Oneplan – to make today better

Oneplan has been looking after South African’s lives for over a decade, making us experts in delivering quality health cover and benefits at affordable prices.

We have taken away the hassle of paying and claiming back later, with no paperwork and the fancy terms that no one can understand and made insurance honest and upfront and accessible, because that’s what really matters to us.

It’s insurance cover for the things you love most - made easy. Because we believe, life is complicated enough, and your insurance shouldn’t be.

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What we offer

We offer quality healthcare benefits you can use without compromising on quality.

Our product offerings include:

Health Insurance for the expected, unexpected and everything in between. Sometimes medical aids can be too expensive. We offer comprehensive health insurance cover which gives you access to private hospitals for accidents, casualty and illness events and day to day benefits like doctor visits, medication, x-rays, specialists and more.

We have pet insurance built by people who love pets as much as you do. Therefore our premiums are tail-o-made to suit pet sizes and breeds, with small dogs and cats able to join up to 11 years old, Medium up to 10 and Large up to 9. We also cover pre-existing and hereditary conditions after 12 months on your policy, allowing us to be able to help you take care of your pet when you need your pet’s health covered the most. You trust us with your cover, and we entrust you with the tummy tickles.

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Health Insurance

Oneplan comprehensive Health Insurance offers 4 plans to choose from, making it affordable to have health cover without compromising on quality benefits. Oneplan pays claims upfront in 1 minute with the Onecard and App for Doctor’s visits, script & over the counter medication, x-rays, dentistry, blood tests and more.

Oneplan In-Hospital Benefits offer access to private hospitals like (Life, Netcare, Mediclinic and more) for accidents, casualty and illness events. And each plan include varying additional benefits like emergency ambulance access, dread disease cover, accidental disability or death cover, HIV & Trauma Counselling and Repatriation. If you find you can’t afford your current medical aid or are looking for more cover and value for money when it comes to covering your health, Oneplan is there to make today better.

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Pet Insurance

Oneplan Pet Insurance knows that as a Pet Parent nothing can replace those sloppy kisses and tummy tickles because it’s Pet Insurance built by people who LOVE pets as much as you do.

Oneplan is the only insurer who pays vet (Casualty Benefit) and routine care (Pet Med Savings benefit) visits upfront.

Pet Insurance cover is there for you and your fur baby when the big unforeseen accidents or illnesses happen. Oneplan clients get up to R5000 for vet deposits on pre-authorised admissions, and no deposit when using the Oneplan Vet Network, it really is pet insurance you can use when you need to. Oneplan Pet Parents also enjoy EXCLUSIVE access and up to 25% discount in the Onepet Online Premium Pet Store, making pet insurance with Oneplan MORE affordable and valuable to their clients.

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Why you should choose to be part of the Oneplan Insurance Family:

  • You get claims paid upfront BEFORE you visit the Doctor or the Vet, making sure you can always get better quickly.
  • Health Insurance that gives you access to PRIVATE hospitals like Netcare, Life, Mediclinic and more.
  • Pet Insurance that pays you up to R5000 or No Deposit on pre-authorised admission at the vet.
  • No Networks – you can use the Doctor or Vet of your choice.
  • Ability to manage your entire policy and claims in the palm of your hand with the Oneplan App and load funds in minutes with the Onecard.
  • 24/7 client WhatsApp chat support, because we care about being there for you when you need us most.
  • Affordable premiums and valuable benefits you can use when you need to, because its insurance kept simple.
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