Guide to Datsun GO in South Africa

Aspiring to be one of the most affordable cars on the South African market, the Datsun GO was introduced at a highly competitive price with various standard specifications. With a loyal following for the Datsun brand and the company that owns it, Nissan, the GO seemed to have everything it needed to succeed, but there was one glaring flaw.

Following a Euro NCAP safety test in 2014, the Datsun GO was one of the few cars to ever score zero, which was a major worry for the brand. The vehicle didn't even have basic safety specs such as anti-lock braking system (ABS) or airbags. So big was the concern that Global NCAP Chairman, Max Mosley, urged Nissan's CEO, Carlos Ghosn, to recall the GO model and address the issue immediately.

Datsun updated the GO model by focusing on safety, and this seems to have worked, as the Datsun GO has become one of the top-selling cars in South Africa.

A brief history of Datsun GO

Datsun aimed to offer alternative affordable motoring solutions in developing countries such as South Africa and India. The Datsun brand was brought back to life and the GO was unveiled in 2013 by the Japanese automotive giant, Nissan, and produced and manufactured under the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi partnership.

Datsun GO details

The bold styling of the Datsun GO features unique-looking headlights and stylish LED lights on the front bumper. It comes standard with several creature comforts including power steering, central locking, and electric windows. It even has anti-fatigue seats that help to keep drivers alert on long journeys. The infotainment system supports both Android Auto and Apple Car Play and has voice recognition.

The updated GO features dual front airbags, ABS, and reverse parking-assist sensors. It also has Follow Me Home technology, which keeps the headlights on for a few seconds after locking the vehicle so you can see where you're walking at night.

The Datsun GO MID 1.2 petrol engine produces 50kW and 104Nm of torque and offers a combined fuel cycle of 5.2 L/100 km.

Buying a Datsun GO

By working with Nissan South Africa, Datsun offers the GO model at 103 dealerships across the country. To try one out for yourself, book a Datsun Go test drive online on the Datsun South Africa website or visit any of their dealerships.

The Datsun GO MID retails from R149,600, the Datsun GO+ retails from R159,600, and the GO+ Panel Van retails from R155,900.

Datsun GO warranty

The Datsun GO comes standard with a comprehensive six-year/150,000 km warranty on all models and variants. Additional service plans are available as well.

Datsun also offers 24-hour roadside assistance for their customers, and guarantees using only genuine Datsun parts at all their dealerships and service centres.

Datsun GO insurance

Datsun vehicles aren't on the list of most stolen vehicles in South Africa, according to data provided by Ctrack, the vehicle tracking and recovery service. This might have a positive effect on the cost of Datsun GO car insurance due to its lower risk of theft. Get a car insurance quote your Datsun Gousing the car insurance comparison tool.

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