Fibre to the home

Why Fibre Speed is Important

Speed is one of the most important factors to consider when comparing fibre providers, internet service providers and packages. Fibre speed could vary greatly depending on the area in which you are situated. Thanks to increased competition in the fibre industry, more and more areas are getting access to faster connections. This means that it is important to regularly compare packages to ensure that you are getting the best possible deal.

Fibre Data

A key consideration is the amount of data you pay for. With terms such as “uncapped”, “capped”, “throttled”, and “shaped”, navigating the murky waters of fibre data can be extremely tough. That is why it is important that you compare different providers’ prices and benefits side by side to ensure that you get a deal that best suits your needs, whether that be price, speed or amount of data.

Fibre Download Rates
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What download rate do I need?

Ideal for most households. You watch Netflix & YouTube in HD and stream music.

Up to 40Mbps:
Your home is busy with multiple smart phones, you enjoy gaming and streaming Netflix on multiple TVs.

Over 100Mbps:
Ideal for power users and small businesses.

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There are many things to factor in when buying fibre internet. Firstly, you have to find out who has laid the fibre in your area, then you have to know which service providers (ISPs) are offering packages on that fibre network, then you have to make a decision about which service provider you would like to choose and finally what package (Speed) suits your connectivity needs. Hippo does all this for you in a few easy steps so all you have to do is enter your address and choose the right package.

A quick guide to fibre

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Fibre is not a new technology, and has been around for almost a decade. It’s only recently become more visible and available to consumers due to the increase in companies which supply it, as demand for faster Internet increases.

According to MWEB, fibre works through “fibre optic cables that use light impulses to carry data instead of the electrical impulses transmitted on traditional ADSL copper cables. The light bounces along thin glass fibre tubes at the speed of light, which makes it very, very fast”.

The days of loading and buffering are promised to be an issue of the past!

A quick guide to getting fibre

Does Hippo cover my area?

Hippo has taken the coverage maps of all the major Fibre Network Operators in South Africa and overlaid them into one convenient map.

Not only can we tell you if there is fibre currently available in your area but we also show you if your area has fibre planned for roll-out in the near future.

How long before i'm setup?

All service providers differ but, in some cases, you can be connected within 48 hours and some cases can take up to four weeks depending on the network that you are on and the provider that you have chosen.

Four weeks is worst case scenario and you should be up and running within a week or two.

What do I do if there is no fibre coverage and no planned fibre in my area?

Although fibre is rolling out really quickly, there are some areas which do not yet have coverage.

The best solution here is to choose a month-to-month LTE product while you wait for fibre to be rolled out in your area.

What does it mean if there is fibre planned in my area but not currently available?

This means that a company has been commissioned to lay fibre in your area and that this will be implemented very soon. If you have fibre planned in your area, select a package and you can be up and running in no time.

Some providers will also provide you with a month-to-month LTE connection while you wait for your fibre and then seamlessly transfer you to your fibre connection once it is live.