Keep Your Courier Business Delivering with the Right Insurance

When you're always on the go and carrying your customers' precious cargo, you need to be insured!

Couriers are some of the most loved people in South Africa! Whether they're delivering a hunger-busting food order or a new pair of sneakers, the knock on the door from the delivery services guy feels like a visit from Santa Claus.

But delivery packages can go missing or get broken, so if you're running a delivery business you need to make sure you're covered.

The keys to success for a delivery service

A reliable fleet? Yes. Accurate maps? Definitely. Insurance? You betcha — because the right insurance will keep your business on the road to success, protecting you from the unpredictable, the unavoidable and the unpleasant, so that you can focus on your business goals.

The types of insurance a courier delivery service needs

Vehicle Insurance

Whether you're starting out with a small scooter and big dreams, or you've built up a fleet and are covering large areas, Business Car Insurance is vital. It's specifically designed for commercial operations and can be taken out as a stand-alone policy. When dealing with your insurer, let them know that you run a courier delivery service so that you get the right cover for the vehicles, tools and other common risks.

Third-party Cover is a valuable addition to consider, as it will help you manage any legal and financial costs if one of your drivers is at fault in an accident.

Goods-in-transit insurance

The name says it all. Goods-in-transit (GIT) Insurance protects contents in transit aka the packages you need to deliver. It only covers goods in your possession, not before they're collected by you or after you've delivered them.

GIT makes provision for theft, loss or damage of items youve committed to deliver, and it applies across transport modesHowever, it’s important tconfirm that your insurance policy covers the modes of transport you use, just in case, because you don't want to end up with a bunch of unhappy customers who don't get their orders.

If you sometimes have goods in storage, or a process that includes a depot for items waiting to be delivered, then you'd need to consider courier insurance.

Courier insurance

This is insurance tailored for courier delivery services. For example, it considers the time your drivers spend on the road going from A(manzimtoti) to B(enoni) — which is a lot more time than the average driver using a company car for their daily commute. Generally, this type of cover allows you to claim for damage, theft (including hijacking), loss and third-party events.

As your company grows and you start doing business beyond our borders, you'd want to update your cover to include foreign countries.

Bonus cover that's very good to have

Public Liability Insurance protects you (the business owner) and your staff from actions resulting in damage, illness, injury or loss to another while doing business. These things do happen.

Other good-to-have insurance products include equipment breakdown insurance and employee dishonesty insurance (which protect your operations and reputation so your business can thrive), Public Liability Cover, broadform liability insurance, and Directors Insurance.

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