What Insurance Do You Need if You’re Running a Funeral Parlour?

With the right policies in place, your funeral parlour business can focus on servicing grieving families with confidence.

In South Africa, funerals and cremations are significant affairs across cultures. According to the Funeral Services and Related Activities in South Africa 2022 report, the national funeral services industry grows at about 12% per annum (generating about R10 billion), with 70,000 undertakers and 15,000 funeral parlours contributing to that staggering number. There's money to be made in funeral services — if your funeral parlour business has the right insurance in place to keep it alive should the unforeseen take place.

Business Insurance

First thing you need? Business Insurance. It's valuable for any enterprise, as it protects you should your business operations be interrupted. This could be due to unexpected fire damage to your property, including your company cars; theft; a natural disaster or the injury of a key member of your team.

When discussing Business Insurance with a prospective insurer, be sure to query Commercial Property Insurance, Employers Liability Insurance and Key Person Business Insurance, which provides financial cover should an important person in the business (for example, the owner) be unable to work due to death, disability or illness.

Business Car Insurance

As you'll be transporting the deceased, the last thing you want is to be stuck on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle. Business Car Insurance will help you avoid such situations.

Public Liability Insurance

Should you or your hard-working employees ever be found legally responsible for third-party property damage or bodily injury during business hours, you'll be grateful that you have Public Liability Insurance in place. It covers you in cases of negligence, as well as accidental loss or damage.


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