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It's Painless. It's Fair. It's Pineapple

Snap pics of your stuff to get quotes and insure with our award winning App - no paperwork, no calls.

Comprehensive global cover for any item in under a minute, subject to Pineapple's Terms and Conditions.

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Unique benefits

Pineapple works off a fixed fee and distributes all leftover premium back to members! So Pineapple doesn't profit by denying claims.

Full transparency through your Pineapple Wallet allows you to see how you are helping others. The leftover premium belongs to you.

Connect to friends and family through the app to form your own independent insurance network, helping you to save even more in your wallet.

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About Pineapple

Pineapple set out to change the traditional insurance model by increasing the value of insurance for you. Our unique model reduces the heavy expenses, fraud and profit margins other companies might have.

The Pineapple founding team was part of an innovation competition run by Hannover-Re during 2016. Through a design thinking process Pineapple realised that the mistrust and inefficiency in the insurance system reduces the value for everyone.

The Pineapple model aims to achieve affinity, fairness and simplicity to decrease costs, cap profits and deter fraud in an effort to create more value from an insurance policy than the traditional model.

Pineapple started to develop their system in August 2017 and launched to the public on 27 July 2018.

The product is underwritten by Compass Insure, a subsidiary of Hannover-Re.

Awards & Achievements

  • VentureClash Winner 2019
  • Hartford Insuretech Hub USA 2019
  • UK government Go Global partnership 2019
  • Stanford University African Start-Up Award winner 2019
  • GBM Best entrepreneur 2019
  • SASA Start-Up Founder of the Year 2018
  • MTN Consumer App of the Year 2018
  • Voted Best Insurance Tech in the World 2018
  • Google Launchpad Accelerator 2018
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Financial service provider

Pineapple is a registered Financial Services Provider, FSP number 48650

Compass Insurance Company Limited is a registered Financial Services Provider, FSP number 12148