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Calculate your affordability with a Bond Certificate

Before you start house hunting, it’s always a good idea to evaluate your financial situation and get a realistic view of how much additional debt you could responsibly take on. MortgageMe calculates your indicative affordability by analysing your own bank statements and placing your income and expenditure into various categories and thereafter calculating what size home loan you can afford.

Become your own mortgage originator

How would home buyers describe the process of buying a house? Exciting, the start of new beginnings and a big commitment. How do many describe getting finance for their new property? Daunting, tedious, time consuming, confusing, complicated and stressful. As soon as you have signed your offer to purchase, start your application for finance. With MortgageMe, the application process is none of that: we give you the power to get home finance on your own terms, and the ability to compare offers against each other. You can request interest rate re-negotiations directly with the bank through the MortgageMe platform. We have a team of helpful support consultants who can assist you with your application and liaise directly with banks if required.

Homeloans Online Benefits
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Our home loan application is paperless. Submit it just once, and we’ll send it on to multiple banks.

Within 72 hours you’ll have home loan offers from various banks, giving you real choice.

With the offers in, the ball’s in your court. Choose a home loan that works for you.