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CompCare | For healthcare cover that really cares

Established in 1978, our four-decade journey is proof of our commitment to truly understanding and caring for our members. We’re your reliable partner in health, from first adventures to family milestones and beyond. Why choose us? Because we care more...

Take a look at CompCare’s three most popular plans, which provide exceptional value, including access to our specialist healthcare bundles, for an affordable contribution.

SELFNET - Compcare |

This plan is ideal for first time entrants to the medical aid market. You get comprehensive cover at Netcare hospitals and are not restricted to a doctor network. You can use your medical savings as and when you choose and you're also covered for the specified conditions on the mandatory chronic list.

MEDX - Compcare |

This is a great option if you're generally healthy so you only need cover for mandatory conditions. You're covered for unforeseeable circumstances, like accidents or being diagnosed with cancer, and you get quality hospital care at any private hospital. This plan also has an efficiency discount option, with reduced contributions for using network hospitals and pharmacies.

UNISAVE - Compcare |

This is a well-rounded choice for individuals and families. There are no sub-limits or restrictions on how you use your medical savings and you are covered for quality care in a private hospital if you're in an accident or need oncology treatment.

Wellness and preventative care benefits. Our extras aren't extra - Compcare |

CompCare's specialist wellness and preventative care bundles are included in all our plans. These include invaluable benefits for:

Men & Women
Routine health screenings for men and women across different life stages.

Unlimited GP visits and basic dentistry for those under the age of six, school readiness assessments and 24/7 telephonic health advisory service to name a few. We even offer child rates until the age of 27.

Mental Health
Unlimited professional telephonic emotional health and well-being support around-the-clock and referrals for one-on-one counseling.

Active Lifestyle Programmes
CompCare is one of the first medical schemes to offer a prescription exercise and nutritional benefit, meaning members have the opportunity to regularly consult the accredited biokineticists and dietitians in the CompCare network.