History of DebtSafe

DebtSafe is one of the few South African Debt Counselling companies that is well-established and has a decade of service and expertise behind it.

DebtSafe was established in reaction to the cycle of debt South Africans found themselves in. DebtSafe's founder wanted to be part of the solution and in 2009 established DebtSafe to help over-indebted South Africans gain financial control over their debt through our proven debt solutions programme.

All DebtSafe's Debt Counsellor are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR).

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Product offering

Our debt solutions program specialises in Debt Review, Debt Consolidation and Debt Counselling.

Debt Review protects you against legal action from your creditor providers, keeping your assets secure from repossession - all the while getting you out of debt. Debt Consolidation is designed to consolidate your multiple debt accounts into one, reduced, monthly repayment - taking the stress out of debt consolidation. Debt Counselling effectively and fully repairs your credit record and reduces your repayments drastically - making it easier to pay off your debt each month.

Our free, no obligation, debt assessment is a great way to see what our products can do for you and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your financial future.

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Unique benefits

DebtSafe offers a free Debt Assessment that establishes your unique debt profile and calculates your monthly debt repayments under Debt Review that suits your individual budget and circumstances. Our online client portal (myDebtSafe) gives your 24/7 access to your Debt Review program where you can view your statements and communicate with your personal Relationship Manager.

Furthermore we, exclusively, offer our clients extra protection for their financial future. This is through our unique Credit Linked Insurance products called Income Rescue. Income Rescue is comprehensive and affordable - ideal for an individual in the Debt Review program - and includes:

Retrenchment Cover. We'll pay your debt instalments for up to 12 months while you are looking for a new job.

Death Cover. Up to R 1 000 000 of your debt gets settled in the event of your death, keeping things hassle-free for those you leave behind.

Maternity Benefit. We'll pay your debt instalments for up to 3 months when you are on maternity leave.

Critical Illness & Permanent Disability. We'll settle up to R 1 000 000 of your debt so you can focus on your own wellbeing.

Identity Theft. We'll pay out a lump sum of up to R 10 000 to ease the burden while you get things sorted out.

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