Netstar Tracking


Since pioneering the stolen vehicle tracking & recovery industry in 1994, we have continuously provided innovative, affordable products and services in the interests of protecting your vehicles and family.

With our ‘Safe & Sound’ tracking technology and the largest private air and ground recovery teams in the country, we can ensure that we’re always there when it matters.

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Product offering

Netstar’s legendary vehicle tracking & recovery service gives you the ultimate in peace of mind for you and your family, no matter which product you choose.

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Unique benefits

  • Advanced technology – Uses a combination of radio frequency and GPS/GSM tracking technology to detect signal jamming.
  • Effective – Recovery rate of over 90% using private air and ground recovery teams.
  • Convenient – Quick, professional installation at your home, office or one of 100+ Fitment Centres.
  • Accessible – 24/7 Emergency Call Centre.
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