance

Learn what the definitions of short-term insurance and long-term insurance are, and what the differences are in terms of which products they each cover and how they're governed.

Sibongile Mafu’s Guilty-pleasure Shows to Put Your Wi-Fi to Good Use

Thanks to home fibre connections and streaming services, we're all watching more television now than ever before. But how do you decide what to watch when the buffet table is creaking under the weight of so much good stuff? Sibongile Mafu lets us in on the TV guilty pleasures you need to stream right now.

How #Oversharing Could Sink Your Insurance Claim

Your friends, family, employers and prospective partners are all watching your social media accounts. Don't be surprised if your insurer does the same.

Do Influencers Need Insurance Cover?

Doctors have medical malpractice insurance, a specialised type of professional liability insurance that covers them if something dreadful happens and a patient (or a patient's surviving relatives) sues them. Should social media influencers have something similar?

The Strange Case of the Car, the Crash, the Claim and the Missing Photographs

A recent car insurance case, and its ruling by the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, carries a stark warning for people who are not great with their paperwork.

How to Compare Medical Aids in 2021

COVID-19 threw a curveball at medical aid schemes in 2020, and they're changing their benefits and costs to cope. Here's what to consider and compare to find out how much medical aid is really going to cost you in 2021.

Plan Your 2021 with Mental Health in Mind

Your mental health is pretty vital. And in these strange and uncertain times, it's even more important to make sure you're really looking after yourself...

How Much Credit Card Debt Is Too Much Credit Card Debt?

Get by with a little help from your swipey plastic friend each month? Beware the cost of credit card debt!

How These Small Businesses Made It in 2020

COVID-19's grip on the world forced many small businesses into survival mode. We asked four small-business owners to share their survival tips – digital and otherwise – so that you too can take on another year, which alarmingly looks poised to bring us more of the same, with more confidence.

Preparing for the Inevitable: Life Insurance vs Funeral Cover

Life Insurance or Funeral Cover: which one better serves the need to protect you and your family?

How to Use Personal Loans in 2021

Nobody likes going into debt, but right now for many of us taking out a loan is unavoidable. So how do you do it responsibly, without harming your long-term financial health and while also keeping the debt collectors away from your door?

This Is Why a Funeral Can Ruin Your Bank Balance

South Africa has some of the highest funeral costs in the world. Know what your loved ones might need to pay for when you pass on and what your funeral policies cover so that they're not caught by surprise during their time of grief.

Car Accidents During Curfew – Can a Car Insurance Claim Be Rejected by Your Insurer?

The good news is your car insurance should still cover you if you are involved in an accident after curfew. But there's a catch...

Working from Home Is Inevitable. Are You Prepared This Time Around?

More people than ever before were using fibre internet (otherwise known as fibre to the home, or FTTH) in their homes last year, as we've all had to adjust to working (and learning, and playing, and everything else) from home during the pandemic. With nationwide vaccine rollouts and herd immunity still a long way off, 2021 could be another year of working from home for many of us, and if you don't have a fibre connection yet, here's what you need to consider.

Everything You Need to Know About Vehicle Financing

Buying your very own first car is a big deal, so before you take the leap, think about how it's going to hit your pocket. Read on to find out how to finance your first car and what to budget for.

Guide to Driver’s Licence Rules in 2021

The time has come for you to renew your driver's licence and you're probably already dreading dealing with all the admin, especially given the complications of the COVID-19 lockdown. Our quick guide to renewing your driver's licence will help you get it done in no time.

Under 35? Here’s Why You Should Take out a Life Insurance Policy

It's a financial product most young people dismiss, but in fact it tends to be cheaper and more comprehensive for them. Here are some pointers to help you see why you should invest in life cover at your earliest convenience.

If I Travel and Get Stuck in Lockdown, Will My Medical Aid And/or Travel Insurance Cover Me?

Local and international travel will continue to carry certain risks in 2021. What are your options if your trip is derailed?

Maintaining Your Car Is Getting Cheaper, but Not Necessarily Easier

A seismic shift occurred in the South African car market at the end of 2020, as the Competition Commission released new regulations concerning vehicle servicing and maintenance. Informally known as the Right to Repair, it permits car owners to use any service provider and non-original parts to maintain their vehicles – without losing their manufacturer warranty.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Is on the Prescribed Minimum Benefit List. What Does It Mean for You?

What does the COVID-19 vaccine’s listing as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit mean for you as a medical scheme member?

Is a Balloon Payment Right for Me?

Are you a good candidate for a vehicle-finance deal that includes a final large – and potentially eye-popping – sum of money due at its conclusion, or should you rather avoid it? Read on before you jump into it.

Long COVID: What to Expect from Your Medical Aid

COVID-19 treatment has been listed as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) condition for medical scheme members by the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS). But what does this mean for you if you get 'long COVID', where you find yourself still experiencing symptoms months after you 'recover' from the initial period of sickness? Will your medical aid cover you?

Virtual Banking, Demystified

Bank Zero, Discovery Bank, and TymeBank are upending the South African banking sector. Here’s what you need to know about them, and why you can trust them with your money.

Is Your Car Insurance Road Trip-Ready?

After all those long months of lockdown and #WFH, you may have switched to a cheaper car insurance option. If you’re going to be on the road a lot more in 2021, make sure your insurance policy has you covered for every eventuality.

How a High Excess on Your Car Insurance Can Work for You

Here’s how excess on your car insurance works – and how it can save you money, if you’re a smart saver!

The True Cost of Owning a Car

The cost of running a car isn’t simply the price of your monthly instalment – there’s plenty more to consider.

Could This Actually Be a Great Time to Buy a New Car?

You’re working from home, spending a lot less time in traffic, and not driving nearly as much as you used to. Yet this might be the best time to buy a new car.

What’s the Best Credit Card for You?

Why is it important to shop around when deciding on or upgrading a credit card? Well, interest rates differ from bank to bank and profile to profile, as do the terms and conditions of each product.

Here’s How to Find the Right Hospital Plan for You

Hospital plans aren’t all created equal. Here’s what you need to know before you make your choice, and what to do when you are ready to make it.

How to Choose the Best Savings Account for You

Saving your money is easier with some banks than with others, with interest rates and bank fees affecting how fast your savings grow. Here’s what to look for when comparing savings accounts to ensure you get what best suits your needs.

Banking Fees Guide for 2020/2021

A bank is just like any business: it’ll charge a fee for its services. These fees – called ‘bank charges’ or ‘service fees’ – differ from bank to bank, though, so it pays to check them whenever you’re comparing your options.

5 Myths About Fibre Internet Connection Dispelled

People tend to resist change, but if you’ve endured a slow or unreliable internet line during lockdown, you’ll be looking at making a shift. Read on as we dispel the most common myths around getting a fibre connection.

Here’s What We Learned About Medical Aid in 2020

The opportunity to make annual changes to medical aid plans is almost upon us, so it’s the perfect time to reassess your needs.

How Comparison Makes Life Choices Easier

Hot dogs or boerewors rolls? Wine or beer? TV or books? Should be easy to answer, right? Here’s what happened when we actually asked…

How South Africans Invest (And What’s Probably Best for You)

What are the most popular savings vehicles for South Africans, and what are their pros and cons? We asked two financial planning professionals.

What Happens with Insurance After You’re in a Car Accident

Bad news: you’ve been involved in a car crash. Worse news: you’re not sure how to handle the insurance part. Good news: we’re here to walk you through it.

Here’s How South Africans Cut Expenses this Year

Between the global pandemic and the knock-on economic effects, South Africans have had to find ways to make ends meet under trying conditions this year. Most people couldn't rely on loans, so here's what they've done to cope instead.

What to Look for When Switching Medical Aids

Considering changing your medical aid for 2021? Here’s what you need to know before you do.

How to Make Better Decisions – Starting Now

Brain fog, analysis paralysis... The effects of information overload are real. But there are ways you can avoid having your brain curl up into a noodle because it has too much to deal with.

Where is South Africa’s Internet Connectivity Headed Next?

Travelling at the speed of light isn't something that only happens in sci-fi movies. These days, that's exactly what a lot of your data does. No idea what we're talking about? Read on.

Are You Driving SA’s Cheapest Car to Insure?

Looking to pay less than a grand but still have your shiny new ride? For less than R1,000 per month, you could get a new car comprehensively covered. Here are the best new cars to buy in SA right now.

Comprehensive car insurance vs third party only insurance

Third-party liability insurance only can seem like a cost-saving option over comprehensive insurance, but an incident involving your car could end up costing you more than you bargained for.

Struggling to Manage Your Finances? Make Comparison Part of Your Savings Journey

You might already be a black belt when it comes to finding deals on things like smart phones and sneakers, but the amount of money you save by shopping smart shouldn’t stop there. Comparisons can help you find savings on bigger (unavoidable) expenses like car insurance, medical aid and even your home loan. Here’s how.

Quit Smoking? It’s Time to Check Your Life Insurance Premiums

Does quitting smoking make a difference to your life insurance premiums? We investigated.

How Rewarding Are SA’s Biggest Medical Aid Rewards Providers Right Now

Discovery Vitality vs Momentum Multiply: we compare SA's two biggest medical aid rewards programmes in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.

Medical Savings Account Already Empty?

Are you paying monthly premiums for medical aid, but always end up paying cash for visits to the doctor because your medical aid savings keep running out? Here's how comparing medical aid schemes can help you find one that fits better.

Here’s How to Resolve Issues with Your Insurer As Efficiently As Possible

Banging your head against your (home) desk because of insurance-claim issues? Here are ideas to resolve things with your insurer without involving the ombudsman. Hint - start by doing your homework...

Home Loans and How to Get the Most Out of New Lower Interest Rates

Interest rates have dropped to record lows, meaning that if you're looking to get into the housing market, now is the best time to do so. And if you already have a bond, here's how you can pay off some of it quicker.

About to Lose Your ADSL? Here’s What to Upgrade to and How to Upgrade with Ease

If ADSL is about to be discontinued in your area, don't be worried. Here's how a quick comparison will have you hooked up with a sweet new internet connection deal in no time at all.

What is Debt Counselling & Is It For Me?

Debt counselling was introduced as part of the National Credit Act back in 2007. The reason it exists is simple: to help people who are either in too much debt or soon-to-be over-indebted to repay their outstanding debt through one affordable repayment amount that is agreed with all creditors.

What Is Debt Management?

You may have heard the term debt management. Although it sounds like quite a mouthful, quite simply, debt management is a financial solution that can help manage your debt and ease financial strain. When it comes to debt management, there are two possible solutions to consider: debt counselling or a debt management or consolidation loan. But what is the difference between the two?

How Your Risk Factors Affect What Loans You Can Get

Do you need to get your finances back on track? A personal loan can help, but not all loans are the same. You'll need to know how the bank will determine whether it will grant you a loan, how much you can borrow and what interest rate they'll charge.

How to Hold Your Internet Service Provider Accountable

In this age of constant streaming for work, school and everything else, the days of being stuck with an unreliable internet connection should be behind us. Is your ISP doing right by you? Here's how comparing your current connection against what is available in the market, to see if you are actually getting what you signed up for, is a crucial part of ensuring you're getting the best service.

Driver's Licence Renewal Guide

The time has come for you to renew your driver’s licence and you’re probably already dreading dealing with all the administration. Don’t be! Our quick guide to renewing your driver’s licence will help you get it done in no time.

Tips for Renewing Your Car Licence

If you own a car, you may have noted that you didn’t get a reminder notice this year about renewing your licence. Have you checked on your windscreen for when your licence expires? Unfortunately, AARTO (Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences) is currently not sending these notices out, which may mean that many people have either forgotten to renew them or may not know how to do it…

Importance Of Having A Car Tracker Installed

A car tracker is a small device that when installed in your vehicle, makes a big difference – to your safety, your budget, your insurance premiums and your chances of recovering your vehicle if it's stolen.

What to Do When You’ve Previously Cancelled Your Car Insurance and Need a New Policy

It's usually harder and more expensive to get car insurance again if you've had a break in cover. But reinsuring your vehicle after having cancelled in order to manage your lockdown budget is a vital step towards repairing your now-damaged risk profile.

Why You Should Consider Third-Party Car Insurance

How a car accident can ruin your finances, and why third-party liability insurance is absolutely essential.

The Best Life Insurance for You Isn’t Necessarily the Cheapest

Finding a life insurance policy that works for you doesn't have to be complicated. The key is to understand what you need it for, and to ensure you pick one that works best for your needs. And that's not necessarily the one with the cheapest life insurance premiums.

Helping Your Kids Survive Lockdown

Lockdown has been hard on you as an adult, but it's been hard on kids too, who may struggle to fully understand why their lives have changed. Here are a few tips to help you help them navigate this new world and social distancing. It's not just for their sanity, it's for yours too!

Less Driving Doesn’t Mean Less Risk for Your Car

When considering the risks associated with owning and driving a car, most people think about traffic accidents. So, surely, lockdown and less driving mean you're less at risk and should cancel? Hit the brakes! That isn't the only consideration of risk. Here is why you still need that car insurance.

Why Cancelling Your Car Insurance Is a Bad Long-Term Financial Decision

Picture this: it’s life after lockdown and you are finally back on track with your budget. You’re relieved that you can afford to pick up those payments you decided to drop to spare your pocket. You can insure your car again… But then comes the shock: your premiums are suddenly far higher than what you were paying before the lockdown! What happened?

COVID-19 Increases Risk of Other Medical Conditions

At a time of increased stress, anxiety and loneliness, your immune system is going to take a beating. Keep yourself safe by knowing the risks, and getting the medical aid coverage you need. If you haven't looked into joining a medical aid scheme, let's show you how.

Sleep to Cope with COVID-19

The pandemic has negatively impacted many people's incomes, and the financial stress can be causing many sleepless nights. The best decisions are made when the brain is well rested, so make sure you get some shuteye before you start planning your future.

Don’t Cancel Your Car Insurance

With lockdown and working from home being the order of the day, dropping car insurance to save on monthly premiums may seem like a good way to save money, but in the long run, it could hurt you more.

How to work from Home Better

Now that you've settled into the new world of working from home, here are a couple of tips to take things to the next level.

Medical Gap Cover: Closing the Gap Between What Your Medical Aid Covers and Your Healthcare Costs for In-hospital Expenses

The majority of people are on medical aid plans that cover in-hospital specialists' charges at 100% of the medical aid rate. In most instances, specialists charge more than 100% of the medical aid rates, potentially leaving you with a shortfall that you have to pay from your pocket. Depending on your medical aid plan, you may be covered for up to 300% of the scheme rate. This means that if the specialist's charges for in-hospital expenses are three times the general medical aid rate, your medical aid is sufficient. Medical gap cover is an insurance that will fill in the difference, should the specialist's charges be higher, rather than leaving you with what could be a large bill.

How to Pick the Right Life Insurance Cover

You've insured your car, your smartphone, your home... But what about you? Compare life insurance policies, and make sure you get the cover that's right for you.

Why You’ll Need Fibre for Life After Lockdown

We're in uncharted territory as the nation lives through an unprecedented lockdown. Stay connected – and sane – by following these tips for a happy, healthy COVID-19 isolation.

Your Home Is Your Everything. Here’s How You Can Protect It

Just like that, our homes became offices, gyms and classrooms. As COVID-19 changes our home's roles in our lives, the need to keep them protected and insured is more important now than ever before.

How Worries Around COVID-19 Shape Our Buying Habits

We are living in a state of heightened worry as COVID-19 threatens our health and shuts down economies around the world. Here is how stress may be affecting our ability to make sound decisions during this time, and how we can ensure that we're coping well.

Evaluate And Get Your Finances COVID-19 Ready

COVID-19 is forcing us all to re-evaluate how much money we're spending. This is an opportunity to 'audit' your expenses (car, life insurance) by comparing those recurring expenses to find savings.

Does My Medical Aid Cover Me During a Pandemic?

During times of chaos, do you know how far your medical aid will go to ensure your health is covered? Here’s a look at some common coverage questions.

A Guide to Your First Medical Aid

In South Africa alone, out of a total of 80 different medical aid schemes, there are 20 open schemes of which anyone is free to join. For a first-timer, the choice can be daunting.

Breast Reduction Surgery – Why Won’t Medical Aids Cover?

More than the struggle to find well-fitting clothing, the volume and weight of disproportionately large breasts cause a woman numerous physical problems that can have far-reaching psychological repercussions.

Is rent-to-own car financing risky?

If you've found the car you love but it's too expensive, you're not alone. Most people don't have enough cash available to buy a car outright, which is why they turn to car financing.

Does Medical Aid Have to Be So Complex?

The new generation of medical aid customers are curious, want to understand the details, and expect great customer service. But the complexities of the medical aid industry makes choosing one – specifically the right one – not a simple matter.

Mammograms & Pap Smears – Do Medical Aids Cover?

Breast cancer, followed by cervical cancer and cancer of the uterus, is one of the most common cancers among South African women and the number of incidences are increasing.

Are balloon payments a good way to save on car repayments?

Buying a car is a big financial commitment and figuring out how you're going to pay for it beforehand is the best way to make sure you stay within your budget. If you want to buy a car and are looking for ways to save on the monthly repayments, you might be considering a balloon payment or residual value loan.

What is the Difference Between Medical Aid and a Hospital Plan? (A Comprehensive Guide - 2023)

In the grand scheme of life, you don't have to worry about trying to decipher the difference between a medical aid and a hospital plan. We know it can feel like you are trying to understand why the chicken crossed the road - we all think we know, but do we really? That's where hippo.co.za comes in to save the day. Let's start with the basics.

How To Read My Life Insurance Policy

Understanding any contract that contains a lot of industry-specific jargon can be tricky for the everyday person. When it comes to a life insurance policy, understanding what you're covered for, what the specific benefits and payments are, and what the insurance company is and isn't committing to is very important.

Collecting personal debts from family

This is a tough one. No matter how you approach it, collecting debt from a family member could result in some serious tension and a long-term family feud.

How to Get a Promotion or Increase in 12 Steps

You've got plans. Plans to succeed. Plans to increase your influence at the office. Plans to take home more bacon. The question is: How do you align these plans with how the company views your contributions to its success?

How to Rescue Your Business from Disaster

Could the unexpected devastate your business? A power outage. A disgruntled or injured employee. A flash flood or hailstorm. Don't allow unexpected business interruptions caused by uncontrolled elements to knock your business into the red zone. Whatever emergencies or disasters could arise, preparing for them will help your company weather any storm.

Medical Aid for Young Married Couples

As a young, married couple, when taking out medical aid you should focus primarily on your health needs. First, bear in mind the major medical concerns as well as chronic medication requirements, then consider your lifestyle and finances and how they fit into the structure of the medical aid plan.

Medical Aid Advice for Singles in Their Thirties

The thirties are that stage of life when you're likely to have established yourself in a steady job or career. You've probably also made some big purchases, such as, a house and car leaving very little in the kitty to save for a rainy day.

Why Cape Town is the best place for your start-up

Africa holds a fortune of resources, minerals, and wealth. Accessing this well of potential, however, has historically been a struggle for its inhabitants. That’s all changing though. Countries across Africa are working towards developing cities that can compete internationally in business, tourism, and resources.

What is Gap Cover?

While you may have some form of medical aid plan, depending on its structure, more often than not the scheme will not cover all the doctor and other specialist fees, or all procedures in hospital. Medical gap cover pays the difference between the medical aid rates and the higher actual cost charged.

Medical Aid Providers

As consumers we sometimes tend to think that when it comes to certain products, it's better to go for the bigger brand names. In some cases and industries, this may be true – where their continuing research and development initiatives or advanced technologies are advantageous to you as a consumer.

Comprehensive Medical Aid - Is it for you

In a survey by Stats SA in February 2019, it was found that on average, medical-aid schemes increased their tariffs by 8,3%, slightly higher than the 8,0% average recorded in 2018. In 2020, the upward trend continues, with South Africans seeing average increases as high as 10%.

Your Medical Aid & Health Insurance Options

One of the most common questions medical aid providers receive is “What’s the difference between medical aid and medical insurance?” As consumers, we may be forgiven for thinking they’re the same, and in some ways they are.

Which Are the Best Medical Aid Schemes in 2020?

There are more than 150 'open' medical schemes in South Africa. These are schemes that any member of the public is allowed to join subject to the rules of the scheme.

Switching Medical Aids in 2020

Many people don't realise it but it's important to reassess your medical aid scheme every year. Schemes themselves will revise their benefits annually, so members should do the same to understand whether they're receiving the optimum value based on their individual needs.

The Most Cost Effective Medical Aid in 2020

In 2020, savvy consumers are looking to cut costs, scale down, and consume less. From clothes to cars, we're always on the hunt for the best value for money, and it should be no different with our medical aid. But making medical aid decisions is less fun and more cumbersome than choosing a SUV and takes a little discipline.

3 reasons to explore South Africa on a motorbike

Everyone has a preference for how they like to spend their holidays; some people like to relax in a lavish resort while others prefer a more modest approach, like camping. When it comes to travelling to your holiday destination, opinions vary there too.

What to Look for When Comparing Medical Aids

If you’re an ordinary member of the public, you have 20 open market medical aid schemes to choose from. (The others only being open to certain professional organisations or companies.) So how can you effectively compare them to find the one that’s just right for you? Let’s take you through it.

The top 5 best-selling cars of all time

When thinking about popular cars, vehicles like the Volkswagen Polo and the Toyota Etios probably come to mind. While these vehicles do regularly top local sales charts, they’re not among the top five best-selling cars of all time.

Unpacking 3 Local Tourism Hotspots in South Africa

There is no doubt that South Africa has some of the most magnificent cities and scenery in the world. From the shimmering city of Cape Town to the contemporary art galleries in Maboneng, let’s explore a few hotspots you might be interested in visiting on your next local holiday.

2 Ways to Financially Prepare for a Baby

Planning for a baby can be one of the most exciting times in a person’s life, from going gaga over tiny, cute clothing, to falling in love with the very first ultrasound photo. The joy of welcoming a new life is limitless, but sometimes it can seem like the costs are too.

Top 5 most influential vehicles

There are thousands of vehicles on the market today, each offering their own unique approach to a segment. All of them are great in their own way, but only a select few have managed to change the course of automotive history.

5 advantages and disadvantages of a home office

Working from home – is it living the dream or a lonely ordeal? There are upsides and downsides to having a home office. Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide which is best for your business.

The history of traditional Irish wakes

When thinking of a traditional Irish wake, many people conjure images of a big event that involves drinking and festivities. However, as an old funeral custom, an Irish wake is so much more.

The costs of a newborn’s first weeks

We know it costs a lot of money to have a baby, but have you ever wondered just how much? Hippo.co.za looked at multiple stores and took the average prices of the most common essential baby items.

Climate Change and Your Home

Have you ever wondered about the contentious topic of global warming? We're sure you've heard celebrities and politicians statingit as a lie or proclaiming it as 'the beginning of the end' for humanity. What is the truth? Is climate change real, and will it impact you and your home?

4 Beautiful Wedding Locations by Precious the Planner

Precious Tumisho Mazibuko is also known as Precious the Planner. She is the founder of Precious Celebrations, a top South African event planning and design agency.

South African Experiences by Thobeka “Thobi” Rose

Thobeka “Thobi” Rose is a South African travel blogger and co-founder of Live Experiences, a blog Inspired by her own experiences of growing up in the city, but often travelling home to the rural regions of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Here she writes about her curiosity of how different groups of people interact in social spaces.

What To Do When a Loved One Passes Away

When someone you love passes away, it’s important to allow yourself enough time to grieve. However, in many situations, this isn’t always possible.

7 Modern Funeral Traditions You’ve Never Heard of

Thanks to movies and popular culture, it's easy to think that, around the world, people's traditions are somewhat similar to our own. That's rarely the case though. You might find it hard to believe, but these funeral customs are practised in certain parts of the world to this day.

A South African Travel & Food Experience by Jared Ruttenberg

It is travel month and we went out and about to source some top travel tips from the one and only Jared Ruttenberg! Hippo.co.za spent some time with Cape Town-based travel journalist and content creator.

The Most Common Money Scams in South Africa

In South Africa, the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) deals with financial crimes like scams and money laundering. Each year, they release a report on the most common money scams in the country.

Tesla Unveils Self Driving Car Chips

Tesla Motors unveiled their latest development in autonomous vehicle engineering at their Tesla Autonomous Day event on April 22 in Palo Alto, California. Tesla CEO and South African born billionaire Elon Musk took the opportunity to woo Tesla investors with the new FSD Computer Assembly hardware, the chip that Elon Musk says makes the Tesla the only financially viable option for consumers and ready to ship.

11 diet trends from the last decade

It’s hard to believe that 2009, the year that Avatar was the most popular movie and people danced to the Black Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow, was 10 years ago. In that time, many fad diets have come, gone, and come again. Food science has changed vastly in the past few decades and has caused many heated debates on what’s healthy and unhealthy for the human body. Confusingly, different studies and research support both sides of food debates, so it’s hard to know what and how we should eat.

Money Saving Tips for National Savings Month

The month of July is National Savings Month, a campaign founded by South African Savings Institute (SASI) in a bid to encourage South Africans to focus on alternative savings solutions. This year’s theme is #crazywaystosave, with the focus firmly on engaging the country’s youth.

Why Do Some People Still Use Cash?

Back in the days, when there were no bank accounts, people used to save their money under the mattress. Cash was the only way to do business and if it was lost it or you were robbed, well, that was just the risk you took having to carry it everywhere. Hippo.co.za takes a look at the different kinds of payment methods available to find out why cash is still king for many.

The Hidden Costs of Pregnancy

Being pregnant is a wonderful time which shouldn’t be overshadowed by worrying about how you’re going to afford being a parent. While medical aid may go a long way to help manage the costs of pre- and post-natal care, there are other expenses that you can be prepared for to ensure your pregnancy is nine months of bliss.

9 holiday experiences in South Africa’s provinces

South Africa is rich in ecological and cultural diversity, and you can find almost any kind of holiday experience you can imagine throughout the country. From beaches to forests to bushveld, here are nine provincial holiday experiences worth having.

What is a babymoon and 6 reasons why you should take one

Your lives are busy. With work, family, and friends, making quality time can be difficult for many couples. When your baby arrives, having time to connect with your partner alone will be nearly impossible for a while. On a babymoon, it’s just the two of you to help strengthen your relationship even more.

5 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Debt

For a lot of people, staying debt-free is nearly impossible. At some point in your life, you may need credit to buy something, like a house or a car. Debt isn’t necessarily a bad thing when used to your advantage. After all, paying off debts on time is the best way to improve or maintain your credit record.

Thinking of Taking a Gap Year? Read This First

When you’re 18 years old, anything seems possible. Society considers you to be an adult and from here on out, your choices are your own. You get to decide who you want to be, what you want to do, and where you want to do it. If you or your child are thinking of taking a gap year, read these pros and cons to see if it’s the right decision for your family.

3 of South Africa’s Best Car Owners’ Clubs

Joining a car owners’ club can have several benefits, including access to service guides, more affordable parts, and being part of a community. Some owners’ clubs also offer advanced driving courses and training, which could get you a preferential car insurance quote.

5 Ancient Funeral Traditions You’ve Never Heard Of

Humans have been dealing with death since the dawn of the species and it has led to some interesting funeral traditions. While they might seem bizarre at first glance, there’s mostly a good reason behind why people practised these customs.

Tombstone Unveiling in South Africa

In many cultures and religions – around the world and in South Africa – tombstones and their unveiling are important rituals in burial customs.

4 Tips Every Young Professional Needs to Read

If you’re like many other South Africans, graduating and getting your first job has required you to move to a new suburb, city, or even province. This time in your life is one of the most exciting and terrifying you’ll ever face.

10 Secrets for Finding the Cheapest Domestic Flights

For local holidaymakers, flying is the most efficient way to get around, but it can be costly. If you’re keen to see more of SA without paying sky-high prices, here are ten secrets for finding the cheapest domestic flights around.

The First-time Homebuyer’s Guide to Budgeting

Are you surprised to learn that according to Property24, the average age of first-time homebuyers in South Africa is 34 years old? If you’re one of them, you know just how difficult it can be to raise enough money to buy a home.

5 South African Golf Courses You Have to Play

While not every South African will make it to Scotland to visit the Home of Golf, we are lucky that some of the world’s best courses are right here in our own country. Here is our choice of five top golf courses in South Africa in no particular order.

4 Towns You Can Stop at Between Gauteng and Cape Town

Hey, Gautenger! Did you take a road trip to Cape Town over the holidays? Did you stop at any of these gems on your way? If not, read on to find out why these four towns are well worth a visit on your next road trip.

A Happy Holiday on a Shoestring Budget

If you’re staying home and not travelling this Easter season, you might have a little FOMO if some of your loved ones are going away for the long weekend.

Should Start-up Entrepreneurs Pay Themselves a Salary

Any entrepreneur knows that keeping up with expenses when you’ve just started out can be overwhelming. Not only do you have all the expenses you did in your personal capacity, but on top of that you now have to cover business expenses like accounting software, business insurance, website hosting, and more.

Tesla Is The Future…Maybe

The future is electric! We’ve been hearing that sentiment for quite some time. Despite the impracticalities around charging them, hefty price tags, and possibly even higher car insurance premiums, electric vehicles are finally coming into realisation. Companies are frantically playing catch-up with Tesla, but will they ever get there?

Car Insurance Day: a Day to Celebrate

Your car is one of the most important items you can insure, so it’s a good idea to regularly check that you’re covered correctly. That’s what Car Insurance Day is for. Think about it – when last did you read through your policy to make sure it was up to date? If, say, your child has just started learning to drive, you’d likely need to tell your insurer to update the regular drivers on your policy; if you don’t, an accident claim could be rejected.

Visa-Free Countries for South African Travellers

Travel visas can be an expensive hassle costing well over a thousand rand. Often, you’ll need to book an appointment at the nearest consulate or embassy, and before they will grant you a visa, you need to provide proof of holiday accommodation, return tickets, your financial standing, and the purpose of your visit.

Where Do Burial Customs Come From?

Evidence of people burying the dead dates back 100,000 years, and we know that many ancient traditions involved elaborate ceremonies to ensure a loved one would be safe in the afterlife.

10 Clever Ways to Save for Your Wedding

When planning to say your “I do’s”, it’s difficult not to get swept away in the moment and spend money on unnecessary items . Not budgeting and overspending could affect your financial wellbeing for years to come – not an ideal way to start any marriage.

Why Your Bone Health Matters

Worldwide, one in every three women and one in every five men over 50 years old will fracture a bone due to osteoporosis, a progressive disease that causes bones to become weak and brittle. It occurs in one of two ways – either bones lose their density or the body doesn’t make enough bone. Either way, this forms large holes and spaces within bones and makes them easily breakable.

4 Ways to Improve School Grades Today

If you’re worried about your child’s grades, there are a few tricks you can use to help improve their marks this coming year, before calling in a tutor.

How Much Should You Spend on Your Car?

Buying a car is exciting. Once you’ve made up your mind to get some new wheels, you suddenly take an interest in cars you hardly noticed before. You wonder what they’re like to drive, what colour looks best, do I need mags or a decent sound system?

Insuring Your Car – Retail, Market, or Trade-In Value?

If you’ve ever had to insure a car, you’ve probably been asked if you’d like to cover it for its retail, market or trade-in value.

Things to Consider: Medical Aid and Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or are planning on having a baby, you probably can’t wait to do the fun stuff, like picking out names and buying cute clothes that you secretly wish came in adult sizes.

Show your Toyota some Love

Toyota South Africa is firmly on top of the automotive pedestal. Outselling other vehicle manufacturers regularly, it’s considered to be a go-to brand for many drivers. Few brands have a grip on the automotive market quite like Toyota does in South Africa, and this has helped the company build an extensive customer base that’s loyal to them.

Insuring your VW in South Africa

For years, Volkswagen (VW) has been at the forefront of South African automotive brands. Loved for their affordability, durability, and styling, VW is arguably a true part of South African culture.

Hippo’s Happy Hiking Spots

Soul food right on our doorstep! Hiking is a great way to get outdoors and experience some of the best of South African nature, all while re-energising the body. South Africans are spoilt for choice as far as hiking trails go, from short and comfy beginner trails to the more challenging routes for expert hikers. A great travel adventure has all the ingredients to excite every fibre in your being while invigorating the body, mind, and soul.

Your Most Important Day, the Hippo Way

Weddings are a personal reflection of the special couple. A wedding day is a memorable celebration with family and friends as the happy couple sets off on a new life journey. When planning your wedding day, it really is about having your dreams come alive, but that can be pricey. Luckily, hippo.co.za has some awesome money saving tips to help you plan and pay for a dream wedding! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have some money left in the bank for the honeymoon?

Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Car Insurance

While Car Insurance is not legally required for car owners in South Africa, many of us would agree it’s important cover to have. Fixing parts that have been damaged in an accident, whether your fault or not, can be costly and Car Insurance is a good financial fall back drivers can have to protect themselves when it might happen.

Understanding Car Insurance Excess

When you took out your insurance policy, regardless of whether it was Car Insurance, Home Insurance or Buildings Insurance, you would’ve been informed of your excess amount. Excess in a nutshell is the amount you have to pay in order to have required repairs, that are covered by your policy, done.

Spring Clean Your Budget

The year may not be over yet, but with summer around the corner there’s no time like the present to do a bit of spring cleaning. Spring cleaning need not only apply to your household though, your finances can be just as important to spruce up as your carpets. With threats of more petrol price hikes in the near future, a number of South Africans are tightening up their budgets and relooking at their finances. With this mind, here are a few tips to help you spring clean your finances.

Road Accident Bill Approved Despite Objections

After a prolonged uncertainty about the Road Accident Benefit Scheme (RABS) and concerns about how it will be funded, the Treasury announced that it will finance RABS, according to a recent IOL report.

Top Family Cars in South Africa

While you may be very happy with your two-door set of wheels, if you’re planning on starting a family or are about to expand, it may be time to upgrade to a family car. Once the baby is here you’ll need a car that can take the child seat, pram and the toys. To help you make the right selection, here are some favourites for a family car in South Africa.

The Most Dangerous Times on South Africa's Roads

You’ve probably heard that most accidents happen around the corner from where a driver lives, however, several studies show you run the maximum risk of being involved in an accident if you drive on certain days and times. Researchers from North-West University (NWU) ran the stats on fatal car accidents to figure out the periods when drivers are most vulnerable to fatal car accidents on South African roads, and what type of car accidents are most common.

Car Insurance Write-Offs Explained

When thinking about car write-offs, an image that often comes to mind is a mangled wreck destined for a scrap yard. While extensive damages are often enough to warrant the car being written off as ‘beyond repair,’ in many instances the car is just not worth repairing even though it still looks to be in decent condition.

The Risks of Car Insurance Fronting

Considering the high cost of owning a car, many motorists pinch every penny they spend on it and may even start looking at saving a few extra bucks on their Car Insurance. While there are a variety of ways insurance companies allow a discount on their premium, not all drivers play fair.

How to go About a Digital Detox

With smartphone adoption at an all time high, we have the world at our fingertips. A swipe of the screen and a touch of a button later, we’ve got all the information we need at any given time. While this has certainly made our lives easier in some regards, it has also led to an overload of information as we check our phones and tablets throughout the day, even when we’re out with friends.

Secure Your Data While Travelling

We’re more than halfway through 2018 and while the summer holidays may still seem far away, some of us will be getting things in order for a trip overseas or even across the country. When you’re travelling, you’re sure to carry important information on you that must be kept safe, from your passport and air tickets, to driver’s licence and accommodation bookings. But many of us forget about the important information we keep and have access to on our devices.

Tax Tips Every South African Should Know

Tax season started on 1 July, and while many of us don’t enjoy the process, it’s something we just have to get done. Whether you run a business and need to submit a tax return based on your business transactions, or need to submit your tax return purely on an individual basis, there are in fact some ways to make the most of it.

Who Is Liable for Pothole Damage to Your Car?

Poor road conditions can make driving a real challenge for motorists and can even result in vehicle damage or an accident. Potholes - a common sign that a road is deteriorating– are widespread throughout South Africa; according to the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), 48% of the city’s roads have been identified as being in “poor” or “very poor” state while a poll by Wheels24 also ranks East London, Durban and Bloemfontein’s roads below top standard.

Large Scale Bitcoin scam hits South Africans

According to a report which first appeared on Times Live, an unknown but large number of South Africans were scammed out of millions of rands in an illicit plan involving the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The fraud was on a large enough scale for the Hawks to get involved in May 2018 and their investigation continues.

How to Get Discounted Movie Tickets

If going to the movies is one of your favourite leisure activities, then you know how expensive it has become to go and see the latest blockbuster on the big screen. Considering the price of a cinema ticket nowadays, it’s easy to see why many adults prefer to watch new releases at home on their laptops or flat screens rather than opt for the movie-theatre experience.

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car

Whether you’re buying your first car or your third, purchasing a car is a big deal. Considered to be the second biggest purchase you’ll make in your lifetime, after buying a house, purchasing your next car takes careful consideration. If you’re in the market for a new car, chances are the market has changed, prices are higher, and newer models are on offer every year. With so many options available, even experienced buyers look for guidance on what to look out for when buying a new car.

How to Raise Money-Wise Children

Teaching your children to be smart with money is a vital skill to impart on them. Being able to handle one’s money efficiently and effectively can help set you up for a lifetime of financial freedom. Starting your children’s financial education is then best started as soon as your children can count. The earlier you start, the more interested and confident they will be in managing their money correctly.

Save for a Rainy Day

“Save for a rainy day” has become a common phrase associated with financial advisors. The reason for this is simple; the current economic climate provides little comfort for financial security, especially for those with basic financial understanding.

Five Things That Don’t Affect Your Credit Score

When you apply for a Personal Loan, credit card or retail account, some of the biggest factors that lenders take into consideration when calculating your creditworthiness are your previous payment behaviour and the number of accounts you have. What you may not be aware of is that not every financial activity will necessarily damage or improve your credit score.

What You Need to Know About Organ Donation

According to a survey conducted by the Organ Donor Foundation (ODF) in 2017, 4 300 adults and children in South Africa are in need of a new organ, but only 361 transplants took place last year. Their studies further reveal that only around 0.2% of South Africans have registered as organ donors. South Africa is clearly in need of more donors, but many don’t understand the process, and possibly don’t know that one person can help up to 50 people through donating various organs and tissues.

Guide to Getting Your Driver’s Licence

So you’ve turned 18, you’ve got your learner’s licence, and you’ve decided it’s time to take the big test so that you can get yourself out onto the open road. While it’s an exciting time becoming a legal driver, the whole process can seem a little daunting. From booking your test to finding the right instructor, there are a number of steps you have to complete and forms you have to submit to get the process rolling, and it can all get quite confusing.

Do You Need Household or Business Insurance for Your Home-Based Business?

Working from home is just like running a business on a main street. You must conduct yourself in a professional manner when dealing with customers. You must ensure that your products and services are up to the standard your clientele expect. Adding to this, you face the same risks and liabilities as any other company.

SA's Petrol Prices vs. The World

South African motorists are locked in a seemingly constant battle with the high cost of fuel. The price of petrol has already climbed by 49 cents per litre in May and 82 cents per litre again in June. Forecasts now show we may be on track for another possible rise in July, while some even predict that it could cost R20 per litre to fill up our tanks by the end of 2019 if the rand continues its weak streak against the dollar.

How to Help Your Car Age Gracefully

We all want our beloved car to last as long as possible on the road. After all, some of us invested a small fortune in it and expect it to run well and look good whenever we take it for a drive. But, this is not always possible since your vehicle starts to depreciate the moment you drive it from the showroom floor.

How to Take Photos of an Accident to Help with Your Car Insurance Claim

One of the biggest concerns you may have in the aftermath of a car accident, is figuring how to seek compensation to fix or replace your car. A car accident can be a devastating and scary incident but it’s important to handle yourself correctly to achieve a positive outcome. Once you’ve assessed your own injuries, notified the police, and exchanged information with the other driver, you can get started determining the damages to your car and get the claims process started.

Why Your Funeral Cover Claim Could Be Rejected

The purpose of a Funeral Cover policy is to cover the burial expenses such as buying a casket and paying the funeral director when you or a loved one passes away. It’s comforting to know that you’re financially protected against a death in the family and that your surviving loved ones can grieve without having to worry about how those funeral bills are going to be paid.

The Cost of Visas in 2018

Do you dream of studying between the gothic towers and green lawns of Cambridge University? Perhaps you imagine yourself working in an office with a view of New York City’s scenic skyline? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to explore the colourful underwater realm of the Great Barrier Reef.

Compiling Your Emergency Car Kit

Driving in South Africa has its fair share of difficulties, from navigating potholes, to dodging taxis and getting delayed in roadworks. On top of this, there’s the chance of a flat tyre or even a fender bender. And while no one can predict these situations, you can deal with them far more effectively if you have the essential tools in your car. Whether you’re a regular road tripper or just rely on your car to get you to and from work everyday, having an emergency car kit makes a huge difference when you break down. Here are some essential items to put in your emergency car kit, to help you deal with car emergencies that you may find yourself in.

How to Plan A Funeral

Hours after a parent, spouse or child passes away, you’re hit with the reality of making the funeral arrangements – a task you may not have hands-on experience with. You may have attended dozens of funerals before and already know the rituals that take place during the burial, but how do you pull it all together yourself considering all the challenges and decisions?

What is Power of Attorney?

Power of attorney is a signed document which gives a person the ability to give another the right to make decisions and sign legal documents on their behalf. The person who gives another this right is known as the ‘principal’, and the receiver of this right is known as the ‘agent’.

Car Modifications: Will They Affect Your Car Insurance?

Many car owners choose to put their own stamp on their new set of wheels. Some may go to extreme lengths to make their car stand out on the road as seen in the popular television show Pimp My Ride, while others may make a few tweaks here and there. They may add modifications to enhance the performance of the car or simply to do cosmetic upgrades. Even used-car shoppers will likely come across a car with custom parts installed.

Why Small Businesses Need Liability Insurance

Legal procedures can cost large firms millions of dollars each year. Recently, two well-known brands were on the receiving end of major lawsuits launched by consumers. In 2017, Johnson & Johnson were ordered to compensate a Californian women who alleged she developed terminal ovarian cancer after using the company's talc-based products. Closer to home, a class-action lawsuit has been brought against Tiger Brands and its subsidiary Enterprise Foods for the at least 183 known deaths as a result of the listeria outbreak.

Basics of Small Business Insurance

Starting up your own business can be a fun adventure. Being your own boss means that you can run your company how you’ve always wanted to, set your own hours, and even work from home. But while there are a host of things that will be new and exciting you also have to think about protecting your business’s finances and assets. Having Business Insurance is a vital part of running your business smoothly.

Banking Fees Guide for 2018

Banks are just like other businesses – they charge a fee for their services called a ‘bank charge’ or ‘service fee.’ However, every bank has their own way of doing business and will charge different rates depending on the type of account you have and how and when you take money out.

Lay-Buy Travel Now on Offer in South Africa

Travelling can be an expensive endeavour, and the temptation to dip into credit becomes greater if you realise your dream trip may be unaffordable. For those who love to travel, but do not have the upfront funds to make it happen immediately and, more importantly, don’t want to get themselves into debt, lay-buy travel is the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Cost Of Raising A Child

Whether you’re just starting a family or are welcoming another little bundle of joy into the world, a child will have a significant influence on your life. Raising a child may be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, but as a parent your priorities and responsibilities will change.

How to Spot a Pyramid Scheme

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has been notified of over 5 000 alleged financial scams in South Africa over the past five years, and they advise South Africans to be extremely cautious when investing their hard-earned money. Financial scams are common in South Africa, and consumers are urged to be aware of schemes that promise high returns within a short space of time.

Five Money Mistakes to Avoid

There are certain money mistakes that can cost you for the rest of your life, such as taking on too much debt or failing to save enough for your retirement. Ensure you remain financially stable by avoiding the following five money mistakes from a list compiled by three financial advisors who work with people and their money every single day

Saving for Your Child’s Education

The average cost of education at a government school, from pre-primary to matric in South Africa can add up to around R1.5 million per child. This is a substantial amount of money parents would need to have access to during the course of their child’s educational career, yet according to Old Mutual’s Savings and Investment Monitor 2017, 56% of South Africans are currently not saving for their child's education.

How to Successfully Manage Studying While Working Full-Time

Studying while working part-time is not an uncommon occurrence, studying while working full-time is a bit more of a challenge. Whether you’ve decided to upskill yourself and further your current career, change job paths completely, or begin your very first experience of tertiary education while getting work experience at the same time, it can be a daunting task to tackle.

How to reduce Your Household Bills

Every year after the annual budget speech, South Africans become a little more conscious of their money and their spending habits. With an increase in VAT from 14% to 15%, many everyday expenses will soon increase in price, and budgets will become a little tighter.

What you should know about Hijacking in SA

Vehicle crimes such as hijacking affect South Africans a lot more than we are aware of. Not only is it about losing a vehicle and going through a traumatic experience, but there are also huge financial implications.

How to Make 2018 Your Year of Financial Liberty

Not only did living costs rise in 2017 but a lot of people battled with increasing debt, struggling to make it to the end of each month. If you’re among the many South Africans who found last year challenging when it came to finances, 2018 represents an opportunity for you to step into financial freedom.

A Guide to Mozambique

The former Portuguese colony of Mozambique, is an East African country bordered by South Africa, Tanzania, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Swaziland. Surrounded by the warm, clear waters of the Indian ocean, travellers can explore this paradise from its white palm-tree filled beaches, its cluster of islands just off its southern and northern coastlines, or from a nearby nature reserve filled with local wildlife.

You May Be Liable For Another Driver's Negligence

In the aftermath of a car accident, one of the first things that Car Insurance companies do before processing a claim, is pinpointing who is partially or fully to blame. The company usually takes into account the police report describing circumstances that led to the accident and the actions of the drivers involved to conclude who is responsible for damages.

The Honeymoon Budget Guide

Organising a honeymoon can be the last thing on a couple’s mind while planning a wedding and looking forward to the big day, but it’s important to consider it before you tie the knot. According to The Wedding Expo, couples only allocate about 10% of their wedding day budget to their honeymoon, and as wedding plans come together and the budget grows almost daily, a honeymoon can become a daunting and expensive trip to plan.

A Guide to Croatia

If you’re wanting to explore a slice of the Mediterranean, Croatia is the holiday destination for you. This Eastern European country is filled with a diverse and picturesque terrain, from clean white beaches and warm, strikingly blue waters, to lusciously green mountains and breathtaking lakes. With a rich history and architectural features reminiscent of the Roman era, this island-based Mediterranean destination offers South African travellers a Mediterranean experience second to none.

How Vehicle Recalls Happen

More than 50 million vehicles are recalled worldwide every year due to safety-related defects or problems. In South Africa, Ford made headlines this year after issuing a safety alert for its 1.6-litre engine Kuga models, some of which caught fire as a result of engine overheating conditions. Ford also withdrew its entry-level Figo and Ikon models mid-2017 because it has found these vehicles’ power steering high pressure hose poses a burn hazard.

Beware ‘Rent-to-Own’ Car Financing Deals

Many people who enter the market for their first car can be overwhelmed by the countless financing options available. While almost every car buyer can apply for a vehicle loan, not everyone has the same credit history. In light of the ongoing economic troubles across the country, car buyers are finding it more difficult to secure funding for a brand-new car. Blacklisted or under-debt-review consumers are especially drawing the short straw when it comes to loan approval.

A Guide to Namibia

Home to the Namib, the oldest desert in the world, Namibia is a vast Southern African country that offers an abundance of outdoor adventures and tranquil escapes. As the 34th largest country in the world, Namibia also has one of the lowest populations in the world, at only 2.59 million as of 2017, emphasising its great distance between towns. With Namibia’s currency worth the same as South Africa’s, South Africans will find it a budget-friendly destination.

A Guide to Kenya

The East African country of Kenya is well-known for its vast wildlife, acacia trees located on enormous plains, and epic safaris encompassing the annual wildebeest migration. The country offers unrivaled views of the big five, Mount Kenya, neighbouring Tanzania’s famous Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Great Rift Valley and a sneak peak into the lives of the nomadic Maasai tribe in southern Kenya.

Top Ranking Universities in South Africa

The top ranking universities in South Africa were revealed in a new university ranking focusing on academic quality which was recently released. The University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) highlights the performance of 16 South African universities among 2 500 higher education institutes (HEI) across the world.

Travel Guide for New Business Travellers

Research shows that business travel is becoming increasingly popular as the younger generation moves up to higher positions in the corporate world. It was found that millennials are more willing to travel for business than previous generations, with many doing so for the first time.

Top 3 Cost-Effective Retirement Plans in South Africa

A retirement annuity (RA) is a type of investment product where individuals contribute monthly cash payments to ensure a regular income after retirement. Unlike a Life Insurance policy, which provides financial stability for a family after the insured breadwinner dies, the savings from a retirement plan benefits the member of the annuity when they withdraw from an active working life one day.

Volunteering is Good For Your Health

If you have ever volunteered your time before, you might have noticed a mood lift, or bursts of satisfaction, happiness and elation. Volunteering is an unselfish act of giving of your free time and resources to those who need your help, and in due course you may experience the results of all your efforts, and even build a community of friends with whom you enjoy a shared interest and passion.

A Guide to Bali

The second destination in our most affordable countries for South Africans to travel to series, is Bali. An island and province of Indonesia, Bali is renowned for its impressive arts sector, cultural diversity, coral reefs, tropical beaches, and active volcanoes.

Medical Aid: Terms You Need to Know

It might be the perfect time to review your Medical Aid policy and decide whether you’ll need to upgrade or downgrade your current plan. But, deciding on the right scheme or plan can be daunting, as you’re constantly bombarded with Medical Aid jargon. Luckily, this year you’ll be in the know. We’ve taken a closer look at some Medical Aid terms to help you understand what they mean, so you can make an informed decision.

A Guide to Dubai

A tighter budget shouldn’t hamper South Africans’ desire to travel. We can still leave the African plains to follow those moments of wanderlust and experience the wonders of the world. The truth is, there are a number of countries that offer South Africans memorable and well-deserved holiday options without costing an arm and a leg. The first on our list of affordable countries for South Africans to travel to, is Dubai.

The Difference Between Car Insurance and a Motor Warranty

When you're in the market to purchase a vehicle, you can expect that there will be consumer protection plans attached to cover the vehicle against certain risks. The two most common plans are Car Insurance and a Motor Warranty.

How South Africans Save

The South African Savings Institute (SASI) launched National Savings Month in Sandton in July 2017 as a reminder that we should all put some money away for a rainy day. Saving, however, means different things to different people. Some prefer to put their money in a savings account, others take out a Life Insurance policy, make off-shore investments, buy real estate or keep their money in stokvels.

The Burglar’s Guide to Your Home

With last year’s crime stats showing that break-ins at residential properties is the third most common crime in the country (at over a quarter of a million cases in 2016 according to a Business Tech report) do you know how likely it is that your home will be broken into? The architecture of your house can trigger burglary, and you probably aren’t even aware of it.

Quick Guide to Filing Income Tax Returns

Tax return season for individuals officially opened on 1 July 2017. If you are a South African citizen, you may need to submit an income tax return to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) over the next couple of months (deadlines to be announced). The purpose of filing an income tax return is for SARS to determine how much money you owe the government or if you're due for a tax rebate.

South Africa’s Top Winter Destinations

The July holiday period will soon be upon us, and if you’re thinking of taking your friends or loved ones on a winter trip, now is the time to get it booked, if you haven’t done so already. There are plenty of destinations spread across South Africa to take your well-deserved break in, that offer activities to suit every want or need. If you’re dreaming of snuggling up next to a fireplace with a glass of red wine, looking forward to getting your fill of nature on a mountain hike, or keen to spot and photograph the wonderful varieties of flora and fauna the country has to offer, there is a destination for you.

Online Tax Tools to Make Your Returns a Breeze This Season

Tax season is here, and maybe you’re one of the many people who don’t know where to start with their tax return. If you can’t rely on your employer or a tax practitioner to help you with your tax returns, there are some useful online tools that can assist you with your tax filing, so that you’re not left scratching your head.

Warning Signs Your Car Needs a Service

Do you know how to spot the signs that your car needs a service? While there are things you can ignore, other changes in your car require immediate attention, as they may seem minor at first but can lead to several other problems if the car is not given attention.

Winter 2017 Entertainment Guide

Winter is the time most of us prefer to just cuddle up under blankets and switch to hibernation mode. But, for entertainment junkies, being trapped indoors on those drizzly days provides plenty of opportunities to catch up on new movies, books, series, and video games.

South Africa's Most Fuel-Efficient Cars

May 2017 saw a fuel price hike of 49 cents per litre for 93 and 95 petrol, and a 30 cents per litre hike for diesel after a weakened Rand following President Jacob Zuma’s cabinet reshuffle. While analysts predict a possible decrease in fuel prices in June, the average South African motorist has to foot the bill until then.

Why do You Need Life Insurance

What would your loved ones do if you’re no longer there to provide for them financially? If your family relies on your income to make ends meet or if your income helps your family maintain their standard of living, you might want to invest in Life Insurance.

Nissan LEAF Debuts Energy Transfer Testing in South Africa

BusinessTech reports that Nissan is collaborating with the uYilo e-Mobility programme to put on trial a system that enables electricity reserves in the LEAF's battery to be distributed to homes where it can be used for cooking and lighting. The experiment was implemented to help uYilo – a manufacturer of electric mobility technology – develop their charging technology in South Africa.

What Further Credit Rating Downgrades Could Actually Mean For You

As government is busy making great effort to restore South Africa's investment grade rating, consumers must now deal with the consequences of Standard & Poor's junk rating. The economic outlook is even more uncertain as we await the announcement from Moody, which has placed South Africa under review for a downgrade and will only reveal its rating of South Africa's credit status around the July 3 deadline.

2017’s Wave of Luxury SUVs

While 2017 vehicle sales in general might be at an all-time low, it appears to be the year that luxury SUVs gain consumer interest, as Land Rover, Volvo, and Bentley put energy into even more technological features in their latest SUV models

What to Do After a Car Accident

Car accidents are an everyday occurrence on South African highways. Our country has the 42nd highest road mortality rate in the world. If your car was involved in an accident what would you do? Below is a step-by-step guide on how to deal with a car accident.

Average Funeral Costs in South Africa

How would you like to be remembered? Some prefer a funeral where family and friends wear bright colours and release multi-coloured balloons while others want a cremation so that their remains can be scattered in the ocean. But what would it cost? We take a closer look...

The Most Searched for Car Brands in South Africa

New vehicle sales in South Africa have increased by 3.7% from January 2016 to January 2017, a welcome improvement from the previous year of sales that saw an 11.4% drop from 2015 to 2016. With an increase in sales, and a seemingly spiked interest in new vehicles from the South African consumer, Hippo.co.za decided to take a look at the top 10 most searched for car brands in South Africa, according to the Google’s keyword planner search results.

Defensive Driving Tips That Could Save Your Life

This article presents several road scenarios that show the importance of mastering the art of defensive driving. Spotting and avoiding road hazards in time will not only ensure a safe driving environment for yourself and other road users but will also keep your driving record spotless (hint: Car Insurance companies take your driving record in consideration when calculating your premium and many will ask if you’ve had additional training).

Balloon Payments and Residual Valuation

Buying a car is usually one of the bigger financial ventures you'll take on in your lifetime. Whether you're in the market for a newly arrived model or intend to approach a used-car dealer, a key step in the car-buying process is figuring out how you're going to pay for it. With the year-on-year increase in car prices, many prospective buyers find that Vehicle Financing is the only way they'll be able to afford their dream car.

How to Save Water and Recycle Grey Water in Your Home

The current drought has forced the city of Cape Town to enforce increasingly severe limitations on water usage. The Cape Town city council said it is now up to every resident to use water wisely, and urged Capetonians to bring down their water consumption even further than the 800 million litres daily target to 700 million litres, or the city may be in an even more critical water crisis.

Motorbike Events Guide for 2017

Motorcycle enthusiasts know that their lifestyle is more than wearing leathers, or going on unplanned adventures with fellow bikers. Sure, nothing beats the feeling of the wind in your face, the scenery, the smells and that sense of freedom, but imagine this sensory feast amplified by a rally or run where you can not only show off your bike but also your riding skills.

How to Navigate the Job Hunt in 2017

Often with a new year comes fresh starts and new resolutions, and if you’re feeling unhappy at work, the beginning of the year might be the best time to make a job, or even a career, change happen. Whether you’ve just finished matric, need a fresh routine or are unhappy with your current salary and have been relying on a Personal Loan to make ends meet, the job hunting process can be rather daunting if you don’t know where to start. With the help of a career expert, we lay out a few top tips to help you through the process, and increase your chances of getting a new job this year.

What You Need to Know About Adoption in SA

In South Africa, by last reports, approximately 11.9 million children (64% of all South African children) live in poverty. The closest possible consensus tells us that some 1.7 million children (9% of all South African children) still live in informal housing such as shacks in backyards or squatter settlements. Due to the number of independent adoption institutions in South Africa, and how loosely regulated they are, no one knows for certain how many adoptions of non-blood related children there are or have been in the country.

BLOG - Are Women or Men Angrier on the Road

Conventional wisdom tells us that men take more driving risks on the road, which is one of the reasons they may face higher premiums for their Car Insurance. But, a new study concludes that women may actually be more likely to throw traffic tantrums.

How Stress Really Leads to Weight Gain

Many people follow a healthy diet because we’ve been told that we should stay away from lots of carbohydrates, fats, and sugar if we don’t want to pile on the kilograms. But, how many of us know that it is not just comfort eating that can make us gain weight?

The Legal Implications of Living Together

There are many reasons why partners choose to move in together rather than getting married right away, ranging from getting to know one another better, to sharing expenses. But, living in cohabitation or being an unmarried couple sometimes results in disputes over assets upon death or separation.

South Africa’s Safest Entry-Level Cars

In September 2016, the Automobile Association (AA) published its first annual ‘Entry Level Vehicle Safety Report’, to identify and compare the safety features in 23 motor vehicles available on the South African market for under R150 000. Poor economic growth, coupled with the increasing price of new motor vehicles has put pressure on young South African drivers, who are looking for an affordable yet safe vehicle. Worryingly, those looking for a vehicle seem to be more preoccupied with the affordability of a vehicle and not its safety features.

Top Locally Made Travel Apps

There seems to be an app for everything these days, from fitness tracking, photography and deal finders, to translation and even travel. So if you plan to travel around the country in the near future you might be wondering which of the thousands of travel apps might be worth getting hold of to help you have the best experience. You want to see all the big sites, find the best accommodation and do it all within your budget. Luckily, exploring and dining in a new city has never been easier with the help of some locally built apps that we’ve listed.

South Africa's Most Stressful Jobs Revealed

A recent study performed by Pharma Dynamics, has revealed interesting results on what the most stressful jobs in South Africa are, and surprisingly, the common corporate-related jobs aren’t at the top of the list. Stress can be measured in different ways, and different jobs can surface different types of stress-related symptoms, but according to the 2 000 respondents who come from over 40 different professional backgrounds, which professionals are the most stressed out?

How a Supermarket's Layout Influences Shopping Behaviour

Most of us are generally aware of the strategically placed luxury items which regularly feature close to the checkout counter of a grocery store. These items will usually include what retail outlets sometimes refer to as “impulse buys” being chocolate, sweets and snacks. What many of us do not put much thought into is how much the remainder of the store’s layout can influence our shopping behaviour.

Unhealthy Food That May Be Good for You

While conventional wisdom tells us to stay away from meals served in foam containers or paper wraps, not all unhealthy food is bad for one's health. Hippo.co.za reached out to two nutrition experts to find out which foods, snacks and beverages traditionally considered dietary no-no's, may actually have positive health outcomes when taken in very limited portions and cooked the right way.

The Cheapest Used Cars to Insure in South Africa

Looking to get the best possible Car Insurance premiums? Hippo.co.za digs deep into some of the aspects your insurer will look at, so that you get a money-saving deal. View the world through the eyes of your Car Insurance company and possibly save a fortune.

The Most Unusual Deaths in History

We are all aware of the fact that we will die someday and that death can catch anyone at any time. The only thing that remains uncertain is its coming. We take a look at some of the strangest ways people have died over the years.

6 Ways to Make Your Home Sell Faster

The faster you can sell your home, the faster you can access the capital you’ve invested in it and move on with your life. The reality, though, is that many houses sit stagnant on the market for several months. This not only eats into profit but may prevent you from moving forward with your property investments. It also means that expenses, like your bond and Household Insurance, keep ticking over all the time while it’s on the market.

Budget-Beating Dinners

Buying your morning cup of coffee. Filling up your car with fuel. Planning your weekly meals. From petrol to milk and bread, everything has gone up in price recently as both globally and locally, economies start to feel the pinch.

Facebook, Death and Grieving

If you've already started planning for the future, you probably have the more important things like Funeral Cover and your estate sorted out by now. But, here's something you probably haven't considered: what happens to your Facebook account when you're gone?

4 Outdoor and Adventure Apps That Could Save Your Life

Have you ever been saved from a potentially life-threatening situation with the help of an app on your smartphone? Find out which apps can turn your smartphone into a survival device.

Five Stats That Show the Importance of Planning Ahead

Every year, companies and researchers run surveys across a variety of disciplines. Most of these studies shed light on customer or civil behaviour, but some also serve as eye-openers that can help us make informed decisions about certain aspects of our lives. Hippo.co.za gathered five statistics from the last three years to illustrate the importance of Life Insurance and planning ahead.

How to Be Safe on the Road This Winter

There are dozens of good reasons to get an affordable Funeral Cover policy in place, but this winter season may be one of the best.

How to Afford Your New Home

So you’ve bought a new home, successfully made the big jump to owning something a bit bigger, but inevitably this comes with some additional costs. Suddenly everything from your home improvement ideas, and even your entertainment, needs to be reassessed to account for the higher costs

Do You Have Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits?

When it comes to your family's financial future, the only thing worse than not having the right type, and amount, of Life Insurance cover is being unaware of a benefit payout that is due – sometimes long after they needed it the most.

The Durban Road Trip Planner

While the rain is coming down at right angles in Cape Town, and Johannesburg locals are shivering in icy temperatures, Durbanites are still going on day trips to the beach. Such is the balmy winter weather of this central KwaZulu-Natal city, and that’s what makes it the perfect place to escape to when you just can’t take the cold anymore. So book your flights to Durban, organise a Car Rental for your arrival, and make sure you’re protected with affordable Travel Insurance so you can enjoy fun in the sun with peace of mind.

Medicine Cabinet Essentials for Parents

It’s an inevitable part of being a parent that at some point you’ll have a sick child on your hands. For more serious illnesses like chickenpox or ear infections, you’ll probably have to make a trip to the doctor, but for minor things like scrapes and cuts, sniffles and tummy bugs you can usually buy over-the-counter medicine to help relieve your little one’s discomfort.

Four Life Events Where Life Insurance Is Important

Be it a brand new baby, an unexpected divorce or the inevitability of growing old, various life stages or significant events turn us into new versions of ourselves. The footloose and fancy-free youngster makes way for an adult with fresh interests and gradual capacity to take on responsibility.

Financial Lessons for Businesses from 2015

It was a turbulent year for the South African economy. From power shortages, drought and the axing of the finance minister to being downgraded by ratings agencies to a notch above “junk”, the country took a serious financial hit. But, with the reinstatement of Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and a steadying Rand offering some relief, all may not be lost. Even though economic growth is of concern, we also know that where there have been problems, there are lessons for us to learn as well.

The Rise of Wellness Holidays

In the past, holidays were all about working on your tan, lounging by the swimming pool and eating too many pastries at the restaurant’s buffet. But, with the growing worldwide trend of personal health and wellness on the rise, holidays have become about much more than that – they’ve become another chance to work on your long-term health, another health investment on top of your Medical Aid plan.

How to Get a Loan in Tough Economic Times

The recent interest rate hikes, food price increases and generally tough economic times in South Africa right now mean that you’re probably feeling a little stretched financially. Personal Loans can help bridge the gap by providing financing in the short-term, which you can pay off in smaller amounts later.

Strange Illnesses You May Not Have Heard Of

Many of us fear being diagnosed with common diseases such as cancer or diabetes, but for a small percentage of the population, visiting a doctor has yielded more terrifying results. More people than you might think, worldwide, suffer from strange and shocking illnesses, many of which you may never have heard of. In this article, you’ll learn more about these conditions, which continue to perplex the medical industry.

Four Top Funeral Scenes from Movies

Great filmmakers move us because they splice together the joy and heartache of life. Nowhere is this emotional rollercoaster more apparent than in comic portrayals of funerals. As the playwright George Bernard Shaw so aptly put it: “Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”

Improving Your Credit Score

Waiting for a Personal Loan to be approved is a bit like going on a first date. Your hands are sweaty and your stomach’s tied in knots, as you wonder whether this is your best option and worry over potential rejection.

Life Insurance Myths

While the concept of Life Insurance is simple – it provides your loved ones with a financial cushion when you’re no longer able to – the different levels of life insurance cover available can make choosing a policy a complex decision.

Nevertirees – Why Some Top Business People Refuse to Retire

Some people are simply far too driven to be slowed down by the march of years. Their work will never be done, and although they may stop to smell the roses it will be when their schedules permit. It’s this sense of ambition and drive which inspires us all and assists in bolstering our otherwise flagging economy.

Write a Will and Protect Your Legacy

According to an article on Fin24, only about 10% of South Africans have a will. This seems like risky behaviour when the cost of drafting a will is the same amount you might spend on a gift for someone or a night out on the town. But in fact, a proper will could be the most important gift you ever give your loved ones besides having things like Life Insurance and Funeral Cover policies in place, so that they’re looked after when you’re gone. A will is a way of protecting your legacy and ensuring that after you pass away, your belongings and money are distributed as you want them to be.

High-Risk Activities & Life Insurance

As human beings, we're always pursuing meaningful experiences that add value to our lives. For some people, living life to the fullest often means pushing the boundaries. We want to accomplish great things before we depart this earth. That’s why we sometimes deliberately challenge our senses – which serve to shield us from danger – by engaging in extreme activities. We broaden our horizons by travelling to every country in the world, even the ones that top the "Most Dangerous Countries" list.

The Most Expensive Items in the World

With food prices expected to increase by 10% by the middle of this year, many South Africans will have to rely on a Personal Loan to make ends meet. But, even when money is tight and we've obtained some extra bucks to help us get through the month, we sometimes get tempted to spoil ourselves with luxury indulgences. There are many high-priced lifestyle options ordinary folk may desire such as a R2 000 pair of designer shoes or a meal worth R600 at an upscale restaurant. Then, there is a pair of headphones that is worth over R800 000.

Disgusting Things You May Be Eating

Are you aware of what you're eating? Of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't have ordered your favourite burger from your local fast food outlet. But do you know what it consists of? It may just seem like a tasty compilation of a bun, beef patty, cheese and tomato, but there may be more to that burger than meets the eye.

Leisure Activities Under R200

As we head into autumn, Mother Nature will be treating us to a few more weeks of extra daylight, clear skies and warm temperatures. Why not take advantage of the glorious weather and have some fun in the sun with your loved ones. If you prefer to seek excitement away from home, Travel Insurance may be all you need to ensure that your family enjoys a worry-free trip.

Car Health: Know Your Symptoms

Every car runs the risk of malfunctioning at the worst possible time, which is why it's best to have Car Insurance so that you can protect yourself in the event of a car accident that may result from mechanical failure. Fortunately, you don't always need to be a mechanic to know when something is wrong with your precious set of wheels. Most of these problems can actually be detected by just listening, feeling and being alert while driving.

E-Cigarettes - Are They Any Cheaper or Safer?

In an era where tobacco is one of the biggest public health threats, many smokers have embraced electronic cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to tobacco products. Some of these battery-powered devices look like traditional cigarettes and cigars, and all of them produce flavoured steam that not only simulate tobacco smoke, but also deliver a smaller amount of toxin-containing nicotine.

Freshers' Guide To First Year at Varsity

The transition from high school to university is a remarkable event for young adults and their parents. Not only does it reward twelve years of hard work and dedication, but it's also a step closer to fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Emergency Funds: 911 Refinancing

Your car suddenly won’t start. You lose your job unexpectedly. Your child needs urgent medical treatment. We don’t like to think about these things, but the reality is that life is unpredictable and you won’t always have enough savings to cover these unexpected expenses. That’s where emergency funds such as a Personal Loan can come in handy: they give you access to cash quickly in times when you need it most.

The Great Credit Deal Comparison

Let’s face it – credit has a bad reputation. When most of us think of short-term loans and credit cards, we think of high interest rates, huge monthly repayments and being stuck in an endless cycle of debt. But the truth is, having a credit facility can actually be really useful in managing your finances – as long as you know which product best suits your circumstances, and how to manage any resulting debt properly.

Collecting Personal Debt From Friends & Family

You may think of debt collectors as heavyset men with crowbars but the reality is that there may come a time where you are required to collect debt too. Maybe you lent your sister some cash to cover the cost of a new set of brake pads for her car? Maybe a friend needed to buy an engagement ring and you loaned him the money so he could marry the girl of his dreams?

Money Mumbo Jumbo

Money. We all need it. We all want more of it. But sometimes, it can be difficult to get your head around how investments work with all the complex financial terms and concepts. Luckily, the team at Hippo.co.za is here to help. We went out and interviewed some of the brightest minds in the industry to get explanations on some financial and economic terms you may not understand.

Career Guidance for People with Disabilities

Life is full of unforeseen challenges and complications, which is why having Life Insurance can help you care for your family's future. But, what if you are unable to afford your monthly premiums in the event of a sudden disability that forced you to quit your current job?

Eat Your Way Around the World

Travelling around the world provides you with the opportunity to experience new cultures, see incredible sights, meet new people and, most importantly, sample new food! Yes, when you travel abroad not only do you feed your mind, but your stomach gets a healthy dose of adventure too.

Your Guide to Smooth Streaming

“Netflix is finally here”. You might have seen this statement or others like it on your social media pages last week. This after Netflix announced that its service is now available in 130 new countries around the world, including South Africa. And, while most South Africans are eager to start streaming and argue the pros and cons of Netflix vs. ShowMax, some might have a few questions as to how video streaming actually works. Luckily Hippo.co.za is here to help. We’ve consulted various sources to ensure that you don’t experience any technical difficulties while binge-watching your favourite TV shows or movies.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Your First Car

Buying a first car is a huge decision for both parents and the young adult who’ll actually be driving it. Motives can often differ however, with the driver typically being focused on aesthetics, trends and fuel costs. The parents, though wanting to take the above into account, may still be more concerned with safety features and mechanical soundness – and, of course, Car Insurance options.

Five Budget-Friendly Overseas Holiday Destinations

The festive season is almost here, which for many of us means the chance to get away and refresh ourselves at the end of a long year. But, if you’re thinking of going overseas for the holidays, the South African Rand exchange rate is unfortunately about as weak as it’s ever been. With cost cutting on everyone’s mind, we’ve compiled a guide of overseas destinations that give you a few of the best value for your Rand options from a forex point of view.

South Africa’s Greatest Treks

As we run between cubicles and stare at LED monitors for hours on end, we often forget that South Africa is a land of adventure, filled with unforgettable journeys - but it's up to you to embark on them. The holiday season is fast approaching and with the weather warming up, it is a perfect time to experience some of the greatest treks in South Africa.

Famous Movie Adventurers Who Would've Needed Life Insurance

The most popular science-fiction and fantasy adventurers often lead relatively intense and extraordinary lives, which is why we find them so compelling. But, saving the world from the forces of darkness does not come without risk. Not only do their pursuits jeopardise our heroes' lives, it can also have an impact on the future of their dependants.

Where Has My Airtime Gone?

Over the years, many South Africans have asked this one simple question, “Where has my airtime gone?. In response, there have been many answers from providers, some have been useful while others have seemed too vague or shifted responsibility. In this article, we’ll look at the most likely causes of airtime loss and what you can do to manage your data effectively. We’ll also take a look at how you can protect your privacy and data. While our goal is to protect your data, remember to also protect your hardware with Cellphone Cover.

Motorbike Events Guide for 2016

For some of us, owning a motorbike is more than just an affordable means to get to work. It invokes a feeling of identity and freedom. When on the road, every toss and lean fires up the senses; every bump and vibration contributes to an exhilarating adventure. If you consider riding as a hallowed experience, you will know there's nothing that fuels your passion like a motorbike rally or run. It's a chance to rub shoulders with like-minded people, and an occasion where individual riders and motorbike clubs truly become a community.

Car Safety Hacks

Given the 14.25% increase in car and truck hijackings in South Africa over the last year, having Car Insurance can be worthwhile as it provides you with financial protection from potential loss of and damage to your vehicle.

Experts Reveal How to Create a Wedding Day Budget

He asked you to marry him and you said yes. Congratulations! So far you both have experienced a few weeks of post-engagement bliss, but now it's time to give the wedding some serious thought. When you get the preparations underway, some items on your checklist will be fun to execute while others, such as dealing with the cost of the wedding, can be overwhelming.

Your Guide to Switching Medical Aid

We all have different needs when it comes to our health and Medical Aid scheme. While you may have been with your current Medical Aid provider for quite some time now, it might be a good idea to review your current plan and ask the right questions such as how its provisions suit your current state of health.

Trending Scams in South Africa

In South Africa, we work very hard for our money which is why Insurance is so important to us culturally. Sadly, even though replacing lost assets can be difficult, there are opportunists out there who won’t hesitate to con us out of everything that we’ve managed to accumulate.

A Fool's Guide to Living Longer

For centuries, society has been captivated by the idea of a prolonged existence. Attempts to extend human life have ranged from pursuits of mythical substances in ancient times, to more recent stem-cell research and anti-aging treatments.

9 Month Baby Planner

You’ve watched your home pregnancy test turn pink and perhaps you sat for a moment thereafter wondering how you felt about it. But, whether this is a planned pregnancy or not, you may experience more than just a moment of stress considering the financial implications

Insurance Telematics and Tailored Coverage

Insurance companies usually look at demographic factors such as age, gender and location as one way to measure the risk profile of Car Insurance policy holders. For example, vehicle accidents are considered to be more frequent amongst male drivers 25 years and younger, hence this group tends to pay a higher rate on their Car Insurance premium.

Why You Should Inform Your Insurance Provider Before Using Airbnb

Since its inception in 2008, Airbnb has experienced mounting success among travellers looking for low cost accommodation options without having to compromise on comfort. With listings in more than 35 000 cities and 192 countries, Airbnb rivals the conventional hospitality business model by allowing guests to rent lodgings online and directly from private property owners.

Start Your Own Business Instead of Getting a Job

Whether you're a recent university graduate or someone who has discovered your current job isn't what you expected at all, you're bound to start thinking about what to do next.

Funeral Customs in South Africa

You may not feel comfortable reflecting on the subject of death, but sadly there will come a time when funeral arrangements have to be made for you and your loved ones. And, even though you cannot elude death, you can ensure you are well prepared for this unfortunate event by taking out funeral cover.

Big City Life—SA’s Most Expensive Provinces

Whether you’re happy in your city, wanting to move, or needing to move, you’ve probably heard all the stories about the expenses of living in certain SA cities. Before you take out that personal loan, get the inside story from some experts and stats which compare our provinces.

Travel Insurance for John Doe

It's day five of your dream holiday abroad. You've already gone on numerous sight-seeing excursions, sampled traditional cuisine, made new friends and uploaded tons of photos to social media.

Three Ways to Manage The Cost of University Study

As parents we often ask our children what they want to become when they grow up. The enthusiastic responses may vary from doctor and teacher to astronaut and lawyer.

Will you be able to afford education for your children?

With steadily increasing electricity costs and unstable service delivery, rampant price hikes are occurring across various industries in the country.

DIY Fixes Around The House: How to Get your Real Estate Value Soaring

While household insurance is essential to protect your greatest asset you also want to increase its value without breaking the bank. Our experts explain how.

5 Ways to Use Personal Loans Wisely

Personal loans have been a matter of some debate for a long time, both in South Africa and all across the world.

Experts Advise How to Cut your Electricity Bill

If your electricity bill is reaching critical levels then join us in chatting to the experts on cutting costs.

How Health Experts Feel About Your Self Diagnosis

A good medical aid policy may prevent growing cyberchondria. Find out what South African health experts think of your Internet based self-diagnosis.

Stay in Shape this Winter

With winter here, many of us feel less motivated to work out and stay active. The days have become shorter and darker, the temperatures have dropped and all we really want to do is seek the warmth of the covers and the fireplace,rather than hit the gym.

Top 10 Car Accessories to Have

Whether you're new to the world of owning your own motor vehicle and having both the responsibility and freedom that it affords you or you're a veteran owner, you've probably found out that a car can come to serve as a second home of sorts.

Life Insurance is Series-ly Important

South Africa often seems like a really dangerous place with protests, high assault statistics and the kind of driving you might expect to see en route to a concert.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Really More Expensive?

As a motorcycle owner, you already enjoy some additional benefits not shared by regular car drivers. More often than not, motorcycles are cheaper to maintain, have lower fuel consumption, can easily navigate through traffic, and park effortlessly.

Top Ten Legends of SA Rugby

Rugby fans often debate about the greatest legends of SA rugby. With rugby fever currently running high, the debate will once again rage around the braai.

Hippo radio campaign: What you could be doing with your monthly insurance savings

Hippo's comparison engine runs hundreds of tailored comparisons side by side to get you the best car insurance quotes to save you money on a monthly basis.

Skip Winter and Fly to These Destinations

When it comes to flights to remote destinations, nothing beats chasing the sun and skipping out on all the inconveniences of winter such as cold feet, and short days.

Top Ten Things to do This Winter

Winter is finally here and while most of us would prefer to rather withdraw into the warm depths of a blanket, there's really no need to give this season the cold shoulder.

Upcoming Car Shows in 2015

You're already watching Ignition religiously on DStv, while Top Gear magazine has become your very own motoring Bible – but as a petrolhead you also like to experience all the action in the flesh.

The Toll of Load Shedding on Personal Possessions

With the country’s electricity network currently taking heavy strain, load shedding will continue to be a reality for South Africans. Sadly, this means many more months of missing your favourite TV programmes or being left with half-cooked food.

Top 10 Biggest Business Insurance Blunders

So you've been in the insurance-paying game for a while now; you've got comprehensive car insurance, your family's assets are covered when they're in the house and when they aren't – you have all your ducks in a row and you like it.

An Insurance Tale of Two Families

It’s a fact of life that every day we face some uncertainty about what could go wrong, what challenges we could face and what the outcome could be if the worst did happen.

The Ten Cheapest SA Sports Cars to Insure

If you’re an avid sports car fan then you’ve probably enjoyed the swath of exciting models which have been released over the last few years.

Smash-and-grab's hidden costs

Many South Africans have been the unfortunate victims of smash-and-grab attacks on their cars.

Cancer Warriors tell us their tales of survival

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and is widely promoted across the globe. Reported as the most common form of the cancer disease among women in South Africa, the prevalence and rate of diagnosis is becoming more and more of a concern.

10 movie scenes where insurance would have helped

Have you ever watched a movie and thought to yourself; “Gee, I wonder if they’ve got insurance?” Today we look at 10 classic movie scenes where insurance would most likely have paid off had they been insured.

The Greatest South African Road Trip: Cape Town to Mozambique

Today we’re going to help you prepare for your first (or next) SA road trip. We’ll take you through a particular route from Cape Town to Mozambique, as told by people who have made the journey.

Property insurance unpacked

What is the difference between home and property insurance and why you need both.

The real state of SA crime

Whether you’re sipping on your tea in a five-storey home in an upper-class residential area, find yourself comfortably ensconced in your three-bedroom townhouse in the more middle-class neck of the suburbs, no one is safe or exempt from being a victim of

Why medical aid matters in South Africa

Sometimes living in South Africa can feel like a serious gamble. Just prior to this publication, we posted a detailed article on the state of South African roads which didn’t paint a rosy picture. In this article we look at the leading causes of natural a

Buckle Up: Stats Reveal SA's Transport Carnage

Today as you read this, on a South African road, you have one of the highest chances in the world of having

Local VS International: where is the insurance industry headed?

‘Change is a coming’ – with industry leaders forecasting a shift in the insurance industry, a vast majority of insurance companies will need to decide whether they will sink or swim.

The pitfalls of potholes: a closer look at South African roads

Potholes have become a serious point of discussion especially, as they seem to have increased in number over the past few years.

Choosing the Right Car Security for You

Many people wonder if they need anything more than the most basic car alarm systems. If you're in this boat at the moment, then consider the fact that most car insurance companies offer a decreased premium based on the type of alarm installed.

Pros and Cons of New VS Used

The decision to go with a new or used car can affect your car insurance premium as well as impact your wallet in various other ways. There are pros and cons for both sides of the argument and a lot of it comes down to your personal situation.

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

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