Qualifying Questions

Do you have a clear credit record with no defaults or judgments?

Do you earn more than R8 500.00 per month?

Do you have a South African barcoded ID or ID card?

Do you have a valid South African driver’s licence card?

Do you have a proof of income letter, latest three months’ payslips and latest three months’ bank statements?

Do you have proof of your physical address not older than three months (utility bill or telephone account)?

In order to qualify you must meet all the criteria above (answer “Yes” to all questions).

Why do you need Vehicle Finance?

Most people will be unable to pay for their dream ride upfront in cash. Car finance simply means a company lends you the money to buy the car, and that you will pay back the car loan amount plus interest. Basically, you are paying for your new car in monthly instalments instead of paying a big once-off amount.

Vehicle providers will not provide finance if your dream car has been damaged in an accident, is an insurance right off or has been modified.

Before applying for finance, make sure you have a healthy credit record and are able to afford the monthly repayments. You will need to provide a valid copy of your ID, proof of residential address, bank statements (not older than 3 months) and proof of income.

How much do I qualify for?

How much vehicle finance you can take out will depend on your unique circumstances, including how much you earn, how much you have for the deposit, and what your credit score is.

The main factors that will influence your monthly repayment amounts are the upfront deposit paid, the interest rate and the loan period. The bigger the deposit, the lower your monthly premiums. For example, a R20 000 deposit on a R200 000 car loan could reduce your monthly premiums by as much as R1 000 per month.

The loan period – how long you take to repay it – will also affect the premiums. A long loan period will mean paying smaller monthly instalments but paying more interest.

Your credit score is also important. The better it is, the less interest you’ll be charged, as the finance company will consider you to be less of a risk.

Looking for a vehicle finance calculator?

Hippo.co.za can help you find finance options tailored to your needs and budget. Plus, we’ll do all the hard work for you. Simply enter your details in the comparison tool, and the amount of financing you need, and we’ll help you find the best possible deal. Not only will our tool help you figure out whether or not that dream car is within your budget, but it will show you different options next to one another so that you can compare them and find the best one for yourself.

So, whether you choose a sports car, a luxury sedan to drive around in style, or an SUV for your family, get the finance you need online with Hippo.co.za!

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