A Guide to the BMW iX in South Africa

Ahead of its time in technology (and support!) in the South African market, the i3 was introduced in 2013, representing BMW's clear intention towards an electrified future. Complemented by the i8 hybrid sports car, this premium German brand sought to showcase what it is capable of in terms of more sustainable forms of motoring, without forgoing the inherent driver-focused dynamics it's famous for.

Unlike many other European brands, BMW has yet to commit to a deadline for an all-electric future. Instead, it continues to explore the most viable formula to lower emissions and its associated carbon footprint.

A brief history of the BMW iX

The first stand-alone BMW i model since the i3, the iX is the brand’s new flagship all-electric car. Built on an all-new platform and boasting bold, SUV-mimicking styling, the iX was introduced to South Africa at the end of 2021. Measuring nearly 5 metres in length and 1,967 mm wide, this new battery-electric package is designed to accommodate up to five adults in comfort, including 500-litres-worth of luggage space.

As with the i3, BMW has used the introduction of the iX as a platform on which to refocus its attention towards a high-quality, minimalistic interior design that features several new innovations and touch points.

Buying a BMW iX

The iX range in South Africa consists of two choices: the xDrive40 and xDrive50. While both models feature an electric motor positioned on each axle — making them all-wheel drive — the 40 makes use of a 71-kWh battery pack. The flagship 50 introduces a 105-kWh unit instead. The benefit of the latter setup is a claimed operating range of up to 630 km on a full charge. The xDrive40 has a claimed operating range of up to 425 km.

Despite a weight penalty associated with carrying its large-capacity battery pack, the xDrive50 will sprint from 0-100 km/h in a claimed 4.6 seconds.

Quality of materials aside, the iX rangeintroduced the brand's latest infotainment operating system, housed in a sleek, 14.9-inch curving display screen. This setup will eventually find its way into all modern BMW packages.

These cars are also fitted as standard with various latest-generation driver assistance technologies, including collision avoidance, lane and parking assist and range-extending driver training. Online BMW Connect services also enable owners to operate selected functions and controls via their mobile phones. This includes monitoring charge status and even activating the car’s climate control system ahead of a scheduled departure.

Included in the purchase price of the iX is a complimentary consultation and installation of a wall-mounted charging station. This offers the benefit of an overnight charge to ensure maximum available range each morning. BMW iX owners are also afforded complimentary access to the ever-increasing network of BWM-branded public charging stations, including at selected dealerships around the country.

BMW iX prices:

BMW iX xDrive40


BMW iX xDrive50


BMW warranty

As varied as BMW South Africa's dealership footprint is, the brand also offers the option for you to buy online.

All iX models are sold with a 5-year/100,000 km Motor Warranty that can either be opted out of on purchase or extended on request to cover 200,000 km (both cases would allow you to find better with Hippo in any case). 

The BMW warranty includes an extensive roadside assistance programme. The warranty period on the BMW iX's battery pack is eight years or 160,000 km. Various service plans are available as well.

BMW South Africa insurance

Included in the purchase price of a BMW iX is complimentary insurance. You can also look into customised leasing, Vehicle Finance and Car Insurance packages. These are offered via the dealership but it's always best to do your due diligence by comparing before you sign on the dotted line.

Insure your BMW iX

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