1Life Insurance

History of our brand

1Life launched in March 2006 as South Africa’s first fully direct life insurer due to a need for consumers to save on their life insurance premiums.

We embarked on a rebrand from 1Lifedirect to 1Life – changing lives in 2012, as our offering expanded beyond direct solutions to brokers and broader distributors for greater market penetration and appeal.

We are trusted by millions of South Africans to provide solutions that suit their needs.

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Product offering

  • Life insurance
  • Dread disease cover
  • Disability cover
  • Funeral cover
  • All Woman policy – a bespoke offering for women catering to their specific health and safety needs while securing them, and their children’s future
  • Expense protection – provides a monthly income until retirement in the event of being temporarily disabled by illness or injury
  • Financial planning – a tailored financial solution combining life, dread and disability cover
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Unique benefits

At 1Life, we make cover less complicated by not requiring full medicals*. All of our clients can get covered after taking a quick saliva swab test instead of having numerous invasive procedures.

We keep our clients updated through free financial advice, in-depth blog posts and monthly newsletters.

We are also the only insurer with an online financial needs analysis tool that empowers our clients to get the best cover for their needs. We manage every aspect of your policy through a simple phone call, avoiding any tedious paperwork.

Truth About Money, a 1Life initiative, strives to help South Africans take control of their finances and make better informed decisions that can change their lives. Truth About Money offers debt management and counselling, a free financial education course as well as wills and estate planning. These are geared at helping you to move closer towards the financial freedom that you desire.

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  • SA’s #1 Direct Life Insurer 2010-2018**
  • First fully direct life insurer in South Africa
  • First to offer non-invasive saliva-based HIV testing
  • First to offer policy management via USSD
  • First to offer clients the ability to buy cover online
  • First insurer with online financial needs analysis
  • First to offer clients cover from their cellphones
  • First to offer quoting through a chat-bot

*Risk profile dependent. Ts&Cs online. 1Life is an authorised financial services provider (FSP:24769)

**Based on Swiss Re research (2010-2018)