Unity Insurance

Who we are

Unity is a brand with humble beginnings; we have evolved from a brokerage that sold short-term insurance products to the lower income market, to the multi-product insurance brokerage we’ve become.

We believe life should be about uncomplicated insurance- about living life your way- with real, practical insurance that matters. We offer simple, straightforward, easy-to-understand insurance products tailored to suit your needs.

With products underwritten by Auto & General Insurance Company Limited, and our funeral product underwritten by 1Life Insurance Company Limited, we’ve got the right backing to ensure that our business is sustainable and you get the value.

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Our products

We offer a variety of products to suit your needs. Our motor products: scratch and dent cover, tyre and rim guard, and extended and pre-owned warranties will protect your vehicle from unexpected expenses that may not be covered on your traditional insurance policies. 

Our lifestyle products: legal cover, accident cover, funeral cover and personal protection cover protect you from whatever life may throw at you.

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Unique benefits

Unity is for you, that’s why we focus on bringing you products and benefits that add value.

Our scratch and dent cover gives you licence support, to take the hassle our of renewals; while tyre and rim guard provides fine support to provide you with great discounts, notifications of all new fines and an easy way to pay.

Our warranties provide additional cover for towing, hotel accommodation and car hire whilst you’re sure to enjoy the added benefits of quick payouts on claims, repatriation services as well as Identity theft cover on our respective lifestyle products.

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