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Launched in 2007, Hippo.co.za is South Africa's first comparison website and compares insurance and other personal finance products from a range of South African brands. Before Hippo.co.za, consumers had to call around for hours trying to find the cheapest quote to suit their needs.

Hippo.co.za compares a range of South African providers, their prices and benefits in minutes via our instant real-time search results. Hippo.co.za compares Motor, Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, Health, Life Insurance Personal Loans, and More. The Hippo.co.za comparison website helps you save time and the hassle of shopping around for quotes by doing all of the hard work of searching for you. Hippo.co.za will help you find the right product, and then if you are interested, will put the selected provider in touch with you directly so that you can find out more or buy.

Hippo.co.za helps thousands of people compare quotes for free before they buy or switch.

How it Works

Hippo.co.za makes use of cutting-edge technology to provide our customers with the best deal. Our web services are managed and run by leading and experienced web developers, meaning that our customers always have the best experience, and that the quotes are always competitive. The quotes we provide are pulled directly from our providers, which means that we always provide you with the best deal.

Hippo.co.za is free to use, and commission free. We make money simply by charging our partners a fee when a customer chooses to find out more about their products. This is important because, as a business, we need to make money in order to continue to provide you, our customers, with the best deals.

Comparing quotes on Hippo.co.za is easy; first visit the product page, for example Car Insurance or Household Insurance. Second, complete the quick quote form which should only take a few minutes. Third, compare prices and benefits from a range of brands on the search results page. Remember, these results are ordered by price alone as we don't favour any of our providers. Finally, click the "I'm Interested" button and the provider you select will call you back to provide more information or to arrange your policy.

Comparing with Hippo.co.za is quick, easy and free.

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Telesure Investment Holdings (TIH)

Rest assured, Hippo.co.za is part of TIH, but we are a completely separate business and pride ourselves on always being unbiased and impartial. Most of the leading comparison websites around the world are owned and run by an insurance group, providing stability and expertise in the insurance industry. TIH owns and operates several of South Africa's leading insurance brands such as Auto & General, Budget Insurance, Dialdirect, 1st for Women and Virseker.

Like international comparison websites, our search results and quotes are ordered by price alone. We don't favour any brands as our mission is to provide our customers with the best insurance deal, always acting unbiased and impartially to find you the best deal.


The BGL Group, part of the greater TIH also own comparison websites across the globe such as Compare the Market UK, Compare the Market Australia, LesFurets.com in France, Koalay and Hesapkurdu in Turkey, Hoyhoy in Holland and a few more.

Who We Work With

Our partners include a wide range of South Africa's leading insurance, finance and other industry brands. We carefully select all our partners, and we are always striving to add more partners in order to provide you, our customers, with the best deal.

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