Alfa Romeo

Style above all else, that’s what this brand is all about, and their customers love them for it.

Alfa Romeo offers five models in South Africa and hosts one of the biggest car supporters groups in the country, with the annual Alfa Romeo owners club taking time to share their passion for their cars.

Owned and managed by Fiat Group, Alfa Romeo has a long history in South Africa, with plans to grow even further.

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Silver Alfa Romeo Stelvio parked sideways on exhibition with cameraman and people in background
Front side view of a grey Aston Martin Vantage.

Aston Martin

The iconic British-based outfit that sits as perfect as a beautifully tailored suit, Aston Martin is the supercar of choice for those who prefer sophistication above savage speed, although an Aston Martin will gladly offer it too, if you wish to.

Offering 7 models in South Africa, Aston Martin remains focused on giving their clientele exclusivity and desirability with limited numbers available, all of whom designed in England and hand-built to specification.

Luxurious, elegant and fast enough to satisfy your thrill for speed, Aston Martin could be the ideal car brand for you.

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‘’Vorsprung Durch Technik’’ is more than a slogan; it’s a lifestyle. This iconic car brand has been made cool by playing starring roles in a number of films, including the Transporter and Iron Man, rallying through the forests of Europe.

The Audi A4 is their best-selling vehicle in South Africa, out of a range of 14 models and variants.

Audis feature state-of-the-art technology, presented in an elegant design, with their flagship model – the A8 – showcasing the way forward for the brand.

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Audi Car South Africa
BMW Car South Africa


Fun to drive, luxurious, and sporty – these are just some of the traits South Africans associate with BMW cars.

The 3 Series is the best-selling product of their full 18-model range, but it’s their M range that gets the attention for being fast, high-performing, and desirable.

BMW South Africa also has a popular motorcycle division, named BMW Motorrad, which offers 17 motorbikes for various segments.

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One of the giants of America's automotive scene, Chevrolet achieved iconic status internationally for producing big and powerful cars and pickup trucks. Among those famous cars is the Chevrolet Corvette, a dream sportscar for many.

After parent company General Motors, owning and managing partner of Chevrolet, Isuzu and Opel, departed South Africa in 2018, Chevrolet followed in their tracks.

Chevrolet still offer service to the clients with existing warranties and service plans but do not sell new vehicles through official Chevrolet and General Motors dealerships.

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Front view of a black Chevrolet bakkie in a show room.
Front side view of a grey Citroen C4 Cactus in a showroom.


The French brand might be known for building smaller hatchbacks, arched sedans and highly creative SUV's, but the company has a rich history of pushing itself into various automotive categories, and in many cases, become innovators.

From building the quirky 2CV to manufacturing the famous DS range, Citroën have always been able to deliver something unique. And their racing history success is remarkable after winning eight World Rally Championships with French driver Sebastian Loeb.

Citroën departed South Africa in 2016 after the decision was taken to focus on other countries and economies. If you want to buy a Citroën, you will be able to find a few models available on the pre-owned market.

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Datsun is not new to South Africa, but South Africa has never seen Datsun like this before. Following an international brand relaunch, Datsun positioned its cars as affordable alternatives.

Owned by Nissan, Datsun models follow the same principle of effective and functional design, wrapped up in an affordable package. However, after failing the Euro NCAP Safety Test, the company has had to go back to the drawing board for its controversial Go model.

Datsun currently offers three models, two of which are actually segment variants of the same model.

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Datsun Car South Africa
Red Ferrari California parked in car exhibition with crowd in background


Loved around the world for their fast cars, striking designs, and prestigious racing pedigree, Ferrari is a pioneer in the automotive world.

Ferrari offers 10 models (two of which are concepts) to the South African market and all of them are aimed at wealthier clientele. Hand-built in Italy and shipped across the world, the Modena-based outfit has kept to the promise made by founder, Enzo Ferrari – to build astonishing race cars for the road.

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Small cars with big heart! That’s what you can expect from this automotive giant.

Fiat has six models in their unique range, with the Abarth brand bringing high-performance from the passionate-about-cars country, Italy.

The Fiat group, which owns Alfa Romeo, partners with the Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge group to give customers a range of choices across segments.

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Front view of red Fiat Abarth on display
Ford Car South Africa


Ford was founded by one of the most popular businessman in history, Henry Ford. An American automotive powerhouse, Ford is an iconic brand with a rich and successful history in production and racing.

Their current range offers various models in almost all market segments in South Africa. From small city runners to pocket rocket-performance hatchbacks, Fords are beloved by many. They also boast two of the most iconic vehicles in history, namely the Mustang and GT40.

The Ford Ranger is one of South Africa’s best-selling vehicles, regularly competing for best-selling car in the country.

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The Chinese automotive giant Great Wall Motors (GWM) entered the country looking to tackle two of the toughest segments, the budget SUV crossover and the bakkie categories.

GWM South Africa offers five models in the country, from a small SUV crossover, to a series of bakkies, and a large SUV.

Can GWM replicate the success they have in China on South African soil?

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Front side view of a grey GWM H5.
Side view of a white Haval H9.


New to the South African market, Haval is the giant SUV brand from China, which is owned and backed by Great Wall Motors (GWM), a brand familiar in the country for building budget-friendly vehicles.

Haval South Africa has five models on offer with each aimed at a specific SUV segment. They offer an array of features at a competitive price.

Has the new SUV brand lived up to its own statement of being an SUV leader?

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Family friendly with a wild side, this brand is the automotive world’s idea of a split personality.

Honda South Africa offers nine sensible and reliable cars, 23 motorcycles, and a few out-of-this-world performance-driven machines.

Although the brand is not among the sales chart toppers, it has a loyal following and their cars are revered for their performance, safety, and reliability.

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Honda blue CR-V front left view
Guide to Hyundai cars.


A rising force in the South African automotive market, Hyundai is a South Korean brand that has made great strides locally. Like its affiliate, Kia, Hyundai is relatively new to South Africa, but it didn't take long to become a strong competitor in the automotive market.

The i10 (pictured) might be their current best-selling model, but it's their old Getz model that helped cement Hyundai's success in South Africa. Their current range might be lean but each model packs a punch.

Hyundai models are priced competitively in relation to their market segment, with each model boasting numerous segment-leading features.

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Japan's answer to luxurious premium vehicles, Nissan-owned Infiniti is a brand that offers executive features and comfort with Nissan's renowned build quality. "Sophistication Meets Engineering" is a label befitting the brand.

Infiniti briefly existed in South Africa before quietly departing the market in 2017. While present in South Africa, the brand set out to tackle the premium sedan and SUV segment with their range imported from Japan.

Will the brand ever come back to South Africa?

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Red and grey Q5 Infiniti cars.
Black Isuzu double cab splashing through shallow water


A small commercial brand with a giant hold on the local automotive scene, Isuzu is a serious contender in the bakkie segment. Offering four models in South Africa, including a surprising new SUV, Isuzu aims to build on the success of the KB bakkie after the departure of its parent company, General Motors.

The South African market is ideal for this Japanese brand; their models are regular contenders in the top three spots in the NAAMSA sales reports for bakkies.

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The epitome of British luxury, this brand is well-known for being stylish and elegant.

Jaguar South Africa offers seven models locally, all of which are aimed at customers who put style above everything.

Partnering with Land Rover dealerships, Jaguar models are found lurking across the country.

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Blue Jaguar e Pace on road left side view
Black Jeep Wrangler in forest driving through river


If you want to get there, use a Jeep. That's the general sentiment that Jeep fans have for this brand.

Built to go where other cars can't, Jeep South Africa ensures customers have a choice between six highly capable off-roaders and urban prowlers.

Made for military use, the Wrangler remains a favourite for many and continues to venture off the beaten track.

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Kia is a South Korean automotive brand with a noticeable presence in South Africa. After settling into the country, Kia established a strong and loyal customer base with their funky, reliable, and affordable vehicles.

The compact Picanto is their best-selling model, with thousands sold each year in South Africa. They also compete in several segments with their SUV and sedan models.

Kia also has a commercial offering in the K2700, a sturdy and affordable solution for businesses.

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Kia Car South Africa
White Lamborghini Aventador parked in exhibition display with top down


The Italian stallion with a Spanish bull on its crest, Lamborghini has never settled for normal. Since their switch from building tractors to supercars, Lamborghini has embodied the vision of their founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, to build cars that were like no other. Designed and built in Italy, their off-the-wall supercars are gems in the automotive world, grabbing attention wherever they go.

Lamborghini South Africa offers seven models in their line-up, with their latest offering being the ground breaking Urus SUV.

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Land Rover

The all-terrain SUV made for aristocrats, Land Rover models are highly capable machines that will easily venture onto the toughest tracks while keeping occupants basked in absolute comfort.

Land Rover offers 6 models in South Africa, all of which are dedicated to their respective SUV segments.

Now owned by steel and car manufacturing giant TATA, Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles have the financial backing to expend beyond their limitations.

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Black side view of a grey ranger rover velar.
Back side view of a black Lexus.


Known as the luxury division of Toyota, Lexus offers clients a ''best of both worlds'' deal, stylish and elegant design partnered with Toyota's legendary build-quality.

Following the relaunch of Lexus in South Africa in 2006, the brand offers 9 models from hybrid hatchbacks, premium sedans to origami-inspired designed SUVs.

Since launching their project to build the best car in the world, Lexus has come far in its short lifetime to become a true pillar in the industry.

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Created from steel and Jeep, Mahindra is focused on delivering durable and capable off-road vehicles that are affordable and practical.

It's not all work and no play. The Mahindra range also include some luxurious SUV and compact crossover vehicles aimed at modern, urban families.

The Indian automotive giant is securing its future by acquiring stakes in Peugeot, SsangYong, and Pininfarina.

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Front side view of a white Scopio Pik Up KUV 100 with a bush and cloudy sky in the background.
Black 2008 Maserati Quattroporte S parked sideways with overhead shot.


The Italian supercar company that prefers to wear a tux rather than a racing outfit, Maserati is the sophisticated side of the country's adrenalin-fuelled race car industry. Yet, they haven't sacrificed speed for elegance.

Maserati South Africa offers five models ranging from a luxurious SUV, to a sedan, to a grand touring cabriolet. Their latest offering, the Levante, is named after the warm Mediterranean wind and is set to blow away the competition. Hand-built in Italy, each model is truly unique and aims to ensure the driver gets noticed.

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Few brands in South Africa have as loyal a following as Mazda does. Internationally known for producing the rotary engine, Mazda cars are as unique as their engines.

Their current range features just six vehicles, but each has a tempting value-for-money price point. From the nimble MX-5 Convertible, to the compact Mazda2 and robust BT-50, a Mazda car makes a bold statement.

In 2018, the dynamic CX-5 model finished in the top three for the World Car for the Year Award, issued by

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Mazda Car South Africa
Front side view of a blue McLaren with the left front door open in a showroom.


Born in the mix of racing's toughest challenges, McLaren emerged as giant in the supercar manufacturer segment that competes with elites such as Ferrari and Lamborghini on and off the racetrack.

McLaren offers 6 models in South Africa, all designed to extract the best from both the driver's performance and ability, while drawing the attention of onlookers.

Fast, powerful, precise and luxurious, McLaren models are aimed at clientele who expect the best from a car. Have they delivered?

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Among the German automotive giants stands Mercedes-Benz, a brand with a rich history dating back to the creation of, arguably, the first internal combustion-engine automobile.

The C-Class is the best-selling Mercedes-Benz model in South Africa, out of a range of an impressive 26 models.

Mercedes-Benz South Africa also offers heavy-duty commercial vehicles alongside their passenger range and performance-focused AMG series.

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Mercedes-Benz Car South Africa
Side front view of a red Mini Cooper.


The nippy little getaway vehicles in The Italian Job was able to steal more than gold, they stole the hearts of people all over the world. One of England's most famous exports, Mini vehicles are the answer to anyone looking to maximise space and excitement during their daily drive.

Mini South Africa have 5 models for people to choose from with each model available in an array of specification.

Fast, nippy, funky and exciting, Mini cars are roaring from the movie screens and racetracks of the world onto our roads.

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Forged on the back roads of forests located in Europe and South America, Mitsubishi is a Japanese brand with a rich history in building excellent rally vehicles, which won on the international stage.

Mitsubishi South Africa offers seven models to the local market, with most focused on being quality alternatives to the rivals in their segments.

Sturdy, durable, and simplistic with a unique design, Mitsubishi certainly made a cosy little corner for itself in the market.

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Front side view of a grey Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.
Nissan Car South Africa


Historically, Nissan had a good reputation for producing sensible and affordable vehicles, with a focus on reliability.

Nissans are often viewed as a sensible choice, but they’re far from boring, having created cultural icons in the GT-R and Z-series models.

Their best-selling model is the efficient NP200 bakkie, an affordable and compact vehicle in the commercial segment.

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It's been over 100 years since Opel built their first car, and it's that long history of expertise that has made them a one-stop-shop for Opel-owners' modern vehicle needs. Opel South Africa offers six models across the SUV and hatchback categories and has remained a firm favourite following the departure of their parent company, General Motors, from South Africa.

Designed in Germany, Opel models are renowned for their great build quality, durability, affordability, and pure driving enjoyment. It's no surprise that Opel has won the coveted South African Car of the Year and World Car of the Year awards several times.

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Close up of front grill of silver Opel Insignia.
Red Peugeot 407 parked sideways on untarred road, with trees in background.


Known for building sensible hatchbacks and compact SUVs, Peugeot might not appear to be the most adventurous manufacturer. Delve into their history, however, and you'll find a pioneering brand. Peugeot continues to dominate parts of the automotive world, having won the 2017 European Car of the Year trophy for the 3008 SUV.

Peugeot South Africa offers six models, from a budget-friendly hatchback to an innovative SUV. The French manufacturer has come a long way since its days of building sewing machines, strongly competing to be one of Europe's leading automotive manufacturers.

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Sleek, stylish, and an evolutionary approach to design, Porsche cars stand out on the road.

The iconic 911 series joins the list of Porsche’s six models on offer in South Africa.

With four dealerships located across the country and millions of brand supporters, this car company has a big presence.

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side shot of silver Porsche 911
Renault Car South Africa


Renault was founded in 1898 in France by Louis Renault and his brothers. After years of success with new production lines, Renault was nationalised in 1945 to become Régie Nationale des Usines Renault (RNUR). Today, the French brand is a leading international automaker with several models in South Africa, including the extremely popular Clio.

Their budget-friendly SUVs come standard with some great practical features and are considered good value for money.

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As elegant and fitting as a tailored suit in Covent Garden, this British brand brings exclusivity to the automotive world. The luxury brand is so set on showing the world that the sky is the limit for them, they even brought the sky into their cars – in the form of LED lights made to look like a starry night.

Rolls-Royce offers five unique models to the South African market and gives owners the option to customise their vehicles and turn their car fantasies into reality.

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Blue and silver Rolls Royce Ghost, parked and on display on white platform
Front side view of a grey Subaru Outback.


Famous for building rally cars that took Colin McRae to consecutive World Rally Championships, Subaru has a great history and legacy behind its name.

Subaru offers six models to the South African market with most aimed at the SUV and sedan segments. All the models keep with their tradition of building solid and sturdy vehicles with great driving capability.

The new Subaru Legacy SUV already started impressing with advanced technology and features highlighting it in a competitive segment.

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The little brand with big ambition, Suzuki has carved out a niche for itself in the South African market with its stylish but practical off-road vehicles.

Suzuki may be more well-known for their motorcycles, but their cars have a reputation for being just as reliable. They’re seen as affordable and excellent value-for-money. Suzuki owners made their appreciation known when the brand was voted Brand of the Year in the Consumer Awards in 2017 and 2018.

Suzuki manufactures cars in various segments, including compact SUV, hatchback, and sedan.

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Suzuki Car South Africa
Front side view of a white Tata Ace.


This brand might seem small to onlookers as they are relatively unknown in the automotive world, but Tata is certainly not what it seems. The steel manufacturing giant from India is using its financial power to enter the auto market and already have names such as Land Rover and Aston Martin on their portfolio.

Tata offers two models in South Africa with each focused on being budget-friendly alternatives in their respective segments.

Will the brand succeed in becoming an automotive giant?

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The American automotive brand is on the forefront of auto technological development as their entire line up is fully electric.

Owned and operated by South African-born billionaire Elon Musk, the brand is making huge strides in the automotive world.

Although the brand is not established in South Africa, it certainly is one to keep an eye on for the future.

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Blue Tesla driving on a freeway with city in the background
Toyota Car South Africa


Toyota South Africa has enjoyed years of success with a large and extremely loyal customer base.

Offering highly affordable and durable vehicles, Toyota can regularly be found at the top of various lists and rankings measuring South Africa’s best-selling cars and customer satisfaction surveys.

Their Hilux bakkie and Etios compact hatchback models do well in our local market.

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Volkswagen South Africa is one of the largest automotive brands in South Africa, with a range of passenger and truck models.

They boast an excellent sales record with their Polo and Polo Vivo models. VW doesn’t shy away from competing in multiple segments; their Up! model and their Amarok model are strong contenders in their respective segments. Volkswagen is seen as one of the most reliable brands in South Africa with an extensive range of products, service options, and warranties.

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Volkswagen Car South Africa
White Volvo cx90 right side frontal view


Safety and sound: two words that sum up the Volvo brand. Designed in Sweden, this unique car company has grown to dominate the headlines and award ceremonies.

Volvo South Africa has 10 models in their range, with the award-winning XC90 considered to be their flagship model.

Each Volvo vehicle is fitted with an array of safety and technologically advanced features.

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