Different Life

History of Different Life

Launched in 2014, Different Life was set up as the only life insurance provider in South Africa with philanthropy at the heart of its DNA.

Recognising that projects and charities were crying out for support in South Africa, the founders decided to create a company that provided access to fully-underwritten and competitive life cover to its customers; whilst at the same time helping those in need through the philanthropy portal different.org.

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Product offering

Sometimes things go wrong, and when that happens, you want insurance that keeps you and your family financially secure. Different Life has a full suite of product offerings to take care of that.

Whether it’s life insurance, salary protection, critical illness cover or disability cover, a policy with Different will provide the security you need, no matter what your life stage.

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Unique benefits

Life insurance that gives you more than peace of mind – it turns you into a philanthropist too.

All our customers have the opportunity to make a difference by joining different.org and donating their first payment every year to charity. We call this the Different Donation.

This is fully-supported by Different Life, so that there are no hidden costs, or admin fees. 100% of the money goes to your charity of choice.  

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2015 Gold “Shared Value” Loerie Award

Finalist of the 2018 Conscious Companies Awards