Guide to Ford Ranger in South Africa

Ford has offered exciting and capable cars throughout its existence, from the RS Cosworth to the popular Mondeo and Fiesta models. Although all of them are great in their own right, there is only one Ford model that ranks above the rest in South Africa: the Ford Ranger.

'Built tough', as their slogan goes, Ford is adamant that the Ranger is exactly what South African bakkie owners need. According to the NAAMSA Vehicle Sales Reports, they are right. The Ford Ranger is one of the best-selling vehicles in the country, with thousands sold locally each month.

A brief history of Ford Ranger

First built as a pickup truck in the United States in 1983, the Ranger model competed with the highly popular Chevrolet models of the time. The first Ford Ranger bakkie was built for the international market in 1998.

Designed and engineered on the Mazda B Series platform, the Ford Ranger was a reliable and highly capable vehicle at this time. Using an existing platform meant Ford could focus on developing its own characteristics into a tried-and-tested model that was known for its practicality and reliability.

The second-generation Ford Ranger was unveiled in 2002 and featured updated styling, specifications, and various other creature comforts such as electric windows and power steering. Due to its success, Ford continued to develop the Ranger model with updated features and designs.

2011 saw Ford introduce their first premium Ranger, the Wildtrak. Designed to be the best that Ford could offer in terms of luxury and capability, the Wildtrak is the elite Ranger.

Sales of Ford Rangers skyrocketed with the arrival of the 2011 model, which became a regular contender for best-selling car in South Africa. Ford finally trumped the long-reigning champion, the Toyota Hilux, for the top-selling vehicle spot in South Africa, and the battle between the two has continued on a monthly basis since.

The latest Ford Ranger 2019 model launched recently with a host of updated features including new design details, upgraded technological specifications, and improved engine performance.

Buying a Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is available at any Ford dealership across South Africa, with customisations offered on specific models. Ford builds their Ranger models in South Africa, meaning costs are lower and production waiting times are shorter.

Ford also offers their in-house Ford Credit Financing, designed to help customers build the perfect financing package for their budgets. From providing flexible terms and mileage options to helping graduates purchase their vehicle, the Ranger model is easily accessible to the South African market.

Each Ford Ranger is built to be tough, from the single cab workhorses to the king cab city cruisers. Their engine range is extensive, with the middle-spec 3.2L engine producing 147kW and 470Nm of torque, ensuring plenty of power is available. Because safety is a priority, it is fitted with electronic stability program (ESP) and anti-lock brake system (ABS), which come in handy at the worksite or when off-roading.

Venturing off-road is no problem for the Ranger as its ground clearance allows for 800mm water wading, the hill descent control (HDC) provides traction at extreme angles, and the electronically locking rear differential ensures the vehicle remains stable while climbing over boulders.

Ford has equipped certain models with its unique infotainment system, which connects your phone to the vehicle and gives you access to helpful apps and voice assistance.

The entry-level Ford Ranger Single Cab 2.2L TDCi Diesel retails from R289,900.

The premium Ford Ranger Double Cab Wildtrak retails from R655,900.

You can also hire any Ford Ranger model from a car rental service if you are not yet looking to buy one.

Ford Ranger warranty

Ford offers different in-house warranties depending on your model, which includes the Genuine Parts Warranty, ensuring owners receive genuine Ford parts at each service at a Ford dealership or approved agent.

It never hurts to compare the prices and features of different car warranties or services plans; you could find the perfect one from any number of financial service providers and it's free to compare them on the website.

Ford Ranger insurance

Ford offers their Ford Off-Road Academy 4x4 Training programme to help customers learn the capabilities of their Rangers. If you complete one of these courses, your car insurer may take this into consideration when you're looking for a Ford Ranger car insurance quote.

Ford also offers their in-house Vehicle Protection insurance policies, which range from insuring the car to getting credit protection, extended cover, and a deposit protector. Your Ford Ranger will be protected against accidental damage, theft, and hijacking, while the credit protection ensures your vehicle debt will be covered in the instance of retrenchment, permanent or temporary disability, critical illness, and death.

Why not connect with a local Ford dealership to inquire more about their specific insurance packages and compare insurance prices with the quotes you receive on the car insurance comparison tool?

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Information provided for informational purposes. Prices quoted correct at the time of publishing this article.