Guide to Rolls-Royce in South Africa

Lavish style above all else, Rolls-Royce has pushed boundaries and redefined what luxury means in vehicles, and their latest models stay true to this sentiment. They are custom-built to provide stately comfort and ostentatious design that makes their owner stand out from the crowd.

Rolls-Royce models are becoming more popular in South Africa, as up-and-coming clientele look to make an impression despite having to pay high prices for them. Although known for being a car manufacturer, Rolls-Royce is also famous for its development of aeroplane engines, something the British manufacturer takes great pride in.

A Brief History of Rolls-Royce

The company started in 1904 with a meeting between Charles Rolls and Henry Royce at a hotel in Manchester, United Kingdom. Both were involved in the motor industry at the time, Henry having built his own car in 1884 and Charles being the proprietor of a dealership. Their agreement was that Henry would build the cars and Charles would have exclusive selling rights.

In 1906, Rolls-Royce Limited was formed and production started at a factory in Derby, UK. While producing vehicles and ground-breaking engines, Rolls-Royce branched out to building aeroplane engines in 1914 when the government requested it of them. The Eagle was the first aero-engine produced by the company and went on to propel the first non-stop transatlantic crossing in 1919. Success followed success, resulting in Rolls-Royce being sold to Bentley in 1931. After ending up in the control of the British government through nationalisation, the brand found itself privatised once more when its shares were sold off in 1987.

After much share-trading, Rolls-Royce came under the ownership of BMW and revived the name once more. They did so in 2003 when they unveiled the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Man pointing inside the open hood of a Rolls-Royce classic
Interior of Rolls-Royce phantom with light features.

Rolls-Royce Models Available in South Africa 2019

There's an old saying that goes, 'If you have to ask how much, you can't afford it'. This is true with Rolls-Royce models. Selected dealerships in Cape Town and Sandton, which are linked with the Daytona Motor Group, sell the following Rolls-Royce vehicles to help their clientele make their stately dreams a reality:












Coupe Cabriolet


Best Selling Rolls-Royce Models

Due to the exclusivity of these cars, one can be forgiven for not seeing them on the NAAMSA best-selling list.

However, the Phantom is worth noting, having revived the Rolls-Royce brand to suit a  modern consumer. Built and designed in partnership with BMW, this car is focused on making your trip feel first class, and it does so effortlessly. Its luxurious interior is accentuated with beautiful touches all around the cabin; the trimmings alone are a marvel to behold. Reclining rear seats make it easy to relax and spend hours admiring all the little details. The interior fridge might keep your champagne cold so you can celebrate your latest business deal with a cool glass at your convenience (provided you're not driving, of course).

The timeless interior is complemented by LED lights in the roof that turn the cabin into a starry night. Another unique touch includes the beautifully designed emblem, known as the Spirit of Ecstasy, atop the car's hood. Lock the car and watch the emblem vanish from sight (a safety feature designed to keep the treasured badge in place). Even though statistics such as fuel consumption mean little for such high-end cars, Rolls-Royce has excelled in producing an efficient vehicle. The Phantom has a combined fuel consumption of 13.9l/100 km and emits 319g/km of CO2 emissions.

Standard pricing or even ballpark figures for the Rolls-Royce Phantom are hard to come by, but the latest estimates place it at around R6.5 million for the base model.

Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe parked in front of luxurious courtyard.
Rolls-Royce on wet road with snow-capped mountains in the background

Rolls-Royce Safety and Insurance

Insurance for a Rolls-Royce would need to be a tailor-made package, just like the vehicle, from specialist insurers. Rolls-Royce is viewed as a premium vehicle and, being hand-built in limited numbers and imported from a different country, car insurance quotes are difficult to estimate for these high-end vehicles.

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