Tick Off Insurance for Your Shuttle Service Business

The only list you'll need when it comes to insurance cover

Shuttle services are a key part of South Africa's transport system. Whether they're carting local people around or fetching and carrying foreign visitors, shuttle services help get people where they need to go... safely, reliably and hassle-free!

Why insurance matters for shuttle services

Transporting people is a great way to make an income in South Africa. But it's not without risks to your business, your car and, most importantly, the lives of everyone in your vehicle and others on the roads (this is Mzansi after all). Insurance matters because it protects the things you value most if anything goes wrong.

Car Insurance — it goes without saying

No-one can predict when a road accident might happen, so having reliable and comprehensive Car Insurance in place for your money-maker is a total no-brainer. Stats show that about 65% of South Africa's 10 million motorists are driving around uninsured... and that just pushes up the risk for everybody on our roads.

In other words, you can't rely on other people having Car Insurance. Having your own cover will protect you from all angles, and it'll cover you if your shuttle is stolen or breaks down.

And since you use your vehicle to make money, you might want to upgrade your insurance to the appropriate commercial cover. If you need to park a whole fleet, then Commercial Insurance will cover your company property, too!

Don't get caught without third-party insurance either

Third-party insurance covers damage caused to another person and/or their property if you are responsible for an accident. Some drivers see this as an alternative to Car Insurance, and opt for this product in the belief that they'll take care of their car repairs out of their own pocket. That's all well and good if you have very, very deep pockets... If you want to be fully covered, it's safer to have both.

Add passenger liability insurance

This will cover your passengers in the event of an unthinkable incident, like injury or death. Nobody likes to think about something like that happening, but as a responsible business owner you need to. It will help protect your business if the worst should happen.

Fire and theft insurance

Fire and theft insurance are also key to keeping your shuttle service on the go. When your vehicles are on the road as much as they are, there's always a risk that one could get damaged (or stolen) through hijacking or theft. That's a scary thought... but it's also a good motivator to install a Car Tracker. Unless you have cash-in-transit hero Leo Prinsloo driving your car, this one's a certified South African must-have.

Always ask the hard questions

Maybe there's an overlap between certain products. Maybe you're not clear on all the details. Maybe you're under-insured... or over-insured. Among all those maybes, there's one definitely: you should definitely discuss your policies and benefits with your insurance provider to ensure you know exactly what you're getting.

And remember that even though you're running a shuttle service, there's more to think about than just your vehicle(s). You also need to cover your business needs and protect its operations. Cue Business Insurance. Once you've done all that, you can hit the road with confidence and serve your clients and passengers with a smile!

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