Dialdirect Insurance

History of Dialdirect

Dialdirect was launched in South Africa in 2003.

From the start, we’ve used clever thinking and smart innovation to help make insurance clear, fair and simple. With us, if you do your thing, you’ll get back ching. 

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Dialdirect Product Offering

We offer a range of products including short-term insurance cover for your car, buildings, and home contents.

We also offer value-added products such as Cyber Insure, as well as life insurance, business insurance, and personal loans.

Compare car insurance, home insurance, buildings insurance, business insurance and life insurance

Unique benefits

South Africa's only insurer to give you the chance of earning up to 75% cash back monthly through our top-rated driving behaviour app (available on Google Play store and Apple app store).

The only insurer in South Africa to give you once-off 500mb free data to manage your policies online.Quick and easy access to immediate roadside assistance, sent directly to your location, via GPS, at the tap of an icon, using the Tow Truck Direct feature on our app.

We offer an easy-to-understand claims certainty checklist, which helps put your mind at ease at claim stage, by providing critical information on claim pay-outs.

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Dialdirect's Awards

  • 2019: Product of the Year. Winner – Service Category. Survey of 4000 household by Nielsen
  • 2015: Most improved SA brand at the Orange Index Service Awards.
  • 2015:  Bronze trophy at the Cannes Awards for the Notebook TV commercial, which went on to get over a million views on YouTube.
  • 2008: Top Short-term Insurance Brand in the Sunday Times Ipsos Markinor Top Brands Survey.

Business Insurance

1. Business Insurance

  • Tailored insurance for over 700 business types, including cover for:
    - Office contents kept inside the business premises
    - All risk items that are regularly taken away from your insured premises
    - Loss or damage for business goods while being transported
  • No additional excesses for motor cover (except for persons under 25)

2. Business Legal Expense

  • Labour-related proceeding costs arising from employee disputes
  • The costs for instituting or defending civil proceedings
  • Included legal advice, negotiations and contract access

3. Specialised Liability

  • Directors and officers cover for legal liability filed by shareholders, regulators, employees and others
  • Errors and omissions cover for legal defence costs and subsequent damages in the case of negligence
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