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Shackleton Life

is an Authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP 44723). Shackleton Life has been in existence since 2013 and part of a wider group of companies i.e. Shackleton Group. Shackleton Life performs Binder functions as well as markets and sells Insurance products via. a direct sales channel (call center), exclusively for Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, a licensed life insurer.

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Shackleton Life was established in 2013 selling Mortgage Bond Protection Insurance for Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART). Shackleton Life is part of the Shackleton Group of companies. The Shackleton Group was born in 2002 with the formation of Shackleton Credit Management, a company established to acquire and manage a non-performing loan portfolio from a major South African bank. In 2005 Shackleton Risk Management, which provides niche short term insurance products to legal and insolvency practitioners was added to the group.

In 2012 the Group started laying plans to enter the Long Term Insurance industry and in 2013 entered the market with the launch of Shackleton Life which specializes in life Insurance cover underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART) – the type of products offered relate to financial needs, contingent liabilities, home loan debt and general insurance. These products are sold via a direct channel (call centre).

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Shackleton Life derives its business philosophy from the person after whom it is named, Sir Ernest Shackleton, the intrepid Antarctic explorer. Like Sir Ernest, Shackleton recognizes the importance of human capital - the people tasked with the day-to-day running of its businesses. Shackleton strength lies in its products and the people it employs who promote Shackleton’s core values of, Always putting clients first, Think and act like an owner, not an employee. Always act with integrity, Act honestly and take accountability for your actions, Trust - we always act in the interest of our clients and are truthful at all times building a trust relationship, One business one team, Excellence in all we do, Think contribution not title. Like Sir Ernest and his men, our people are innovative solution seekers. We endeavour to tailor make our product offerings to suit the requirements of our clients and the financial institutions to which we provide services.

The key tenets of our approach are:

  • Long-term client relationships
  • Easy accessible staff
  • Fair and trustworthy processes
  • All client treated equally
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Shackleton Life is an authorised financial Services provider, and our licences authorise us to carry on business in respect of the following products:

  • Long term insurance : Category A, B1, C, B2,
  • Short term Insurance : Category Personal Lines, Commercial Lines,
  • Retail Pension Fund Benefits,
  • Deposits as defined in the Banks Act,
  • Participatory interest in one or more collective investment scheme.


Shackleton Life is therefore well positioned to offer services in most insurance, investment and financial services environments.

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    • Product - Shackleton Life strength lies is in the products underwritten by OMART, which are niche products designed and suited for specific needs. These product take into account the wants and needs of customers along with the latest systems and technology.

    • Shackleton Life strive to deliver niche low advice need products that can be distributed via the direct channel.

      In delivering need products via this channel we are able to accurately target clients and segment our market in the direct space.

      Innovate and develop products only when we believe that there is a defined need, and in areas where we have adequate capacity, resources and expertise to deliver competitive results over meaningful periods

      The product range is reviewed periodically to check suitability for Clients

    • Staff - Shackleton Life staff are loyal and hardworking always putting customers first.

      At the heart of the Shackleton Life DNA are our people.

      Staff enjoy an open-door policy, providing for ongoing dialogue with management on any aspect of the business.

      Staff compensation is directly linked to service delivery to clients. We rate and reward our people on their ability to add value to our clients and the business.

  • Shackleton Life follows a strict TCF (treating customers first) policy that can be viewed on our website.
  • Shackleton Life strives on the ability to make direct sales through its call centre and currently dial both hot affinity leads, as well as cold calling. The bulk of our business is cold calling.
  • Majority of Shackleton Life business is outbound, however we do have the systems and expertise to do inbound sales.
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At Shackleton Life we believe that our core values accurately communicate the elements that drive us as an organization and make our competitors admire us. Our core values are also aligned with those of our business partners therefore ensuring that our day-to-day interactions are honest and ethical.
Our client centric business model is reflected in our "Values"

  • We strive to always put the interests of clients first;
  • We have an unwavering commitment to the building of long-term sustainable client relationships;
  • We focus on trust in that we always act in the interest of our clients and are truthful at all times building a trust relationship;
  • We are uncompromising about applying ethics and good governance across all areas of our business.
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  • Always put clients first
  • Think and act like an owner, not an employee
  • Always act with integrity
  • Act honestly and take accountability for our actions
  • Trust - we always act in the interest of our clients and are truthful at all times building a trust relationship
  • One business one team
  • Excellence in all we do
  • Think contribution not title


Our Values are key drivers of our strategy as well as our day-to-day dealings with clients.

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  • Shackleton Life maintains a robust corporate governance framework, effected through a unitary board, various subcommittees, management forums, the appointment of an independent internal auditor and independent compliance company.
  • Our compliance department, with advice from external compliance experts, ensures that we comply with the full regulatory universe applicable to our business. Risk management follows an integrated approach and is well entrenched in Shackleton Life.


Shackleton Life continues to place a high priority on ensuring it complies with all regulatory and statutory obligations, as well as industry best practice. The principles supporting the TCF Outcomes are at the center of the board's decision making processes.