Guide to Suzuki Swift in South Africa

Can the smaller Japanese outfit, Suzuki, compete with larger automotive brands such as Toyota and Volkswagen? It certainly has in South Africa with the Suzuki Swift.

Competing in the subcompact, supermini segment, the Suzuki Swift has made a lasting impression on the market and continues to impress with great build quality at an affordable price. The Swift is full of character and has been built with driver comfort and enjoyment in mind. Light, nimble, economical, and funky, the Swift is among the top contenders on the NAAMSA best-selling lists in its segment.

A brief history of Suzuki Swift

Launched in 2000 as the Suzuki Cultus or Ignis outside of Japan, the model was a compact crossover with a square design and features such as roof rails and a raised ride height.

The second-generation Swift was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2004 and featured an entirely new design, similar to the Swift we know today. The previous version was later reintroduced as the current Ignis model. Suzuki then introduced sport and sedan versions of the Swift in 2005, featuring small design tweaks to make them unique.

The third-generation Swift was introduced in 2010. The design details were similar to the previous version but with a rounder, more modern form.

The current, fourth-generation Swift was introduced in 2017 and features an edgier design with thinning headlights and an ultra-modern interior.

Suzuki Swift details

The Suzuki Swift is easily recognisable for its wide boot, its curved grill, and its thinning headlights. The latest version offers added design tweaks such as fog lights and tucked away, rear door handles in the C-pillar behind the window frames, giving the impression of a floating roof.

The new interior features a D-shaped steering wheel and a multimedia entertainment system with Bluetooth and USB/AUX ports fitted standard. Safety features include anti-lock braking system (ABS) and airbags.

The base Suzuki Swift 1.2I GA produces 61kW and 113Nm of torque with an average combined fuel consumption figure of 4.9 L/100 km.

Buying a Suzuki Swift

Suzuki dealerships across South Africa offer the full range of Swift models. As it's a popular little car, some models may be on backorder, depending on availability and import schedules.

Suzuki offers their Graduate Finance solution, which is a custom financing plan for recent graduates. Terms and conditions do apply so check with your nearest Suzuki dealership to find out if you qualify.

The entry-level Suzuki Swift 1.2I GA MT retails from R160,900. You can also hire a Suzuki Swift at any reputable car rental company across the country if you're not keen to drive one long-term just yet.

Suzuki Swift insurance

Suzuki vehicles are manufactured outside of South Africa, but the automaker does stock spare parts in its South African service centres and will order special parts if required.

Suzuki is not among the brands listed in the Ctrack vehicle theft risk report. This will count positively towards a Suzuki Swift car insurance quote. Find a car insurance quote for Suzuki Swift models on using our car insurance comparison tool today!

Vehicle Make & ModelAverage Accepted PremiumMinimum Accepted Premium
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GL [F/L] R 1,313 R 348
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GA [F/L] R 1,244 R 333
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GL AMT [F/L] R 1,420 R 426
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GLX [F/L] AMT R 1,564 R 500
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GLX [F/L] R 1,351 R 426
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GL R 1,113 R 333
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GA R 900 R 429
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.4 T SPORT R 2,042 R 677
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.4 T SPORT [F/L] A/T R 2,172 R 825
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.2 GL A/T R 833 R 435

Suzuki Swift warranty

The Suzuki Swift service plan is valid for two-years/100,000 km. Your vehicle is eligible for a five-year/140,000 km extended warranty if you service your Suzuki every 6 months for 5 years via Suzuki's Capped Price Service programme.

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Information provided for informational purposes. Prices quoted correct at the time of publishing this article.