Guide to Nissan Navara

Designed to be the perfect combination of rugged looks and practical off-road capability, the Nissan Navara truly stands out from the crowd in the South African car market.

Built on the platform of the highly successful Nissan NP300 bakkie, which is one of the brand's best-selling models, the Navara has all the right genetics to be a popular choice among South African drivers.

Named after the Navarre region located in Spain, Nissan hoped to create something truly unique by mixing European flair with its traditional Japanese credentials with this model.

Does the Nissan Navara have what it takes to be a contender in the highly competitive bakkie segment? Let's find out.

A brief history of Nissan Navara

The first-generation Nissan Navara was essentially the Nissan Hardbody, a luxuriously premium version of the Nissan NP300 workhorse. Unveiled in 1997, it was labelled internationally as the Nissan D22 Series.

The Nissan Navara separated from the NP300 name in 2004 when the second generation was launched. Featuring edgy designs that emphasised sharp lines, the Navara aimed to stand out in the market.

The current third-generation model was unveiled in 2014. The new model didn't only feature a brand-new design, but it also empowered the extended alliances the manufacturer has – Nissan now also shares a platform with the Mercedes-Benz X-Class and the Renault Alaskan, through the Daimler alliance.

Nissan Navara details

The current Nissan Navara boasts a powerful stance, continuing its tradition of merging sharp lines with smooth curves, and promises a rugged and refined experience. The 4x4 is without a doubt a successful combination of off-road capability and luxurious refinement. It's smart too, with hill start/descent control and an intelligent view monitor, making it easy to see your ground clearance.

For those wanting the premium version, Nissan offers the distinctive Navara Stealth edition. This model features black trim and orange accents on the exterior, and orange stitching in the interior, along with an Around View Monitor which makes parking a breeze.

If you (and your budget) prefer the more modest model, you'll be looking at the 2.3D SE 4x2 MT DC. It produces 140 kW and 450 Nm of torque. The average combined fuel consumption cycle is 6.5 L/100 km with 172 g/km CO2 emissions produced.

Buying a Nissan Navara

Nissan offers in-house financing in partnership with WesBank for the Navara, which is available to buy at any Nissan South Africa dealership across the country. If you're interested in a specific Navara model, contact the Nissan dealerships closest to you to find out their stock availability.

The base Nissan Navara 2.3D SE 4x2 MT DC retails from R504,500 and features a reverse camera, six-speed manual transmission, and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Nissan Navara warranty

The entry-level Nissan Navara is available with a three-year/90,000 km service plan and six-year/150,000 km warranty. If you want to know more about the warranty, service plans, and maintenance schedules of the Nissan Navara, head over to the Nissan South Africa website.

Nissan Navara insurance

One factor to consider when you're applying for car insurance for any Nissan Navara model is the vehicle theft report by Ctrack. Their research revealed that Nissan is among the top 10 highest risk automotive brands in South Africa for theft, which could negatively affect your car insurance premiums.

Nissan offers their own in-house car insurance, which might be worth considering. However, we recommend you still compare car insurance quotes online using the car insurance comparison tool. This way, you can look at the quotes from multiple insurers, making sure you are truly getting the best deal on your Nissan Navara car insurance.

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