Guide to Alfa Romeo in South Africa

Alfa Romeo is part of a niche market segment, offering four models in limited numbers, and is imported directly from the factory in Italy.

With a loyal customer base and millions of brand supporters across the world, Alfa Romeo is an icon in the automotive market with creative and unique vehicles in their line-up.

A Brief History of Alfa Romeo

Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili (A.L.F.A.), which later became Alfa Romeo, was founded in 1910 when Italian co-investors acquired the shares of a French car maker. Production began shortly after on their very first model – the 24HP.

During World War I, engineer Nicola Romeo bought Alfa and changed the name to Alfa Romeo Milano, later dropping the Milano. The first car produced under this new name was the Torpedo 20–30 HP.

Fiat Group Automobiles acquired ownership of Alfa Romeo in 1986, forming part of a larger Italian automobile collaboration between themselves and other brands such as Ferrari and Maserati.

The brand has a long and rich history in motorsport, especially in events such as the Targa Florio and touring car racing. Their domination in the early years of Formula One set a high standard for other manufacturers to follow, while their involvement in other sports series such as endurance racing and rallying is well-documented.

Classic red Alfa Romeo on dirt road, close front view shot.
Red Alfa Romeo Giulia on display

Buying an Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo South Africa currently has four vehicles in their range, each with varying designs and specifications.

Current range of Alfa Romeo models in South Africa:










Sports Car

Models currently available on the Alfa Romeo South Africa website.

Having quite unique vehicle offerings in South Africa, Alfa Romeo has never been a contender for the top 10 best-selling cars in South Africa. Designed and manufactured in Italy using premium materials, they come with a hefty price tag for their segment.

A look at the August 2018 NAAMSA report shows just how limited Alfa Romeo sales are in South Africa.


Units Sold in August 2018







Source: NAAMSA Sales Reports of August 2018.

They also boast performance versions of some models, such as the Giulia Quadrifoglio sedan.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan

Alfa Romeo South Africa’s best-selling vehicle in August 2018 was the Giulia sedan, which is an exciting model to review, as it’s one of their newer ones.

The Giulia embodies the essence of Alfa Romeo. Stylish, unique, and built for the driver’s enjoyment, it sets itself apart from its segment with a definitive design. It also boasts a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

The Giulia’s 2.0 litre petrol engine delivers 147 kW from an eight-speed transmission. Pricing starts from R555,000 for the base 2.0 model.

Alfa Romeo has 15 dealerships and service centres across South Africa, where they maintain partnerships with Fiat and Jeep.

Close up rear shot of Alfa Romeo Giulia exhaust and tyres on side.
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Alfa Romeo Insurance

If you’re looking for car insurance for an Alfa Romeo, costs can vary a great deal depending on the model and year. Also consider the costs and availability of parts and service centres around South Africa; before buying one, find out if there are service centres nearby.

Car insurance quotes

Renting an Alfa Romeo

You will struggle to find an Alfa Romeo to rent in South Africa as their entry-level price is far above that of other vehicles in its segment. The most affordable Giulia hatchback is priced and specified above what car rental agencies require, so finding one to hire may be difficult.

If you do find an Alfa Romeo for rent at a car rental agency, expect it to be in the premium section or offered through a special vehicle rental agency.

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