Why choose Cartrack?

Let's face it, South Africa can be a dangerous place to own a vehicle, with widespread vehicle theft and hijacking a constant threat. This reality means that you have to constantly ask yourself: how can I keep my car and family safe?

Cartrack, a leading global provider of stolen vehicle recovery, fleet management, and insurance telematics services, helps ease your mind and keep your loved ones far safer on the road.

With superior products, services and technology designed to give you peace of mind 24 hours a day, you can trust us to be there for you. Our position as a prominent player in the industry is based on our outstanding offering:

  • A 92% AUDITED recovery rate – the best in South Africa
  • R150 000 recovery warranty – the first in the world
  • Location of your car within seconds via our call centre
  • A 24-hour control room and recovery team
  • SARS-ready logbooks
  • Geofencing (virtually create specific areas where vehicles can and cannot enter)
  • Emergency response services through Protector and Crash Alert (optional add-on)
  • Our mobile app provides ultimate convenience, efficiency and peace of mind for all our Fleet customers
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Cartrack history

In a relatively short space of time, Cartrack has come a long way. We were founded in 2004, and a mere 10 years later, on December 19 2014, we listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as Cartrack Holdings Limited. While the initial focus was solely on Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR), we gradually broadened our service offering to include fleet management and insurance telematics.

It's clear that we have tremendous confidence in our systems – we were the first company globally to offer a cash back recovery warranty of up to R150 000, in the unlikely event that we can't recover our customers' stolen vehicles. In 2019, we also offered a ground-breaking recovery warranty of up to R1 million on new vehicles.

After an initial, sole focus on South Africa, we now have an extensive and established global footprint across 24 countries in Africa, Europe, South East Asia, the US and Australasia, and have over 2,500 employees.

Product Offering

When it comes to your vehicle, business or family, we get it: the safety and security of these assets is critically important to you. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of superior SVR and fleet management products and services that allow you to always have peace of mind.

Think we're just beeping our own horn? Well, our audited recovery rate of 92% is positive proof that you can trust us and have confidence that your vehicle will most likely be recovered when a hijacking or vehicle theft occurs. What's more, our smart fleet solutions allow you to optimise your fleet and workforce, no matter how big or small your business is, and benefit from much better efficiency and increased savings.

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Unique Cartrack Benefits

  • Most of our products and services are sourced in house, ensuring quality control and the most intelligent, actionable data to fleet operators and security for all vehicle owners
  • We use our own team for vehicle recovery, which means that our retrieval of stolen or hijacked vehicles is faster and more reliable
  • We have an extensive network and the most advanced GPS and GPRS technologies
  • Our range of diverse products creates enhanced and actionable value, whether you're a vehicle or business owner
  • Our Recovery Warranty up to R150 000 for new cars provides ultimate peace of mind
  • We're truly a leading, reliable and trusted name in vehicle recovery and fleet management