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Meet King Price, the Superman of the insurance industry… Fighting for cheap premiums, fair claim payouts, and easy-to-understand policy wording. Here in our insurance kingdom, we’re passionate about offering simple cheap insurance, top-notch royal service, and really #MakingADifference in the world.

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For over 11 years, King Price has been shaking up the insurance industry with simple cheap premiums and royal service.You see, we’re super passionate about what we do… And even more passionate about changing lives for the better. (Hey, our vision isn’t to be 'a world class company that’s changing the world’ for nothing!) So, whether you’re looking to save on insurance, or just keen to switch to a hassle-free policy that’s easy to understand, we’ve got your back.

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You own it, we'll cover it

  • Cellphone insurance.
  • Personal accident insurance.
  • Code red.
  • R1 insurance.
  • The king's cab.
  • Credit shortfall.
  • Scratch and dent insurance.
  • Tyre and rim insurance.
  • Little dings and tyre things.
Floating car being weighed down by money because King Price premiums decrease monthly
  • 10.0 Trust Index rating on Hellopeter.
  • Simple cheap insurance.
  • We pay out millions of Rands in claims. Every. Single. Day.
  • Manage your policy any time, from anywhere, via WhatsApp or our self-service portal.
  • Royal service all the time, every time.
  • King Price is #UnapologeticallySouthAfrican. We take what we do very seriously, but ourselves… Not so much!
  • You can buy 2 Chappies with R1. Or, you can insure your golf clubs, bicycle or hearing aids for R1, when you have comprehensive car insurance with King Price.
  • Get up to 20% off when you insure multiple cars with King Price.
  • We’re a world-class company that’s changing the world.
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We’ve earned several awards over the years… Check it out!

  • Value Achievement Award: Community insurance automated claims management platform - Felix (2022).
  • International Business Magazine Awards: Fastest Growing Insurance Company in South Africa (2019).
  • International Business Magazine Awards: Best Place to Work in South Africa (2019).
  • International Business Magazine Awards: Most Innovative Insurance Company in South Africa (2019).
  • Corinium Customer 360 Africa Awards: Best Customer Experience by an Organisation or Team (2019).
  • Global Business Outlook Awards: Most innovative insurer in SA (2019).
  • SACCRA Awards: Best data quality per sector (2017).
  • The South African Service Awards: Best short-term insurer and overall newcomer (2013).