Insurance Cover for a Successful Motorbike Food Delivery Service

Delivering food via a bike or scooter is not for the faint-hearted. Your insurance shouldn't be either.

The business of motorcycle-based food delivery services in South Africa is growing fast, offering consumers a world of convenience while creating job opportunities. Running a motorbike food delivery service is a great way to BYOB (no, that's not 'bring your own bottle'... it's 'be your own boss'!), especially if you're gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit. You'll get to set your own hours and determine your level of input based on your goals.

Insurance needs for motorbike eats (wink wink)

Food delivery platforms such as UberEats and MrD typically require you to have personal insurance in place before they'll consider your application to partner as a motorcycle food carrier. However, it's important to understand the difference between personal and commercial Motorcycle Insurance.

When you use your motorcycle for work purposes (ie, to generate an income), you need commercial motorcycle insurance as your coverage needs are different to those of someone who uses their motorcycle for personal and/or recreational needs. For example, as a motorcycle food carrier, you're likely to be on the road more often, for longer stretches of time and late into the night, all of which increase your risk profile considerably.

When choosing an insurer, be sure to disclose how you'll be using your motorcycle. This will prevent a situation in which your claim (the application you make to your insurer for payment when something goes wrong) is not honoured when you need it most.

Get to know the basics of motorbike insurance

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance is a catch-all insurance product that will add much-needed resilience to your food delivery business. It protects you in the event that your bike is involved in an accident and causes damage to the vehicle.

As a wholly inclusive insurance product, it includes third-party coverage, which is important if you are liable for the death or injury of someone else and/or damage to someone else's property. It also offers fire and theft cover for the cost of repairing or replacing your treasured money-making vehicle. In short, it covers all your bases.


Now, let’s talk about protecting the goods

You might not need Goods in Transit Insurance if you're only scooting between various points collecting and delivering food, but if you were transporting something of higher value, this insurance covers the theft or damage of goods between collection and delivery points.


Accidents happen — it's a part of life

The reality of being on the road as often as a motorcycle food carrier means accepting that injury, to yourself and/or others, is almost inevitable. The best thing then is to prepare and have the proper insurance in place.

Bodily injury liability insurance will also cover you for legal and financial costs if you're sued for bodily injury caused to others due to your own negligence. Of course, we hope you never need to use this. You should also think about Professional Liability Insurance and Health Insurance (or Medical Aid).

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