What is Exotic Pet Insurance?

Exotic Pet Insurance covers the owner of an exotic pet, for example, a bird, bunny, rodent or reptile, to ensure the health needs of the animal will be met. Healthcare for exotic pets can be more expensive due to potentially requiring specialised veterinarians, which are often in short supply and in high demand. The medical costs for an exotic pet can be high because of this, but Pet Insurance can help relieve the financial burden.

Depending on the needs of the pet, an owner can usually tailor the insurance policy to suit its health needs. Policies range from covering veterinary visits, check-ups and vaccinations, to only covering emergency situations such as surgery, illness, or injury due to an accident. Owners of exotic pets can also insure them against theft. If a person owns what is deemed to be a valuable animal, they can insure against this possibility and be paid out if the animal is stolen.

If you’ve recently acquired an exotic pet and you’re considering taking out an insurance policy to ensure that you can afford its medical costs when the time arises, it’s advisable to find insurance providers that cover exotic pets. Not all companies provide the same cover, which is why it is advisable to read through the relevant documentation in order to find the right policy for you and your unique pet.